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Recognized for its immaculate design and unimaginable utility, the latest watch by Louis Vuitton, the Tambour collection has completely revolutionized the tech-game this year. With modern complications like chronographs, tourbillions, spin-time, minute repeaters, and GMT, Tambour is a definite purchase for watch-enthusiasts who want to blend advanced technology and aesthetics.

This smart-watch series enables you to get and make calls, messages, and e-mails, etc. Along with its seamless and stylish design, this watch is set apart by the engraved letters of “Louis Vuitton”, which makes it classy. It’s a certain game-changer for LV in 2019.

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History of LOUIS VUITTON Tambour

Louis Vuitton started off in 1854, in a shop in Paris near Vendome, which is dedicated to the art of travel. The impeccably designed luxury fashion products brought immense success for the company and it eventually escalated with time.

It is surreal how rapidly this brand created a name in the industry by putting its name on the dial of a watch. Likewise, in no time, the Tambour had become wildly popular and a celebrated edition in the history Louis Vuitton watches. Tambour, which refers to “drums” in French, showcases the deep and side slopes of the case. This case has been crafted from the basic three-hand models, but it even composes super complex and intricate attributes like a minute repeater or a flying tourbillion.

The former years of Louis Vuitton in watch-making began from 2002 with the launch of Tambour watch. This Louis Vuitton watch collection is impressively utilitarian and multi-purpose. Today, Louis Vuitton, with its Tambour collection is a trusted name for men’s luxury watches, also, LV is launching various watches for women.

Inspired by the Louis Vuitton Cup, Tambour watch collection was launched as the first watch equipped with chronometer-certified LV 277 chronograph. This collection has religiously followed the ritual of engraving 12 letters of “Louis Vuitton” around the case, next to each of the numeral, the brown dial, the yellow hands with the same waxed thread, which was used to stitch the company’s bags and for some models, the V signature.

The Tambour watch edition entirely changed the game for Louis Vuitton in terms of its position in the market. Various models were latterly included in the collection. For example, the Escale watch which was inspired by the legendary travel trunks that significantly contributed to shaping a constructive image of the brand.

The Tambour is a hit because of its seamless body, legitimacy and sleek design which has made it one of the company’s icons. It has been further enhanced by the 12 letter design of the company name around and outside of the case, making it an essential component of the lifestyle collection for both men and women. The company has come up with several Tambour’s astounding variants, including a connected watch that allows you to freely choose dials from the LV watch range, cleverly amalgamating the past and the present vibes.

The unique case shape and stylish variants have bagged Tambour the status of the luxury house icon in Louis Vuitton. From every perspective, the Tambour is clearly a winning product, with its elegant and stunning designs.

Furthermore, these iconic Tambour models come with a feature that lets you change the strap of the watch in order to help you customize your looks in the blink of an eye. Also, these straps are available in a number of variations of Louis Vuitton leather and canvas, offering you a variety of choices to make.

The Tambour Damier Graphite is among the latest four watches having a considerable diameter of 41.5mm. Regally designed, this elegant watch is going to let you set a yardstick for breath-taking looks with its graphite colored scheme that goes with almost every outfit. The Tambour Monogram comes in three sizes which goes from cute-little watch for small wrists to 39.5mm sized wrists for both ladies and gentlemen. All four new watches are supported by quartz movements contained in stainless steel cases water resistant to 100 meters.

This Louis Vuitton watch also stands out while fusing style with fitness. In 2017, Louis Vuitton successfully launched its first smart-watch, the Tambour Horizon series, which certainly lives up to your style related expectations.

The features of this smart-watch include travel, agenda, step counter, and pollution functions. The battery life is extended to six days if you use it in the watch mode. Based on Tambour collection, this one runs on Android Wear 2.0 and is the brainchild of the collaboration of Louis Vuitton with Google and Qualcomm.

The stainless-steel Tambour Horizon collection has a 1.2-inch circular AMOLED display, which is enclosed within a 24-hour dial ring that allows the wearer to access different time zones and also offers functions like alarms, timers, weather, pedometer and notifications for calls, messages, and emails.

The “My Flight” feature enables the user to stay up-to-date with flight information and the “city guide” gives insights about restaurants, hotels and historical landmarks nearby. It works with both iOS and Android devices, using Bluetooth and WiFi.

Operated by Google’s War OS operating system, LV has launched its second version of this watch in 2019 with different polishes like steel, matte brown and matte black. You also have a wide range of choice in straps and dials.

To boil it down, it won’t be inappropriate to say that the Louis Vittuon has left no stone unturned to make you stylish. LV Tambour watch collection offers not just the best watches for women but also fulfills the conventional needs of a men’s luxury watch.

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