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Hydrogen Watches

Amongst all the fashion watches in the globe, the Hydrogen Watch is one of the notable brands that offer high quality watches. The Hydrogen watch is actually a timepiece collection from an Italian luxury sportswear brand. It was created as a joint label with Hydrogen sportswear founded by Alberto Bresci in 2003. 

Designed in Switzerland with Italian aesthetic and equipped by reliable Japanese movements, this fashion watch brand has been putting efforts on providing the best quality and innovation at a pocket friendly price range. The Hydrogen watch brand is offering a selection of exceptional timepieces that are both fashionable and practical to accessorize your outfits on every occasion. 

New Hydrogen Watches

History of Hydrogen Watches


When speaking of the Hydrogen, its sportswear is probably the first thing that would come to your mind. The activewear and sportswear from Hydrogen are best known for its exclusive and nonconformist collections. The company was founded by an Italian fashion designer Alberto Bresci in 2003. As the creative mind behind the Hydrogen brand, he has come up with innovative ideas that skillfully blend with fashion and luxury design elements. It is the first Italian fashion brand that produces luxury sportswear with numerous garments, all made in Italy and Turkey, at limited editions. 


Using the most refined and comfortable fabric, the Hydrogen brand ensures every of its product being a style statement for every sports lover. The founder Alberto Bresci believes that Hydrogen shall fuel the world in the future with their fashion style. Of course, the Hydrogen watch is no exception. The brand applies the same and even better distinctive style and production in high standard to their watches.


Leading in the area of sportswear, at the same time the Hydrogen watch is also distinguished from its competitors in the field of fashion sports watches. Hydrogen watch is considered as a premium fashion watch brand in the market. Headquartered in Zurich Switzerland, the brand incorporates distinctive Swiss design and the brand’s unique fashion aesthetics into their watches. In addition to the impressive design, although it is not manufactured by itself, all the Hydrogen watches are equipped with the renowned Japanese quartz and automatic movements and other high-quality materials including robust stainless steel, exquisite leathers and rugged silicone straps.


Representing the beauty and grandeur that Swiss watches stand for, the Hydrogen watches are meant to satisfy the needs of passionate sports and fashion lovers who are looking for a stylish and practical timepiece for daily use. The sophistication of a Swiss watch, the style of an Italian watch, and the exceptional qualities of a Japanese watch, you can get all these elements from one watch. Each Hydrogen watch is carrying the fashion sense of the well desired luxury sportswear brand. Keeping up the latest fashion trends and urban styles, the Hydrogen watches are an ideal accessory to stand you out from the crowd on every occasion.


Popular Hydrogen Watch Collections


Despite running by a sportswear brand, the Hydrogen watch family is offering a wide array of styles, from its flagship sports watches to elegant dress watches for both men and women. They are all well crafted with high quality materials and complications that surpass other watches at the same price range.


Hydrogen Otto 


The Hydrogen Otto Collection is the brand’s signature models to showcase its most premium functionality and build. Accurate and reliable, The Hydrogen Otto watch models are all equipped with Japanese automatic self-winding movements with a day-date display complication. Standing for “good luck” in Italian cultures, an exaggerated numeral “8” is placed at the 8 o’clock hour marker on the dial, as the most eye-catching and iconic feature of the Otto models. 

Good design, good timing while representing good luck, the Hydrogen Otto watch is well deserved to be proudly owned in your collection. 


Hydrogen Otto Chrono


Standing alone from the Otto collection, the Hydrogen Otto Chrono series especially houses the brand’s most advanced chronograph models. These Hydrogen chronograph watches also feature its emblematic Italian fortune numeral “8” with the central 2-eye chronograph sub-dials. Besides, the carbon fiber pattern dials and the stylish imprinting of the skull have also distinguished the Otto Chrono watches from the crowd. 


Hydrogen Vento


For adventure lovers or people who travel frequently, the Hydrogen Vento models should be one of the most reliable choices amongst fashion watches. This watch is equipped with a 44 mm stainless steel case which is engraved with the brand’s Hydrogen name on the watch case. It is paired with a bezel filled 24-hour markings for its GMT function. Aiming to be the most trusted companion for adventurers and travelers, the Hydrogen Vento watch is fitted with a well-crafted world-time Japanese GMT movement. On top of the robust case, the bracelet options are available in custom-made silicone straps or Nato, which are both made ruggedly. 


Hydrogen Sportivo


As suggested by its name, the Hydrogen Sportivo is another iconic sports watch of the brand. Performing high precision, this Hydrogen sports watch is developed in the mindset to serve world class athletes. Powered by a Japanese 3-hand automatic NH38 movement, the Sportivo watch is capable of high-octane style with superior componentry.


Crafted with all high-performance materials including 316L stainless steel case, custom infused silicone, artisanal leather bracelets, the Hydrogen Sportivo is for sure one of the most outstanding sports watches in the fashion world. 


Hydrogen Vista


The brand has also carefully selected a series of exceptional dress watches for both men and women. The Hydrogen Vista watch is flawlessly engineered with a touch of luxury sportswear connoisseur. It delicately blends elegant design and sporty functions into such classic timepieces that you can turn heads at parties. 




For you who are already familiar with watch collecting, "Hydrogen watch" might not come to your mind when we speak of watches. However, as a fashionable watch, it is truly well built and offers supreme quality that surpass its competitors. It would be a delightful and practical piece that you won’t be disappointed to own one for your collection.

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