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Through their enthusiastic desire for innovation, the Ulysse Nardin watchmakers have set numerous records, both from the Marine Deck instruments and wristwatches. The Swiss watches manufacturer was established in 1846 in Le Locle, Switzerland at a time the demand of marine and pocket chronometers was really high. The Executive collection is amongst the top creations from the brand due to their contemporary design and functionality which is easy to use.

For those who cherish intricacy and high-complication, the Tourbillon Free Wheel watch gleam the Ulysse Nardin Executive collection with an unseen splendor. The watch has an ultra-modern design, with the components appearing to be floating over the dial.

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New Ulysse Nardin Executive Watches

History of Ulysse Nardin Executive

The story of the Ulysse Nardin Watch Company officially begun in 1846 when a young watchmaker founded the brand under his name. At the time, the demand for pocket and marine chronometer was rising and visionary Ulysse Nardin has been desiring to assist in its fulfillment.

Following g the devastating quartz crisis of the 1980s, the Ulysse Nardin SA was amongst the Swiss brands affected and it encountered some setbacks. In 1983, businessman Rolf W. Schnyder took over the leadership of the company, resurrecting its former glory and functionality.

In 1985, the Ulysse Nardin Watchmaking Company partnered with watchmaker Ludwig Oechslin and created the Astrolabium Galileo Galilei watch. Due to its complexity, the timepiece went on becoming one of the novelties in the Guinness Book of Records in 1989. This became one of the over 4000 awards of Ulysse Nardin brand following its remarkable technological advancements and innovation.

By the dawn of the new 21st Century, Ulysse Nardin watches were amongst the ruling designs on the market. The luxury brand introduced the Freak edition which went on winning the 2002 Innovation Prize due to its freaky design which features the 7-day-tourbillon-carousel. The watch had neither a true dial or hands or even crown, as it was even set using the bezel on the top, while the one on the caseback wound the mainspring.

Apart from the revolutionary Freak, the Executive collection is another line of watches from the celebrated Ulysse Nardin watchmakers, with both seemingly sharing some aspects. Unlike the Freak, though, an Executive watch has easy-to-use functionality and it’s quite readable than its counterpart.

Currently, there are about five Ulysse Nardin Executive series, with each available in multiple versions which are both vivid and contemporary.

In the year 2009, the Le Locle watchmaker thought it wise to give the prestigious collection a more glossy touch. The brand introduced a new Executive Dual Time with a ceramic coating which the brand has opted due to its irresistible visual appeal and scratch-resistance. With the Ulysse Nardin watches, one of the most notable features is the small seconds feature which mostly sits at the six o’clock hour. For the new series, nevertheless, the date window is set on the edge of the centered rectangular ring instead of the sub-dial of the seconds hand.

In 2016, Ulysse Nardin designers released a skeletonized Executive Tourbillon watch with sleek black ceramic bezel and characteristic ultra-large Roman numerals. From a vertical view, the luminescent hands of the watch appear to be suspended on the air.

In the watches industry, most brands usually commemorate their anniversaries or an influential individual from their history of watchmaking. On 4th July 2018, natheless, Ulysse Nardin Company launched a limited edition of the Executive Skeleton Tourbillon which has stars and stripes. While most appreciated it as a celebration of American Independence, the ultra-luxurious timepiece shared more of the history with its wearers. The timepiece acted as a reminder of the deep relationship the Swiss brand shared with the United States Navy. Earlier on, the watchmaker has even won several awards from the US Naval Observatory with its marine chronometers and deck watches.

In the same year, 2018, a new Ulysse Nardin Executive Tourbillon Skeleton marked its debut with a new architecture which showcases free-floating components. Alongside with the integrated triple lugs from its predecessors, the new model has an almost-fully-sapphire structure. Thereby giving you a glimpse of the inner casing from the front, as well as the sides.

Apart from the attractiveness, the installed manually-wound caliber UN-176 in the skeletonized Tourbillon watch is conceived of the advanced technology from the 2001 Freak watch. Hence, its 7-day power reserve. Furthermore, the watch is currently available in a white gold casing with a honeycomb grid dial or rose gold version with a slate stone dial.

Literally, the Ulysse Nardin Watchmaking Company is one of the few brands whose operations are driven by passion and the spirit of innovation. In only a year after the introduction of the Executive Skeleton Tourbillon Free, the iconic luxury watches manufacturer still had more sweeties for its consumers. The brand introduced the Skeleton X which has a smaller casing that will sleep on your wrist comfortably (in case you don’t like humongous watches).

The Ulysse Nardin Executive Skeleton X watch is available in four distinct satin-finished variants, including titanium, rose gold, titanium black DLC, and Carbonium Gold. For the latter, the material is widely used in aeronautics following its high performance and super-light structure.

The Skeleton X watch has a spectacular display from the central rectangular bridge which has an x-shaped beam to anchor the manually-wound movement.

Well, similar to the rest of Ulysse Nardin watch collections, the Executive lineup has a deep history we can’t compile in a day. The stylish and contemporary collection even houses an avant-garde Moonstruck 1069-113/01 watch which depicts the sun and moon movement in relations to the earth.

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