A Comprehensive Guide to Citizen’s Star Wars Watch

Feb 16, 2022
A Comprehensive Guide to Citizen’s Star Wars Watch

When thinking about sci-fi films, most often than not, Star Wars is the one movie that pops up in everyone’s mind. Action-packed, dramatic, and earnest, Star Wars has entertained generations of moviegoers. The sci-fi series is so popular that May 4 even became known as International Star Wars Day. 


Apart from movies, Star Wars as a whole is a great media franchise. Whether you are looking for a film, merchandise, video games, clothes, or a TV series, there are many things that the galaxy far, far away has to offer. For Star Wars fans who happen to be watch enthusiasts, Citizen has also collaborated with the mega-franchise to create its own Star Wars watch collection. 


Let us have a look at this space adventure-themed watch series, shall we?

The “Citizen x Star Wars” Collection

As its name implies, the Citizen x Star Wars collection is a selection of watches based on the hit movie series Star Wars. The collection contains a mix of analogue and analogue-digital (ana-digi) wristwatches, each with its own exclusive style and design. The timepieces in this assembly are all quite affordable, ranging from between $220 USD to $475 USD. This makes them attainable to almost anyone, even those on a tight budget. Currently, the lineup has a total of 20 Star Wars watches. Let us take a look at 12 of the most representative timepieces from this collection.

1. Citizen Star Wars Dual (AW1140-51W)

front view of Citizen Star Wars Dual Ref. AW1140-51W watch
Image By: Citizen Watch

As one of the collection’s latest releases, the Citizen Star Wars Dual is a sleek analogue watch that vividly captures one of the most epic lightsaber battles in history. This Star Wars watch comes in a 41mm stainless steel case and a matching three-link bracelet. Its dial is protected by a layer of impact-resistant mineral glass, which also contributes to the timepiece’s 100m depth rating. Viewing this Star Wars watch in its entirety, the main highlight is its exclusive dial. The stylised background, mixed with the blue and red hour markers and neon hands, wonderfully recreates the iconic Cloud City duel between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. 


Powering the Citizen Star Wars Duel is Citizen’s proprietary Eco-Drive movement. Its solar power technology allows wearers to charge the timepiece using any light source, while also removing the need to have the battery replaced. On the underside of the watch is a solid steel caseback etched with one of Darth Vader’s famous lines from Episode V, “I find your lack of faith disturbing.” 


This unique Star Wars watch sells for $295 USD.

2. Citizen Star Wars Luke Skywalker (CA0760-09W)

front view of Citizen Star Wars Luke Skywalker Ref. CA0760-09W watch
Image By: Citizen Watch

Even a Jedi Master needs a trusty timekeeper. And what other watch would you rather have than the Citizen Luke Skywalker? Made out of stainless steel, its 41mm case is water-resistant up to depths of 100m and uses a supple brown leather strap. The brown aluminium bezel on top of the case bears a tachymetric scale that wearers can use when driving a car or piloting an X-Wing. 


The light beige dial of the Luke Skywalker watch is furnished with a mix of outlined Arabic numerals and slim hour indices, along with a date window and two chronograph sub-dials. The sub-counters carry a blue and green hand each, matching the blue and green stitching on the watch’s brown strap, that represent Luke’s signature lightsabers. At 9 o’clock, you can find a rebel alliance symbol that indicates the 12/24-hour time. Energized by Citizen’s B612 Eco-Drive movement, you will not be needing a battery for this watch anytime soon. Like the Citizen Dual, the Luke Skywalker watch also has a line from the movie etched on its rear case. 


On the whole, the Citizen Luke Skywalker has a similar design scheme to another Citizen model, the Promaster Aqualand. Fans of the Promaster Aqualand will be sure to enjoy the Citizen Luke Skywalker.


Wearers can get the Citizen Luke Skywalker for $375 USD.

3. Citizen Star Wars Darth Vader (CA0765-05W)

front view of Citizen Star Wars Darth Vader Ref. CA0765-05W watch
Image By: Citizen Watch

If you see yourself more as a Sith Lord, you should definitely consider getting the edgy Citizen Darth Vader. Based on the legendary antagonist himself, the Citizen Darth Vader is a 44mm black ion-plated stainless steel watch equipped with a matching black aluminium bezel and leather strap. With a depth rating of 100m, this Sith watch’s dial is sheltered by a spherical mineral glass raised within its tachymeter bezel.


Aesthetics-wise, this Darth Vader watch has a similar layout to the Luke Skywalker model, albeit with a darker colour scheme — thanks to the embossed stamp of the Imperial Star Destroyer window on the dial. The 12/24-hour time sub-dial is designed to resemble the symbol of the Imperial Army, and the hand of the watch’s seconds chronograph counter is red, as a nod to Vader’s crimson lightsaber. Inside the watch is a B612 Eco-Drive movement, sealed by a solid steel caseback. This caseback is also engraved with the Sith Lord’s famous line, “I find your lack of faith disturbing.”


You can get this Citizen watch for $375 USD.

4. Citizen Star Wars Princess Leia (EW2251-81W)

front view of Citizen Star Wars Princess Leia Ref. EW2251-81W watch
Image By: Citizen Watch

Fans now have a ‘new hope’ of showing their love for Princess Leia by donning the diamond-studded Princess Leia Star Wars watch. Limited to 1977 pieces as a tribute to the year the movie A New Hope debuted, this 32mm Citizen timepiece uses a stainless steel case decorated with lavish diamonds on its bezel. Fitted on the front case is a layer of luxurious sapphire glass, which provides legibility and top-of-the-line scratch resistance. Instead of being etched with a movie quote, the watch’s caseback holds the unique signature of the Rebel Alliance leader herself.


The dial of this watch is sleek and simple, with a patterned silver tone that is as elegant and aesthetic as a Rolex Lady Datejust. Adorned with rose gold-tone indices, applied dauphine hands, and the symbol of the Rebel Alliance at 12 o’clock, this exquisite Star Wars watch makes a strong fashion statement. It is also driven by an Eco-Drive E013 calibre, which ensures this watch offers precision and reliability at all times. 


As the most expensive Citizen Star Wars watch on this list, this is a timepiece you want to bring to the most sophisticated events and Star Wars meets. The Star Wars Leia is worth around $475 USD.

5. Citizen Star Wars R2-D2 (JG2117-51A)

front view of Citizen Star Wars R2-D2 Ref. JG2117-51A watch
Image By: Citizen Watch

This Citizen Star Wars R2-D2 watch weighs in at a slender 32.5mm in diameter, allowing it to fit nicely on the wrists of both men and women alike. It boasts a vintage look, housed in a rectangular stainless steel case accompanied by a layer of mineral glass and a stainless steel bracelet. The timepiece is not entirely waterproof, but it is resistant to splashes and raindrops, with its 30m depth rating.


As an old-school ana-digi watch, the design of the R2-D2 is inspired by an original Citizen model from the 1980s. The white and blue hues with hints of red on its dial and subdials creatively recreate the distinct pattern of R2-D2’s body plates. Operating the timepiece’s inner mechanisms is the Citizen 8989 quartz calibre. This is a battery-powered movement that has an impressive accuracy of 15 seconds per month. Like the droid himself, this Star Wars watch is here for you in the moments you need it the most. 


The R2-D2 fetches a price of $350 USD.

6. Citizen Star Wars Yoda (AW1513-05W)

front view of Citizen Star Wars Yoda Ref. AW1513-05W watch
Image By: Citizen Watch

Grand Master Yoda is undoubtedly one of the franchise’s most recognisable Jedi masters. His wisdom and skills in combat have depicted him as one of the most powerful Jedis and Force users in the galaxy. If you have been a fan of the green humanoid alien for a long time, you would definitely want to check out this exclusive Citizen watch. Crafted from ion-plated stainless steel, the 42mm Citizen Star Wars Yoda features a sleek rose gold-tone case that pairs wonderfully with a handsome brown leather strap.


The watch’s minimalistic dial showcases a black surface embossed simply with Yoda’s silhouette. It is decorated with alternating gold and green hour markers, luminous dauphine hands, and a rose-gold emblem of the Jedi Order at 12 o’clock. The movement running this watch is a J810 Eco-Drive calibre, safely hidden behind a solid steel rear case. Carved on the case is Yoda’s famous line, “Do or do not. There is no try.” 


Fans of Yoda can purchase this watch from Citizen for only $220 USD.

7. Citizen Star Wars Stormtrooper (AW1650-04W)

front view of Citizen Star Wars Stormtrooper Ref. AW1650-04W watch
Image By: Citizen Watch

A watch always ready for thy master’s bidding, the Citizen Stormtrooper is inspired by the Galactic Empire’s main battle forces. Its sleek 46mm silver-tone stainless steel case is topped with a layer of mineral glass that gives a clear view of its silver-white dial. At the back of the watch is a solid steel rear with a blueprint of the familiar Stormtrooper helmet. Water-resistant up to depths of 100m, the Citizen Stormtrooper comes with a black perforated silicone strap.


This watch provides a simple date window as its only complication. Sporting exclusive hour markers, textured prints, and the Imperial Army’s emblem at 12 o’clock, the dial mimics elements typically seen on a Stormtrooper’s suit. Powered by a J810 Eco-Drive calibre, this watch’s accuracy, unlike the actual Stormtrooper, does not miss.


The Citizen Star Wars Stormtrooper retails at $325 USD.

8. Citizen Star Wars Millennium Falcon (CA4281-00W)

front view of Citizen Star Wars Millennium Falcon Ref. CA4281-00W watch
Image By: Citizen Watch

The Citizen Millenium Falcon is a 44mm stainless steel Star Wars watch that pays tribute to Han Solo’s prized starship. Coupled with a crocodile-embossed blue leather strap, the wristwatch flaunts a sleek and sporty exterior, 100m of water resistance, and a silhouette of Han Solo engraved on its solid steel caseback. Giving us a clear view of the watch’s face is a layer of scratch-resistant mineral crystal. 


Star Wars fans will immediately recognise the dial’s design as it creatively mirrors the Millennium Falcon’s cockpit. The windows on the upper half of the dial contain luminous prints, giving wearers a striking visual of the Millenium Falcon reaching Hyperdrive speeds. The watch face also comprises conventional chronograph sub-dials, along with a 12/24-hour time counter and a date aperture outlined in grey. Watch enthusiasts may realise that the layout of the sub-dials is a familiar one, identical to that of the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona and Zenith El Primero. The Citizen Millenium Falcon also relies on a B620 Eco-Drive movement for unfailing reliability.


This Citizen Star Wars watch can be purchased for $350 USD.

9. Citizen Star Wars C-3PO (JG2112-55P)

front view of Citizen Star Wars C-3PO Ref. JG2112-55P watch
Image By: Citizen Watch

Though he seems stressed most of the time, C-3PO is a meticulous droid who is always willing to help his friends. As a tribute to the fun and convenience he brings to the squad, Citizen cleverly captures the droid’s persona through a 33mm rectangular gold-tone ana-digi watch, the Citizen Star Wars C-3PO. Encased entirely in ion-plated stainless steel, from its case to its bracelet, this watch bears an engraving of the humanoid robot himself on its caseback. 


At the top of the ana-digi watch face, you can find two analogue dials. Their distinctive, lighter gold finishes make them look like C-3PO’s eyes. The dial also features an alarm, a digital time display, and a temperature indicator. This golden galactic-themed timepiece runs on an 8989 quartz movement that demonstrates great accuracy and reliability, much like C-3PO himself.


The Star Wars C-3P0 is available for $375 USD.

10. Citizen Star Wars Mandalorian (AW1411-05W) 

front view of Citizen Star Wars Mandalorian Ref. AW1411-05W watch
Image By: Citizen Watch

Paired with a rugged Cordura bund strap in brown, the 44mm Citizen Mandalorian captures the signature aesthetic of the noble bounty hunter in a durable 100m water-resistant stainless steel case. The large crown on the right side of the case is flanked by two crown guards and has a patterned groove for easier grip. Raised within the fixed bezel is a spherical mineral glass that protects the dial from scratches and impacts.


The black dial of the Citizen Mandalorian shows off pronounced Arabic numerals, luminous sword-shaped hands, and a date complication at 3 o’clock. At the heart of the dial is a symbol of Mando’s iconic helmet, with thin white lines radiating outwards to break up the black backdrop. The J810 Eco-Drive calibre underneath this watch face provides accuracy and dependability without the need for a battery.


Get your hands on the Citizen Star Wars Mandalorian for just $275 USD.

11. Citizen Star Wars Darth Vader (JG2115-57E)

front view of Citizen Star Wars Darth Vader Ref. JG2115-57E watch
Image By: Citizen Watch

One of the Star Wars collection’s newest additions is the rectangular Darth Vader (JG2115-57E) wristwatch. Perfectly capturing his dark aesthetic, this entire 33mm timepiece was designed to match his signature black armor. From its black ion-plated stainless steel case to its matching dark stainless steel bracelet, you cannot escape the influence of the Dark Side with this watch. On the caseback is an engraved image of Darth Vader using his iconic force choke powers. 


The dial display consists of digital time, an alarm, temperature, stopwatch features, and two unique analogue sub-dials. The counter one on the left showcases Darth Vader’s helmet, with a minute and hour hand in the form of two red lightsabers. On the right is a seconds display bearing the image of the Death Star with its destructive laser beam as the seconds hand. Protecting the dial from splashes, raindrops, and stray lasers is a layer of shatter-resistant mineral glass.


This version of the Citizen Star Wars Darth Vader sells for $375 USD.

12. Citizen Star Wars Boba Fett (BU2058-00W)

front view of Citizen Star Wars Boba Fett Ref. BU2058-00W watch
Image By: Citizen Watch

Inspired by his rugged Mandalorian armor, the Citizen Star Wars Boba Fett features a 43mm black ion-plated stainless steel case coupled with a sporty green Cordura strap. The robust Citizen watch is water-resistant up to depths of 100m and bears one of the bounty hunter’s few lines carved onto its solid steel caseback.


Its black dial holds a legible field watch layout, with distressed luminous numerals, a sword-shaped hour hand and a minute hand designed to look like a lightsaber, and three chronograph sub-dials. The day subdial and the date subdial hold an image of the Fett clan crest and the Mythosaur skull, representing Mandalorians all around the galaxy. This watch is driven by an 8729 Eco-Drive movement. Able to stay active without a battery and submerge itself underwater, this Star Wars watch displays the persistence that Boba Fett is known for possessing.


Aside from its stylised elements, this timepiece carries a look that is somewhat similar to some Hamilton Khaki Field models.


You can purchase the Citizen Boba Fett for $350 USD.

A Different Star Wars Watch: The Oris Aquis Star Wars Stormtrooper Limited Edition

front view of Oris Aquis Star Wars Stormtrooper Limited Edition watch
Image By: The Watch Company

If you are looking for a slightly different Star Wars watch with an exclusive design, automatic movement, and 300m of water resistance, look no further than the Oris Aquis Star Wars Stormtrooper Limited Edition. Rugged in every way, this 43.5mm Oris timepiece comes in a stainless steel case accompanied by a matching stainless steel bracelet. It has a bulky elapsed time scale bezel with a black and white ceramic insert for optimal scratch resistance and style points.


The dial of this Oris Aquis piece is furnished with applied hour indices and hands, a date window at 6 o’clock, and the Imperial Crest motif at 9 o’clock, representing the small seconds subdial. As you look deeper into the dial, you will notice that the center of the timepiece contains the image of the planet-destroying Death Star. As you bring the Oris Stormtrooper into the dark, the watch face will start to glow indigo, and the luminous pip on the bezel will reveal the image of a small TIE fighter. Powering this Star Wars watch is an automatic Oris 743 calibre equipped with a 38-hour power reserve.


The Oris Aquis Star Wars is worth approximately $2,170 USD.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes, theme-centered timepieces can come across as too gimmicky. But this series of Star Wars watches is nothing like that. Browsing through their different styles and designs, each Citizen Star Wars timepiece carries a unique and understated look that does not come off as too brash or flashy. These watches perfectly capture the fun side of Citizen as a watch brand.


Any Star Wars fan will surely appreciate the number of options Citizen has provided. If you consider yourself a Star Wars enthusiast, then you will surely be able to find a watch made just for you. Every one of these watches also comes with reliable movements and is pretty durable on the wrist. Still unsure what design you prefer? Not to worry — just take another look, and The Force will surely guide you to the perfect Citizen Star Wars watch.


Featured Image By: Citizen Watch

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