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Suunto (pronounced “Soon-toh”) is the product of the huge dream that outdoor enthusiast and champion-level orienteer Tuomas Vohlonen saw in the early 1900s. Vohlonen saw great success when he mass-produced the liquid-filled compass that eventually led to the inception of the brand. Tuomas drew motivation from the failures he had been facing while developing the traditional dry compass that had a faulty needle. Since then, Suunto has gradually grown and received recognition from the watchmaker industry for its accuracy in designing timepieces that today, are classics.

Over the years, Suunto has constantly innovated with its compasses and watches, taking inspiration from the experiences and feedback from the artillery officers and divers from World War II and later periods. In 1965, the brand developed one of the world’s first diver’s compass, after a British diver discovered his compass was still working underwater. The durability of Suunto products can be trusted by just one testimony in which a Russian sniper shot a Finnish soldier during WWII in 1939. The soldier lived to tell the story due to the bullet hitting the compass in his pocket, therefore saving his life. Respected for the robustness of Suunto timepieces and compasses, the brand has become popular among adventurers.

Collections like the Spartan Trainer Wrist, Spartan Sport Wrist, Traverse Alpha, and Ambit3 Sport are some of the currently most popular collections by Suunto. These are watches that are great for fitness enthusiasts and adventurers who want their watch to tell them more than just time.


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Know More About Suunto Watches

History of SuuntoE

With the aim to supply keen sports enthusiasts and bold adventurers with exceptionally crafted devices so they conquer toughest territories, Suunto has utilised advanced engineering into its watches. Each piece is designed to withstand cold climates of the high mountains, the depth of the deepest oceans and the heat of the hottest deserts.

In 1987, the brand released Suunto SME-ML, the first dive computer that helped divers easily calculate time. A revolutionary innovation! Moreover, the simplified functionality of each of their watch along with the iconic designs has helped climbers safely climb over the highest mountain ranges around the world.

Popular Suunto Watch Collections

Suunto is still based in Finland, where there is a skilful team of Suunto’s craftsmen envisioning the most innovative concepts and designs in their flagship factory. Focusing on Suunto Watches, we created a list of some of the most popular collections, so you have an idea about the brand’s niche of styles and technologies they use in their watches along with the price range they offer.

Suunto 9 Baro

The list of features in the Suunto 9 Baro are pretty elaborate. From over 80 sports modes to GPS navigation, this is an all-round watch. These features make it perfect for sportspersons and adventurists to keep track of their performance and ensure safety when performing in tough and challenging conditions. Trail runners who scale heights would benefit from this watch as it will help them keep track of the altitude. The unique storm alarm feature is added, so you can locate the nearest shelter in the least time possible or simply choose to not go for the outdoor training.

Each of the features doesn’t compromise with the battery life. Priced between mid to high range ($350-$900), the watch is pretty affordable when compared to the expensive ones in the same niche market. Customisation options are also available where you can choose the bezel, glass, strap, buttons, buckle, and add a charging cable to the pack along with a heart rate sensor.

Suunto 7

With more than 70 sports modes, the Suunto 7 collection watches have an on-trend design along with the OS and apps. The watch has a whole gambit of Google applications including Google Assistant, Google Pay, Google Play, and Google Fit. A running watch, this has become popular among fitness enthusiasts who like to keep track of their health with every activity they do. Its sharp display, a pretty sensitive heart rate sensor and built-in GPS make it a great choice for anyone who is interested in buying a watch that is priced between $450-$600.

Another cool features these watches have is the Offline Maps and the cool running/cycling heatmaps. The battery life is one of the most impressive features of the watch. It outdoes popular watches like Garmin Forerunner 945 by offering 2 days of operation. The Wear OS is simple to understand.

Suunto 5

Priced slightly lower than the aforementioned watches, the Suunto 5 falls between $250-$350 range. Similar to Suunto 9, it offers more than 80 sports modes and offers 24/7 activity tracking, 50 meters water-resistance, adaptive training guidance, and whatnot. In ‘Time’ mode, the watch offers up to 2 weeks of battery life, an astonishing thing for a digital sports watch! You can connect it to a smartphone using the Bluetooth Smart and is compatible with various online sports communities including Endomondo, TrainingPeaks, and Strava. Moreover, the watch has a heart rate sensor and speed and distance tracker along with a wide range of sports features. The watch marks your fitness level and adapts to the personalised training guidance. By downloading the Suunto app, you will discover a wide range of applications that make life easier. Overall, this watch is a killer piece of sports accessory that can also withstand the toughest conditions.

Suunto Traverse Alpha

The Suunto Traverse Alpha is unique in a way that it offers track fishing and hunting features. A collector’s item for adventurists, this accessory has features like a moon phase calendar, weather trend, sunrise alert, and a red backlight for nighttime use. A scratch-free sapphire crystal glass front is durable and won’t let the elements ruin the internal mechanism of the display. It is water-resistant and has up to 100 hours of battery life. Moreover, the case is made of glass fibre with reinforced polyamide to ensure it works perfectly when the conditions are tough. The watch is priced between the range of $250-$500 which makes it much more affordable than the expensive ones from many other popular watch brands.

Buy Suunto Watches Now

For those who are looking to buy one of these Suunto watches, you should consider a few things so you get the right companion for your adventures. One of the most important aspects that needs to be taken into consideration is the price. It is true that Suunto also has customers that only buy these watches because they look good.

Deciding which model you prefer and what kind of functionality you need can help you a lot with finding the right watch for you. For example, watches like Suunto 9 Baro may not be a feasible chice for someone who would only be using a handful of features. In this case, the Suunto 3 would be the best choice as it strikes a balance between functionality and style within a normal price range. You’ll get all the popular features like wrist-based heart rate, fitness tracking options, along with various other features.

Anyway, all Suunto watches are great for keeping track of some popular activities, including swimming (pace and distance), running (average time/maximum time/lap pace in real-time), and cycling (maximum speed, live speed). Now, what are you waiting for?

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