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The Ball Watch Company is an American watch company based in Switzerland. Their watches are certainly unique, and because of the reasonable price tags, the followers don't hesitate to get their hands on one of these watches.

The foundation of the company, which was founded in 1891 is associated with American railway history. A watch defines your persona, that's the department where Ball Watches standout. Their manufacturing department makes sure that their watches are made keeping in mind the railway standards. Ball watch is one of the few Swiss watch names that are amazing yet underrated. That's because they are striving to maintain their watch standards according to the new age from more than over a century. It is noticeable that ball watches don't compete with some of the giants, but their watches are tech-oriented top quality watches. A watch is often referred to as 'style statement'. So an individual will never hesitate to buy an affordable luxury watch for himself such as the ball watches. The company manufactures a different collection of watches amongst them the best ones are The Engineer Master, Engineer Master 2, and The Roadmaster. Follow this space to know everything important you need to know about the ball watches.
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History of Ball Watch

Ball Watch company was founded by Webster C.Ball originally in Cleveland, United States. That's how the company got its name. The goal was to stay true to the idiom 'on the ball' that refers to high accuracy, precision, and timekeeping. It all started in 1981 when two trains crashed because of inaccurate time measurement. That's when Mr. Ball came into play and was appointed as a Chief Time Inspector by the American Railway to manufacture watches that show precise and accurate time. Using standard time, Mr. Ball created 2300 certified timepieces for all kinds of trains, including conductors, passengers, and everyone involved in the railroad to deal with the inconsistency of time. Their website proudly refers to Mr. Ball as the game-changer for the American Railway for a reason. Mr. Ball played a major role in the modernization and success of American Railroad, making Ball Watch a notable and trusted watch brand.

The worth

Even though Ball Watch stands out in the quality department, the popularity of this watch is just decent to good. Usually, companies utilize their history to make their worth. The case with Ball Watch is that they had to change their designs and specifications over time. The audience believes that the railway inspired watches should be more traditional and classy. The company focuses on the changing time and now they promote a more sporty look and the use of technology. Years ago, Mr. Ball founded this company and at that time he revolutionized the railway industry. That was the reason the audience was attracted to this company, they loved the old classical designs and the concept of having different timepieces. Guess what, they still want a similar appeal from the brand.

Ball felt the need to renovate what they offer, and they kept on doing that over time. But if we talk about the built and durability of their Swiss made watches, they standout in all of these major departments. In fact, they are often compared with some of the greatest watch manufacturing giants such as Rolex in terms of quality and pricing. That is certainly because even though Ball Watch never compromises on the quality of their Swiss watches, they delight the customers with affordable and not so high priced watches. Why would not a typical citizen get himself a watch that is affordable, durable, highly featured, and stylish at the same time?

Ball watch is often appreciated for the effort they put to create their watches. It won't be questionable that the watches are of the same standard that once people used to appreciate and praise Mr. Ball for. They remained focused on producing superior quality watches that help its user keep the precision of time even in unfavorable conditions. Over the years, they introduced a vast variety of technologies and specifications through their watches.

The price tag of Ball watches won't shock you, the prices are reasonable and moderate. A regular salary based individual will find the prices exciting as compared to the quality of the watches. There are different variants with different specifications. All of these models differ in rates, but none of them will cause you loads of money.

Ball watch is one of the few Swiss made watch brands that utilizes technology and science to make their product stand out. Their main focus while manufacturing is not the built of the watches, but the quality. They've made sure that their watches are manufactured ensuring railroad standards including the feature to be able to see time in the dark.

Top Collections of Ball Watches

You'll probably want to check out some of the top models' Ball Watch has to offer. Each of the listed below models have something different to offer while staying true to their objectives of providing time precision.

Engineered Hydrocarbon

This collection of ball watches is the most unique one. The motive of the firm of providing watches to withstand difficult situations is justified with the help of Ball's Engineered Hydrocarbon collection.

The upper and most visible part of the watch is elegant yet simple. There are two color options for the dial, black and blue. One of the best features this watch offers is that it tells about the tides whether they are high or low. Somewhere between 4 and 5 o'clock on the clock face there lies a small date complication. Moreover, it allows you to know about the days and dates while looking at the watch. Apart from that, like most of Ball watches it provides visibility in the dark as well.

Engineer Master 2 collection

This crafty and carefully designed watch is made to fight with extreme conditions underwater. That's right Engineer Master 2 collection is created to meet the needs of a watch of a professional sea diver. That means it's the watch you should be wearing while you enjoy your watery adventures.

The inner bezel of the watches rotates. Its case diameter is 44 mm making it so competitive that this collection can withstand a 50m underground threat.

The timepieces come with 21 micro gas tubes on hours, minutes, seconds. Moreover, it features the signature visibility in the dark facility as well.

Roadmaster Collection

These Swiss-made watches come with 40 different timepieces. This without any doubt makes them the best watch to carry on a railroad. It enlightens you with different time zones throughout your journey. All the models in this collection feature the brand's logo and come with micro gas luminosity. One of the collection's model named The Roadmaster Worldtime overcomes day to day difficulties and comes with the ability to indicate world time as well, along with it's moving bezel outside.

Apart from these Ball's Trainmaster Collection is also very versatile and features 3 slightly different timepieces.

The American watch company is not a highly celebrated and popular watch brand amongst new generations, but their latest models are making name for themselves and are being accepted. If you are looking out for a multi-featured top quality watch that too at a reasonable price, we would definitely advise you to try Ball watches.

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