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Suunto started out in 1932 as a company that had a patent for compasses. Established by an engineer, Tuomas Vohlonen, it made quite an impression during World War II when it offered the compass of choice for the Finnish army. After the war ended, Suunto continued to grow as a leading navigational instrument provider for the military and civilians. Suunto has always been known for its adventurous spirit. In addition, it is recognized for its accuracy, design, reliability, robustness and durability.

It has always been at the helm of technological innovations. Suunto watches offer a range of dive watches and sports watches backed by innovative technology and accessories. The watches have transformed many important activities around the world. Until the Suunto Spyder’s launch, divers were dependent on manual calculations for their dive times. Also, in the past few years, Suunto has released a new model almost every year. Suunto 9 watch models come with iconic designs that have remained popular ever since their launch. Many designs are customizable in terms of dial colors, bezel details, materials, etc. If you are an active runner or hiker, a Suunto 9 watch will never do you wrong.

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The History of Suunto

Suunto watches, instruments, and dive computers are sold in over 100 countries across the world. Though they have a global presence, their headquarters are still located in Finland, where most of the watch components are still handcrafted. Since its inception, the Nordic brand has symbolized adventure and pioneering exploration.

The company wasn’t always known for its timepieces though. In 1932, when it was founded by Tuomas Vohlonen, it was focused on perfecting the compass. Vohlonen, an engineer, applied for a patent for his design to fill and seal a celluloid compass with a liquid that would dampen the needle and protect it from wear and shock. The patent was granted in 1935 and it was mass produced as the wrist-mounted Suunto M-311. After a few minor changes, it was renamed the M-34 and adopted by the Finnish army. The company continued to grow rapidly after the Second World War by supplying navigational instruments to military and civilian markets. The first Suunto marina compass, or K-12, was launched in 1953. A little over a decade later, in 1965, Suunto Diving was launched after a British diver wore a Suunto compass on a dive and discovered that it worked underwater.

In 1987, Suunto launched the first dive computer, the Suunto SME-ML. This product revolutionized diving by computing dive timing automatically instead of relying on manual calculations. This made the sport simpler and safer. By 1989, a Suunto marina compass became the standard compass in almost all yachts that participated in the Whitbread Round the World race.

The Shift to Watches

Suunto launched the first dive computer that was designed as a watch in 1997. This was the Suunto Spyder. This Suunto watch combined the quality needed for a dive watch with the performance of a multi-level dive computer. The watch was designed to function not just as a dive watch but also as an everyday watch. A year later, the Suunto Vector was launched in 1998. In many ways, this was the first Suunto smart watch that featured an altimeter, barometer, compass and thermometer. It was described as a wrist-top computer that could be worn outdoors. The Vector was one of the most successful designs from the Suunto watch line. It is still very popular amongst mountaineers.

The Timeless Value of Suunto Watches

Ever since a Suunto compass saved the life of the Finnish soldier, Lieutenant Norrback, it has been known for its robustness. Other features integral to this brand are accuracy, design, reliability and durability. The watches can function on the mountains just as well as they do underwater. Thus, it is their technical features that they are best recognized for. When it comes to diving and running watches, you can’t go wrong with a Suunto watch. Even though the watches don’t come cheap, they are worth every dollar you pay for them.

The Evolution of Suunto Smart Watches

Over the past decade, Suunto has launched smartwatches on a yearly basis. The Suunto Ambit3 was launched in 2014 along with the Suunto Movescount App that allowed wearers to sync their moves and settings on the go. In 2015, a new era began with the Suunto EON Steel. This was a dive computer with a clear display and customizable features.

The Suunto Spartan GPS watches came next, followed by the Suunto 3 Fitness and the Suunto 9. This running watch captured the attention of endurance athletes around the world as it could handle even the toughest conditions. It was ready for anything, from ultra-marathons in the desert to polar expeditions. The Suunto 9 is one of the brand’s most popular designs for multisport GPS watches.

The Suunto 7 is one of the latest watches to be launched by the company. It is considered to be their first smartwatch. It balances the needs of a sports watch and a lifestyle watch and remains one of the top sellers from the brand even today. The watch is versatile and is available in multiple finishes, including an all-black, rose gold and graphite copper finish. With this watch, you can get access to cutting edge wearable technology by Google, so you can train at the most optimal levels without missing a beat.

Iconic Watches from Suunto

2004 saw the launch of two iconic Suunto watches – the Suunto D9 and the Suunto T6.

The Suunto D9 was unveiled as the first wrist-sized all-in-one dive computer. It was the flagship product for the Suunto D-Series and combined advanced dive features with wireless air integration and a digital compass.

The Suunto T6 was an advanced running watch. It gave athletes access to Olympic lab-level technology to qualify and quantify their workouts. The watch also provided personalized training feedback.

In 2007, Suunto unveiled the Suunto Core – a sports watch that would go on to win awards for the company. The watch featured an altimeter, barometer and compass that also gave information about the weather.

The Suunto HEIO2 dive computer and the Suunto Elementum were introduced in 2009. The HeIO2 was the first dive computer that had a full mixed gas capability. It was designed to empower technical divers who used oxygen, nitrogen, trimix, etc. to explore the deep seas and expand their own limits. The Suunto Elementum was promoted as a premium sports watch that balanced modern high-tech features with exquisite craftsmanship.

2012 saw the launch of the Suunto Ambit – the ultimate outdoor training watch. This Suunto smart watch received stellar reviews for its unparalleled GPS functioning and body monitoring capabilities.

A year later, the Suunto DX was launched as the world’s first rebreather compatible wrist-dive computer. It became known as the most essential instrument for everyday adventures and dive missions.

Suunto - The Ultimate Watch for Adventure Enthusiasts

If you’re looking for a watch that lets you track your training on the track and underwater, a Suunto watch is just what you need. There are plenty of options available and each model is special in its own right. Suunto takes the cake when it comes to sports watch designs and innovations. So, are you ready to add a Suunto watch to your collection?

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