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HYT watches have pioneered the technology of timekeeping with two sets of liquid. It has a patented micro-fluid module that works through a liquid-based display. HYT is the first company in the world to incorporate fluid mechanisms in timekeeping with stunning accuracy. These watches come with a high-end mechanical movement that works in conjunction with the immiscible liquids to display the time. It is a fine example of harmonizing science with art to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience.

Founded in 2012 by Patrick Berdoz, Lucien Vouillamoz, Emmanuel Savioz, and Vincent Perriard, HYT is the only brand in the world to successfully use fluids for timekeeping. It made its debut with the HYT H1 watch in 2012 and went on to produce more innovative watches. The latest models are the HYT H5 and the HYT FLOW released in 2020. From its inception to its latest releases, HYT has always brought something unique to the table and is among the most premium watch collections in the world.

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HYT began its journey with huge successes and is still a global name in the luxury watch segment. The company was founded in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, and has been operational since 2012. Right after the release of HYT H1 watches, the brand got a lot of attention from media and watch aficionados. It won the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève in 2012 along with the Best concept watch of the year in SIAR Mexico. HYT watches use the innovative technology of a micro-fluid module that powers its unique mechanism. It is a path-breaking innovation in horology, and the patented fluid took more than 15 years to develop. The fluid is durable, legible, and UV resistant, making it suitable for various purposes and situations. Through their unique mechanism and stunning visual elements, HYT watches have carved a niche for themselves in the world of timekeeping. 


History of HYT watches

HYT watches have touched the pinnacle of success in a very short time. Founded in 2012, the company is barely two decades old. In such a short time, they have made a mark for their unique elements and innovative use of technology. 

The first watch from HYT was the HYT H1. It was the only watch in the world during its release to display time through the synchronization of two sets of fluid. Contrary to common conception, HYT watches are as accurate as any other quartz-based movement. Through the various awards and recognitions, it has won over the years, HYT watches have proved their caliber to the world. A Swiss company called Preciflex developed the fluid for the micro-module in partnership with Helbling Technik. Bruno Moutarlier in association with Chronode SA developed the mechanical movement, and Sébastien Perret and his team designed the watch in Etude de Style. Right from its launch in the market, HYT watches have continued to woo watch lovers around the world. The fact that it has international recognition only adds to the charm of the watches. 


Popular models 


Unlike some other companies, HYT has not released numerous collections and does. Instead, they have focused on working on the existing models and bringing only immaculate timepieces to the market. After the successful launch of the HYT H1 model, the company launched the HYT H2 in 2013. As with its predecessor, the H2 model also gained widespread popularity among watch collectors. The H1 and H2 models were the first collection of hydro-mechanical watches to run successfully in the open market. After a one-year gap, HYT brought out the H3 model. While the underlying technology of the H3 was the same as the previous models, it had even more detailed visual elements. 2015 also saw the addition of the H4 and the Skull models to the HYt collection. 


After 2020, the release of new models has slowed down. In 2017, HYT brought out the HYT H0 watch. The SOONNOW watch came out in 2019, and 2020 saw the addition of HYT H5 and the HYT FLOW models. Despite having relatively fewer watches in its collection, HYT has managed to get a hold of the global luxury watch market. It has made a mark for itself and has virtually no competition in the market. 


Functioning of Hyt Watches


HYT watches introduced a completely new watch movement that took more than 15 years to perfect. It has a micro-fluid module and a hand-wound mechanical movement that keeps the fluids moving in synchronization. The micro-fluid module has two flexible, multi-layer metal bellows with a borosilicate glass capillary tube attached at each end. The module also incorporates thermal compensator and high-tech ceramic fluid restrictors. In some models, wearers can see the working of the movement from the case back. One of the liquids is colored while the other is transparent. The fluorescent light moves with respect to time, and the screen displays time through liquid released from a flexible reservoir. The mechanism is both complicated and intriguing and has caught the attention of thousands of watch enthusiasts around the world. 


HYT watches over the years


The early models of HYT watches were released in exclusive limited-edition variants. HYT H1 and H2 were more bulky and heavy than the subsequent collections. Starting from HYT H3, the watch design has been toned down to have a more modern aesthetic. The indicators started coming with large, domed sapphire crystal glass and with the choice of Black, Blue, Green, or Red fluids for the hour display. The HYT SOONOW model uses a unique skull-shaped display to show time and is one of the most remarkable watches in existence. With the HYT FLOW model, the company introduced its new patented illuminating system with baguette diamond-set domes and tapered vertex-styled rings. HYT also uses Swiss Super-LumiNova® technology to ensure visibility across lighting conditions. 




HYT watches are globally recognized for their unique approach to timekeeping. Apart from the use of fluids for displaying time, the watches also feature impressive visual elements and sophisticated design. It remains one of the most sought-after watch brands for luxury watch enthusiasts across the globe.


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