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Since the official recognition of the Air racing as a world championship sport in 2005, Hamilton Watch Company has supported the sport incredibly. Through the help of Nicolas Ivanoff, the brand’s partnering pilot, the company has supported the aviation community big, till Hamilton was crowned as the Official Timekeeper of the races in 2017.

Through their incentive to serve the pilots impeccably, Hamilton Khaki Aviation pilot watches have been a reliable and well-reputed brand for accuracy. Through the aviation watches like Khaki Aviation X-Wind, the flying pilots have been able to calculate the crosswinds situation using the installed drift angle calculator, guaranteeing them a smooth landing.

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New Hamilton Khaki Aviation Watches


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History of Hamilton Khaki Aviation Watches

Hamilton watches were first recognized as the Official commercial airlines’ watch in the U.S. in 1930. Prior to that, Hamilton was already in aviation since 1918, where it supported pioneering pilots as well as the U.S. Airmail service observe time. Through their staunch commitment to enhancing precise accuracy, Hamilton Watch Company has worked extensively with the aviators, both from the military and the ordinary airlines.

After the official debut of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship in 2005, Hamilton joined in and since the time, the company has had a team in the races which is piloted by Nicolas Ivanoff, who is also Hamilton watches’ ambassador. Through his help, the Swiss watch company was able to serve the pilots better, and in 2017 they became the Official Timekeeper of this Air Racing Championship. Allowing them to be closer to the action, as well as to other fliers who will help big in the refinement and perfection of their pilot watches. Irrespective of their name, Hamilton Khaki Aviation watches are not only designed for the professional pilots.

But also for any aviation enthusiast who will relish to having a blend of the Hamilton tick and a live cockpit on the wrist. For a long time now, Hamilton pilot watch has become iconic within the movie directors directories. With the watchmaking ingenuity that the brand possesses having borrowed by the movie makers so as to help them create noble watches for their characters. In 2014, the 42mm automatic Hamilton Khaki Pilot Day Date H64615135 was featured on the screens as the Hamilton interstellar watch.

After actor Matthew McConaughey appeared severally wearing it as NASA pilot Joseph Cooper on the Sci-Fi Adventure movie, Interstellar. To the hearts of the lovers of Classic professional timepieces. The featuring of the Hamilton watch model in the movie which currently has an IMDb rating of 8.6 and over 41,700 reviews on the Amazon, essentially prove Hamilton Khaki Pilot watches collection is a legit and reputable brand. Thus, worthy of a try for extra piloting experience.

The Design of the Hamilton Khaki Aviation watches
With inspiration from their aviation consumers, Hamilton Watch Company has progressively devoted their resources to their Hamilton Khaki Aviation Collection. Since their focus is to ensure they have supported the pilots wholly through timely flights, as well as with other essentials like the drift angle calculator and time precision across the various world’s time zones.

To instill the intuition of a wrist-cockpit to its wearer, most of the watches from the Hamilton Khaki Pilot collection has been fitted with flight-like instruments that replicate the Pitot-static systems of a plane’s cockpit. As with the H77736733 Khaki X-Wind Auto Chrono which features two rotatable interior bezels, and an external duo-directional one for assisting the pilot in the calculation of the wind speed and also the plane’s speed. For its functioning, the heart of this watch is made of a powerful H-21 chronograph movement which completes its sportiness by featuring an extended power reserve of 60 hours.

The Hamilton Company is one impeccable watchmaker that has beguiled many. For years, the company has been continuously focusing on improving their old classic designs with the new technology. With the H76416135 Khaki Aviation Pioneer Auto Chrono, for instance, the model is borrowed from the military aviation design of the 70s, but then perfectly refined with modern materials, including the H-31 Hamilton chronograph movement. To create an impressive design that offers prime accuracy, a dual-time functionality, Flyback capability, and most importantly, a superlative stopwatch function. All these attributes, alongside the superluminova indexes, help ensure the pilot is sharing the aviation passion with the watch. In ensuring the aviation community is served optimally, Hamilton Khaki Aviation Watches are available in over 10 different models. Some of Hamilton Khaki Aviation models, including the Khaki Pilot Day Date Auto Collection- where H64615135 Hamilton interstellar watch falls in, have up to over 20 exclusive watch models.

This creativeness in Aviation watchmaking has been greatly influenced by the long-running flying hours that Ambassador Nicolas has spent on the air racing and acrobatics. Hence, enabling Hamilton to utilize his experience in creating innovative cool watches that will help the Championship racers meet the accuracy of their run.

The Hamilton Khaki Aviation Collection:
2 years after the debut of the Khaki Pilot Day Date on the Interstellar movie, the renowned Hamilton Khaki chronograph X-wind watch, likewise, met the qualifications required in the futuristic movie, Independence Day: Resurgence. Released in 2016, the 44mm stainless steel watch was handpicked not only for its stylish timely time indicators and chronograph counters. But since the Hamilton Khaki Aviation model also holds the first world’s in-watch drift-angle calculator, which helps copilot the pilots by measuring crosswinds.

In the élite Hamilton Khaki Aviation Collection, another watch class that has supported the aviation team greatly is the Khaki Air Race Auto. With watch models like the Auto H76225751, Hamilton has been able to share their honor to the Red Bull Air Racing through the launch of the gray, blue and red Air Race Auto watches. While the orange and black version has helped outline the colors of their Ambassador’s plane. All of the Hamilton Khaki Aviation versions have been equipped with the H-10 movement which ensures optimum piloting accuracy and a superior power backup of 80 hours.

Through the help of their Team Hamilton acrobatic Pilot, Nicolas Ivanoff, the Swiss watch company were able to bring out the Worldtimer Chrono Quartz watch collection successfully. With the model’s versions like the stainless steel watch H76714135 Hamilton Worldtimer Chrono Quartz, the installed H-41e Chrono Quartz movement has enabled the pilots to make precise flights worldwide. Since the Hamilton Khaki Aviation watch includes a Second Time Zone for telling time in foreign regions.

Another of the eminent Hamilton Khaki Chronograph watches that has assisted the iron birds in scaling high is the H76786733 Khaki Aviation Takeoff Auto Chrono. Despite its reduced production, this Hamilton watch has facilitated a strong bond between Hamilton and the famous Air Zermatt by enhancing their Rescue operations with accuracy and precision using its powerful H-31 chronograph movement.

Since their debut in 1918, last year- 2018, Hamilton Watch Company managed to celebrate their 100 Anniversary of timing the skies. Despite their elegance, natheless, you necessary don’t need to be a pilot for you to have the Hamilton Khaki Aviation watch.

Essentially… If you can’t fly in their comfy cockpit. Get an H77736733 Hamilton Khaki X-Wind Auto Chrono and walk with an own cockpit on your wrist.

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