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In terms of industrialism, Oris Watch company is one of the few watchmakers who have reserved their craftsmanship in the production of 100% mechanical watches. The luxury watches manufacturer was established in 1904 in Hölstein, Switzerland by co-founders Paul Cattin and Georges Christian. All Oris watches feature genuine and innovatively-designed design, alongside stunning functionality that is meant to serve you for many years. Amongst the most recognized models from the brand is the Aquis collection which presents you with real-world functionality, which includes high-performance materials and reliable functions.

Recently, a new selection of the Oris Aquis lineup ignited the Baselworld 2019 with rare novelty. The ultra-modern GMT diver’s wristwatch is not only a great diver, but also offers three time zones simultaneously.


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New Oris Aquis Watches


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History of Oris Aquis

Typically, the Oris Watchmaking Company is not just one of the oldest, but a great minder of history. The luxury watches brand debut in 1904 through the efforts of two men- Paul Cattin and Georges Christian. For about two decades, Oris offered pocket watches of which, of course, was the primary design at the time. However, in 1925, the Swiss brand decided to give its models a new look and introduced bracelet buckles to its pocket timepieces.

By the 1960s, Oris was amongst the most recognized Swiss watches due to its remarkable innovativeness and art of quality. At the time, recreational diving watches were the new trend on the market, thus, the watchmaker also joined in with a 100-meter waterproof wristwatch. With the calibrated unidirectional rotating bezel, the timepiece became one of the company’s bestsellers, since divers were now able to track their underwater moments easily.

Despite the devastating Quartz crisis of the 1970-1980s which swept over half of the Swiss brands, Oris Company still remained committed to mechanical watches. In 1997, the Hölstein watchmaker unveiled a worldtimer with a patented function which allows one to adjust the local time either forward or backwards.

Apart from the setback by the introduction of the quartz movements, the 20th Century wasn’t very bad for the Oris SA. In the new 21st Century, the brand decided to invest in the industry with more commitment, whilst maintaining its innovativeness.

In the year 2011, Oris re-launched its famous line of the Diver’s watch, which went on becoming a hit instantly with its gorgeous bezel and crown. Currently, the glorious lineup has over a dozen watch variants, with all offering an innovative package of real-world functionality from high-performance materials and reliable functions.

In 2013, Oris introduced the Aquis Depth Gauge watch which not only dives with you to the great depths. But allows you to track how deep underwater you are as well. Aesthetically, the glorious diver’s wristwatch looks much of the pioneering Aquis model but its sapphire crystal is 50% thicker. The timepiece is also 500-meter waterproof and the dial added with the yellow calibration and a semicircular orifice which assists in the determination of the depth accurately.

Following the remarkable functionality and the reasonable pricing, the Oris Aquis Depth Gauge had a real successful moment for some time. In 2015, natheless, the Chronograph version of the watch was introduced and most consumers now shifted for its advanced complications.

For the attractiveness, the modern Oris Aquis Depth Gauge Chronograph still has the sporty display, although the matte black dial now has additional sub-dials. New complications simply mean stronger movement, thus, Caliber Oris 774 Chronograph Movement replaced the automatic caliber 733 from the preceding model.

Prior to the reissue of the Depth Gauge, Oris Watchmaking Company presented a limited edition of the Aquis Red series at the Baselworld 2014. The encompassed modish References feature a vivid aesthetic with the inspiration of marine life projects that the watchmaker has been offering support. As a re-launch of its renowned diver’s collection, the 300-meter waterproof timepieces served also as a tribute of the Red Sea’s wondrous diving depths.

Amongst the most recognized Oris watches, the Aquis Date series can be rated in the top three list, following its minimalistic stylishness and versatility. The timepiece doesn’t compromise your style in any way, whether it’s deep beneath the blued waters or at your home in the urban jungle.

Well, borrowing from the red accents on the face of the Aquis Red limited Edition, Oris decided to give the Date series a new styling. The luxury watches manufacturer introduced two new Aquis Date versions, with one featuring accents of yellow and the other Orange. Literally, through their extensive research, the brand’s team came to learn that these two colors are the most visible underwater. Thus, essential in enhancing the legibility of its most liked selection.

While not most diver’s Swiss watches offer advanced complications, recently Oris SA decided to defy the convention with the new Aquis GMT Date. Masculine and ultra-elegance, the 43mm watch debuted at the Baselworld 2019 with a bidirectional rotating bezel which has a ceramic insert engraved with 24-hour markings. This allows the timepiece to present you with three time zones at a go, whilst serving your underwater desires up to 300 meters.

Considering that every watch enthusiast has individual desires, the famous Oris Aquis GMT Date watch has four distinct variants, with all housing Caliber 798. With the 25-jewel movement, the GMT watch can reserve power for up to 42 hours, whilst offering multiple functions, including three timezones and instantaneous date.

Apart from the GMT edition, Oris also launched the Great Barrier Reef Limited Edition III at the Baselworld 2019. The two watches might seem similar in a way, but they’re totally distinct series but with similar 300-meter waterproofness. For more details on Oris Aquis watches, check out the various selections below and also visit our blog page for complete reviews.

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