Panerai Submersible Watches

Panerai watch is an Italian company founded in 1860 but the submersible is the most updated watch collection with unique style and attractive looks. Panerai submersible watch is famous for its strong and non-competitive features which are especially designed for professional divers to get great depth.

This is the only watch collection which is designed to meet the needs of future with highly technical features. This is considered as the most successful watch ever in history with strong characteristics and to be able to fight with severe climate conditions.

New Panerai Submersible Watches

History of Panerai Submersible Watches

This article is written to introduce you with the Panerai submersible watch which is considered as a masterpiece of the 20th century to conquer all fields of the escalation. The Panerai submersible is considered to be the most strong ad solid watch and a signature chronograph for the divers. It can show the very clear time even in the depths of more than 300 meters undersea. You will be amazed at the peak level of advancement in its technological grounds and the accuracy of its functions in extreme circumstances also.

The Panerai watches are a characteristic mix of Italian plan, Swiss innovation and energy for the ocean. The beauty, the strength and the elegance nothing in this watch is any less than the sky-standards. The luxurious watches of the world like Omega and Rolex often defeated by the exclusive features of Panerai submersible watch company.

Luminor submersible 42mm

The first ever luminor submersible was introduced in 1950 with a 42mm diameter of the dial and made up of stainless steel. It was full sports watch with a highly impressive appearance. The watch had an automatic mechanical system to operate and had a power reserve of 3 days. This was the first ever luminor submersible with and automatic movement and highly admirable features. The dial in matt black with silver indices and silver stainless steel shining bezels. The hands were silver with luminous feature to tell the time in darkest depths of the sea. The outer bezel had minute marks on it with only 15, 30 and 45 marker in numeric form.

It provides you the best combination of grey, silver and black is full elegant style with no compromise on features and strength of the watch. So you can say that luminor submersible watches conquered the market since the first ever launch of submersible collection. The stainless steel watch afterwards updated with a red gold submersible with same 42mm diameter but came up with much higher standard looks and material.

Luminor submersible Amagnetic 47mm

The submersible series collection launched a masterpiece of their collection with the name of submersible 1950 Amagnetic which is highly resistant to magnetic fields from a minimum of 4.800 A/m up to 40,000 A/m which is approximately 8 times higher than the international standards requirement. This was a really bigger achievement in the history of submersible collection to defeat the other brands market. The watch followed a P.9010 automatic calibre movement and had a power reserve up to 3 days. The updated feature came with a smarter case and light-weight design.

It is the next level watch with breath-taking beauty texture. The matt coloured wide dial and illuminating hands of the watch are just so compatible with each other. Panerai submersible has a rotating bezel with a navigational feature to tell the right direction with right time to you either in aero-pace or in submarine depths. It is very rightfully titled as the divers’ professional watch.

Featured Models

Submersible mike Horn Edition 47MM PAM00985

Submersible mike horn edition 47MM with reference number PAM00985 is considered the most expensive watch by Panerai, which costs $58,800 including sale tax. Though, it seems to be expensive but the features it owns, really deserve the price. The watch comes with 47mm diameter and EcoTitanium case in fully brushed and polished texture. This watch follows automatic mechanical movement of P.9010 calibre which is exclusively designed by panerai for excellent experiences. The watch is 6.0 mm thick. The watch is featured with anti-shock device to prevent any hard situation and to resist the sever climate conditions. The submersible has a power reserve of 3 days. Moreover, the watch is designed with 200 components.

The watch has a feature of clockwise rotation to work as a stopwatch and to do as the navigational tool. The clock has luminous hand marks and hour indices while the date window is laced on the 3’O clock place and the small seconds dial is located on the 9’O clock places on the dial. The high standard watch strap is really an adding feature to the watch wich gives a fully support look to the watch.

Hands-On the Panerai Submersible 42mm

The other watch is so pretty and most elegant in the collection with the model Hands-On the Panerai Submersible 42mm and 47 mm. this new style watch in submersible collection is really elegant with the light-weight stuff and highly loveable texture. The model comes with a reference number PAM00682. The dark black dial with luminescent hands and hour indices is so elegant in look while the silver stainless steel rotating bezel is a perfect feature for divers and supports men. The watch has a power reserve of three days and water resistance up to more than 300 meters.

The hands-on submersible, as the name suggests is so comfy to the hands while wearing that you may don’t have to feel like wearing it off while sleeping. It is more appealing than any other watch with very high features and lower weight. The watch is so comfortable on the wrist with a weary touch of bracelet as well as belt, so you may opt for any of them according to dress, theme and course of use.

The Panerai straps are also available in the market in various colors and styles so you may add a customized touch of your own choice to your Panerai, later on, or you may even update it after use. Which can be exclusively used in Panerai luminor watches and Panerai submersible watches.

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