A Fan’s Guide to the Best Seiko Pokemon Watches

Sep 02, 2022
A Fan’s Guide to the Best Seiko Pokemon Watches

In terms of watch brands that have had an impact on pop culture, Seiko has got to be up there. Seiko’s watches have been featured in movies and personally supported and endorsed by celebrities. 


The brand has even worked with some of the most famous names in the industries to produce watch collaboration efforts. Some wonderful examples, for example, include the Seiko Street Fighter and Seiko Naruto watches, which are some of the best merchandising efforts from renowned game and anime franchises ever. 


In today’s article, we will be taking a look at another of Seiko’s outstanding watch collaborations, this time with an iconic media franchise: Pokemon. Diverse and incredibly fun, these Seiko Pokemon watches are inspired by the adorable images of the most well-known Pokemon in the world. Fans who grew up playing this game or watching the anime adaptation are sure to love these beautifully nostalgic Seiko Pokemon watches. 


Read on to find out more about the Seiko Pokemon collection and the models it offers!


About the Seiko Pokemon Watches

In celebration of its 25th anniversary, The Pokemon Company prepared a whole slew of partnerships with different companies. This, of course, included Seiko, a globally-recognised Japanese watchmaker who is no stranger to team-ups with pop culture names. 


Indeed, the 25th anniversary was a great year for fans who love both watches and Pokemon. The franchise started out with the release of the Seiko Pokemon watches. This is a collection of six colourful and vibrant models that are based on the most popular Pokemon characters ever. Three months later, The Pokemon Company also collaborated with Casio to create the Casio Baby-G x Pikachu. 


Today, however, we will be focusing on the more diverse Seiko Pokemon offerings. Continue reading to take a closer look at each of the six Seiko Pokemon pieces and see which one fits the most to your liking. 


The Seven Watches of the Seiko Pokemon Collection

Unlike the previous collaborative efforts by the brand, the Seiko Pokemon watches are not a part of the Seiko 5 Sports series. Instead, the Seiko Pokemon stands out from its peers as it was incorporated under the Seiko Selection line instead. The six Seiko Pokemon models were released in two batches: the first three were formally introduced to the market in November 2020, and the latter three in August 2021.


1. Seiko Selection Pokemon Pikachu SCXP175

Seiko Pokemon SCXP175
Photo: Seiko Watches

Pikachu is probably the most famous character from the Pokemon series and is seen as a representative of the franchise. As the main companion of protagonist Ash Ketchum, Pikachu appears in nearly every episode of the Pokemon anime. As such, Seiko actually released two different watch models based on Pikachu, with the first being the Seiko Selection Pokemon Pikachu SCXP175. 


This model comes in a 41.1mm polished stainless steel case which measures just 9.7mm thick, with a fixed bezel placed atop it. This is paired with a black alligator leather strap, with yellow stitching that recalls Pikachu’s bright yellow fur. 


The dial, likewise, also shows off the same shade of yellow as Pikachu. It bears embossed hour markers in black that are shaped like Pikachu’s footprints, along with skeletal black hands. Printed in the centre of the dial is a cool black silhouette of Pikachu’s back. The words “Super effective on water type!!” can also be found below it, describing Pikachu’s in-game fighting mechanisms. A layer of Hardlex crystal is also used to protect this watch’s face. 


On the underside of this watch is a solid caseback that is also made of stainless steel. It is engraved with the image of a Pokeball, along with details on the watch such as its depth rating and country of manufacture. Behind this caseback is a Seiko Calibre 7101. This is a quartz movement with a depth rating of 100 metres and an excellent accuracy rate of +/-15 seconds per month. 


As a limited-edition watch, there are only 1,200 pieces of the Seiko Selection Pokemon Pikachu SCXP175 available. It retails at just $300 USD. 


2. Seiko Selection Pokemon Pikachu SCXP177

Seiko Pokemon SCXP177
Photo: Seiko Watches

The second watch that was designed in honour of Pikachu is the Seiko Selection Pokemon Pikachu SCXP177. Another limited-edition piece, this watch is also presented in the same polished 35mm stainless steel case and thick fixed bezel. It is coupled with a supple brown leather strap, which gives this watch a more handsome, formal vibe. 


The dial of this watch is incredibly rich, boasting a gorgeous sunray green finish. It is a reference to the Viridian Forest, which is the first location in the game where players can catch a Pikachu. This dial is filled with rectangular white hour indices and sweeping luminous sword hands. It also has a vibrant yellow seconds hand, which is shaped like Pikachu’s lightning bolt tail. Under the hands, you can also find an adorable illustration of a running Pikachu printed at 6 o’clock. 


Like the previous model, this watch runs on a quartz Seiko Calibre 7101. It comes with a top-notch accuracy rating of +/-15 seconds per day and is water-resistant up to depths of 100 metres. 


There are only 1,200 pieces of this watch available for sale. You can purchase it for only $300 USD. 


3. Seiko Selection Pokemon Eevee SCXP179

Seiko Pokemon SCXP179
Photo: Seiko Watches

If you are a fan of Eevee and all its Eeveelutions, then the Seiko Selection Pokemon Eevee SCXP179 is just the right watch for you. This watch exudes a subtler and more subdued appeal than the Seiko Pokemon Pikachu watches. It is the perfect versatile piece, which you can wear as a quirky dress piece or as a fun everyday watch companion


This Seiko watch utilises a 35mm stainless steel case, along with an elegant brown leather strap. The simplicity of this watch’s exterior allows you to focus entirely on its dial which is, without a doubt, the highlight of this timepiece. 


The dial of this watch showcases a soft ecru finish. It is decorated with luminous sword hands and colourful hour markers in various shades. This is a reflection of Eevee’s base form and its eight evolutions: Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Glaceon, Sylveon, and Leafeon, with the hour markers alternating between the colours of the different evolutions’ fur. 


At 6 o’clock, you can find a beautiful picture of Eevee smiling at you. The 12 o’clock marker is also replaced with a white Pokeball. Flipping this watch over, you will find an image of a Pokeball carved on the caseback too. 


This watch is driven by the Seiko Calibre 7N01. This is a quartz movement with a 100-metre water resistance capacity. It possesses antimagnetic properties and a battery life of up to three years.


The Seiko Selection Pokemon Eevee SCXP179 was limited to just 1,000 pieces. It comes in a special edition box featuring a beautiful image of Eevee. This box also contains a beige-coloured replacement strap. All in all, this Seiko Pokemon Eevee watch costs approximately $300 USD.


4. Seiko Selection Pokemon Mewtwo SCXP181 

Seiko Pokemon SCXp81
Photo: Seiko Watches

One of the most famous antagonists of the Pokemon series, the psychic type Mewtwo is the inspiration for the Seiko Selection Pokemon Mewtwo SCXP181. With its robust build, this watch serves as an excellent everyday beater piece. 


This Seiko Mewtwo watch sports a polished 36mm stainless steel case and a tough black leather strap. This gives the watch a very simple and quintessential aesthetic. 


The dial, on the other hand, is much more richly decorated. It boasts an alluring purple finish that seems to ripple outwards, which mimics Mewtwo’s powerful Psychic attack. An image of the alien Pokemon also takes up the right side of the dial, in his famous “ready to fight” pose. This dial also consists of slim stick hour indices and silver skeletal hands. 


This watch is powered by a Seiko Calibre 7101. It possesses an accuracy rate of +/-15 seconds per day and a water resistance capacity of 100 metres. As a limited-edition model, there are only 1,000 pieces of this watch for sale. It comes with a Master Ball-themed box and cleaning cloth, along with an additional purple NATO strap.


You can buy the Seiko Selection Pokemon Mewtwo SCXP181 for $300 USD. 


5. Seiko Selection Pokemon Charmander SBPY159

Seiko Pokemon SBPY159
Photo: Seiko Watches

Charmander is known for being the most aggressive and offence-driven out of all the three starter Pokemon. In line with that, the Seiko Selection Pokemon Charmander SBPY160 shows off a bold and striking red-themed design that simply draws your eye to it. 


This watch is housed in a 41mm stainless steel case. This makes it much larger than the previous Seiko Pokemon watches mentioned, so it fits well on medium-to-large-sized wrists. This is paired with an H-link stainless steel bracelet made of the same material. 


Compared to the aforementioned Seiko Pokemon models, this watch also has a slightly more complex dial. It boasts a fiery red finish, with swirling flames that represent Charmander’s Fire Spin attack. It is adorned with sweeping sword hands, a date display at 3 o’clock, and thick triangular hour indices that are sharply bevelled, evoking the image of Charmander’s razor-sharp teeth. 


As a chronograph watch, this dial also contains three sub-dials. At 9 o’clock, you can find the small seconds sub-dial, which bears an image of a Pokeball. The chronograph counters at 6 and 12 o’clock, on the other hand, show off the metallic red outlines of Charmander and its first evolution, Charmeleon. You will notice the numbers “16” and “36” on the 12 o’clock markers respectively. These highlight Charmander’s evolution scale: he evolves to Charmeleon at level 16 and again into Charizard at level 36. 


Turning this Seiko Pokemon watch over, you will find a majestic, towering engraving of Charizard on its caseback. Details on the watch are also marked on the caseback, including its depth rating and country of manufacture. 


Inside this watch, you can find a solar-powered Seiko Calibre V172. This quartz chronograph movement gives you an accuracy rate of +/-15 seconds per month and a solid battery life of six months. 


As a limited-edition piece, the Seiko Selection Pokemon Charmander SBPY160 has only 700 pieces available. It is priced at $450 USD. 


6. Seiko Selection Pokemon Squirtle SBPY162

Seiko Pokemon SBPY162
Photo: Seiko Watches

Next up, we have the Seiko Selection Pokemon Squirtle SBPY162. With its marine-blue motif, this watch pays tribute to Squirtle, the popular water-type starter Pokemon. 


This watch is encased in a 41mm stainless steel case, coupled with an H-link stainless steel bracelet. Despite its bulkier size, it weighs just 118 grams, so this watch will not feel too heavy on your wrist. Affixed to the top of the watch case is a fixed stainless steel bezel. It bears a unique, distinctive pattern that mimics the markings on Squirtle’s shell. 


The dial of this watch, meanwhile, comes in blue. It features a wave design inspired by Squirtle’s signature Hydro Pump attack. It also comprises silver applique hour indices, sweeping, well-bevelled sword hands, and a date window at 3 o’clock. 


Like the Seiko Pokemon Charmander, this is a chronograph piece. Its small seconds sub-dial is marked with an applique Pokemon piece. The chronograph counters at 12 and 6 o’clock, on the other hand, boast adorable, metallic blue outlines of Squirtle and its evolution, Wartortle. You will also notice that these counters bear the numbers “16” and “36” in bright blue. These indicate the levels at which Squirtle evolves into Wartortle, then Blastoise. 


The back of this watch is sealed shut by a sturdy caseback made of stainless steel. It has a delicate carving of a roaring Blastoise that is prepared to attack, along with details on the watch such as its case material and movement used. The caseback is used to guard the watch’s Seiko Calibre V172. This solar movement possesses chronograph functions, overcharge prevention features, and a battery life that lasts for six months. 


This limited-edition Seiko Squirtle watch sells at $450 USD. 


7. Seiko Selection Pokemon Bulbasaur SBPY160

Seiko Pokemon SBPY160
Photo: Seiko Watches

Last but certainly not least, we have the Seiko Selection Pokemon Bulbasaur SBPY160. As its name suggests, it is a homage to the plant-type starter Bulbasaur. 


This watch uses a 41mm stainless steel case and a matching three-link stainless steel bracelet. On top of the watch case is a fixed stainless steel bezel, which is coated in yellow-gold PVD, giving the watch a more exquisite look. As part of its Bulbasaur-inspired motif, this bezel is also embellished with lovely green accents that pair well with its gold finish. 


The dial of this watch also comes in yellow-green. The centre of the dial has a yellower tinge to it, which darkens into a shade of forest green as it spreads outwards. It is furnished with long bevelled hands in bronze and a date aperture at 3 o’clock that is also outlined in bronze. It also has trapezoidal hour markers, which are painted in a patchy beige-brown pattern that resembles the patches found on Bulbasaur’s skin. 


As a chronograph piece, this dial also consists of a number of sub-dials. The small seconds sub-dial at 9 o’clock bears the image of a Pokeball. The counters at 12 and 6 o’clock contain metallic green outlines of Bulbasaur and its first evolution, Ivysaur, along with numbers in yellow-green indicating Bulbasaur’s evolution scale. 


On the back of this watch, you can find a stainless steel caseback. It is embellished with a carving of a fierce Venusaur. Aside from that, this caseback also has carvings that indicate the watch’s details, including its depth rating, serial number, and more. This Seiko Pokemon Venusaur watch also runs on a quartz Seiko Calibre V172, which guarantees its six-month battery life. 


The Seiko Selection Pokemon Bulbasaur SBPY160 is worth about $450 USD. 


Final Thoughts

On the whole, the Seiko Pokemon series is an incredibly fun collection that does a great job catering to both watch fans and Pokemon lovers. It offers diverse yet beautiful designs that truly pay tribute to our favourite Pokemon from our youth. 


We can only hope that, in the future, Seiko will continue this watch range. After all, it would be a shame if we never got to see what timepieces based on other popular, vibrant Pokemon look like. 


All photos used in this article are courtesy of Seiko watches. 


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