Hamilton Khaki Pilot Day Date: A Review

Dec 28, 2019
Hamilton Khaki Pilot Day Date: A Review

If you adore military watches, then one of the collections you have to check out is the Hamilton Aviation. Apart from the fact that their models are pleasing to look at, the brand has been making them for over a hundred years!


One of their popular timepieces is the Hamilton Khaki Pilot Day Date. In the community, this is one of the first models you’ll hear when talking about recommendations. And after reading through this review, you’ll understand why.

Whether you’re looking to fill a hole in your collection or just want to know the watch’s history, here is a detailed review of the Hamilton Khaki Pilot Day Date. 

The Low-key Genius

Before we get on to the nitty-gritty, here’s a quick overview of the brand. Although Hamilton belongs in the middle tier, watch geeks would know better than underestimating it. If truth be told, Hamilton introduced major innovations that steered the path of watchmaking.


A few of their works include the world’s first electrical watch powered by a battery and Pulsar, the world’s first LED digital watch. These contributions are what shaped some of the modern watches.


Apart from those, some of their watches are worn by stars in Hollywood movies. Among them are the Hamilton Pulsar in James Bond and the Hamilton Khaki in Interstellar. This just proves that the brand is very relevant in the world of watches.

History of Hamilton watches

A Matter of Life and Death

Even though Hamilton now uses Swiss movements, they are American in origin. Significantly, they planted their roots in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where they helped time American railroads. This connection with trains is what started their long and rich horological journey.


Back in the day, railroad accidents were common. The inaccuracy of the watches caused the trains to move in an unsynchronised manner, thus resulting in crashes. Then again, remember that this was in the 1800s where horological technology wasn’t as advanced. To put it bluntly, the ability to tell accurate time was a matter of life and death.


Because of this, Hamilton started providing accurate timekeepers to railroad companies. Consequently, it reduced the number of accidents on the tracks. Thus earning the title of “the watch of railroad accuracy”. You can say that Hamilton literally saved lives!

Hamilton ventured into the skies

From Railroads to Runways

No, we’re not talking about fashion show runways here. Although if personified, Hamilton Khaki watches are more than qualified to walk in fashion shows. As stated above, the brand began to become popular on the tracks. But the story doesn’t end there.


Come 1918, Hamilton decided to venture into the skies. From trains, they started helping the U.S. Airmail service keep track of time. They also produced watches worn by Royal Air Force pilots. In modern times, these vintage timepieces are considered collectible and can be sold for a big fortune.


From there, their relationship with aviation grew as the years went by. Right now, Hamilton is the official timekeeper of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship.

The Trifecta

The Hamilton Khaki is divided into three collections — Aviation, Field, and Navy. And each of these represents the three branches of the military. The Field and Navy are both respectable in their own rights. However, the Aviation collection has a very distinct personality that sets it apart.


So without further ado, let’s take a look at how Hamilton soared through the skies with the Aviation collection.

front view of Hamilton Khaki Pilot Day Date watch

First Impression

At first look, the watch gives out a military vibe. We’re talking about Top Gun, aviator sunglasses, and fighter planes. That kind of stuff. It blends in so well that it could pass as an actual part of a pilot’s uniform. So much so that if you wanted to go as a Pilot for Halloween, this watch will make your outfit more convincing.


Given that, is the Hamilton Khaki Pilot more than just its looks? To give you an overview, here is the specs sheet and let’s find out.

Hamilton Khaki Pilot Specs

  • Reference no.: H64605531
  • Dimensions: 42mm case size
  • Case Material: Stainless steel with dark brown PVD
  • Movement: Automatic
  • Calibre: H-40
  • Power reserve: 80 hours
  • Water-resistance: 100 metres

closer view of Hamilton Khaki Pilot Day Date watch


Without a doubt, the Hamilton Khaki Pilot is a head-turner. And if you didn’t know better, you would think that this is an actual vintage watch worn by a World War II airman. This pilot watch definitely looks the part.


Its stainless steel case is PVD-treated and gives off a dark brown hue. Admittedly, this minor detail gave the watch a distinct personality and added to its vintage vibe.


The dial is very easy on the eyes with its black background and cream numerals. The indexes and numerals come in large and simple font for legibility. Meanwhile, the inner hour numerals are painted in red. This welcome addition gives the watch a pop of colour.


One of the characteristics of a Pilot’s watch is its luminosity. This feature allows it to be readable during night flights. That is why the Hamilton Khaki Aviation is equipped with Super-LumiNova. 


While you may not often find yourself inside a plane’s cockpit, its lume will prove to be of help when you need to read the time in the dark. Who knows? There might be a time when you’re in the cinemas and you need to know what time it is.


Underneath its handsome surface is a high-quality movement. It features an essential day-date function to keep you on track with the calendar.


If winding your watch feels like a chore, you’ll be satisfied with the Hamilton Khaki Pilot’s power reserve. The H-40 automatic movement gives out an extended reserve of up to 80 hours. That is almost double the average!


What this means is that you can leave your watch untouched over the weekend. When you get back to it, it would still be running. In this case, you’ll skip the hassle of having to regularly adjust the time.

strap of Hamilton Khaki Pilot Day Date watch


Some watches skimp on the strap. But it’s so fortunate that the Hamilton Khaki isn’t one of them. Staying true to its aviation theme, the strap takes inspiration from leather jackets worn by American pilots.


Its dark brown colour blends well with the dark, cockpit-inspired dial. But that’s not all. If you look closely, it has a stamp that completes the pilot look. Meanwhile, the cream stitching gives it a more utilitarian vibe. It only goes to show how Hamilton takes note of even the smallest details.


For a timepiece of that quality, you would think that it costs almost as much as a Rolex. This is where it gets surprising. Given its features, you’d be pleased to know that this watch does not cost an arm and a leg. The Hamilton Khaki Pilot Day Date only costs around $1,000.


For a non-watch person, this price tag might look too much. Especially if you would compare it to watches that fall in the $200 range. However, it is important to note that its craftsmanship and features rival those of watches in the $2,000 range.

Hamilton Khaki Pilot Day Date watch on wrist

Who Is It For?

Don’t worry if you’re lacking a license to operate an aeroplane. While it definitely is a pilot’s watch, this beauty does not require wings for you to wear it.


Basically, the Hamilton Khaki Aviation is a great fit for you if you value efficiency above all. Its no-frills day-date function helps keep you updated with your schedule. On the other hand, the 80-hour power reserve makes it low-maintenance.


If you’re looking for a daily driver that can withstand a few bumps, the Hamilton Khaki Pilot Day Date is for you. Appearance-wise, the Hamilton Khaki Pilot Day Date can spice up any casual outfit. 


It’s a big bonus if you’re a fan of fighter planes and Tom Cruise’s Top Gun. Hamilton made sure that the aviation theme was obvious. But even if you’re not a big aviation fan, this handsome timepiece will still merit some stares.


At around $1,000, the Hamilton Khaki Pilot is in the middle ground. In the horological world, it is not considered cheap nor expensive. This makes it a very good bargain for people who are used to spending a fortune on high-end luxury brands like Rolex or Zenith.


On the other end of the spectrum, it will appeal to starting watch collectors who want to splurge just a little for a “buy it for life” kind of piece.


The Hamilton Khaki Pilot Day Date will prove to be a trustworthy companion whether you’re a pilot or not.


If you’re sold on the Hamilton Khaki Pilot, you can check out some good deals at The Watch Company.


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