The IWC Big Pilot Watches You Must Have

Mar 26, 2019
The IWC Big Pilot Watches You Must Have

Every man needs his own watch. No matter what his profession is. For pilots, they need an IWC Big Pilot watch.


Several companies have made a name manufacturing watches for pilots with an elegant design and precise time-telling. However, the International Watch Company is among the first brands of watchmakers to produce a luxury series of watches to suit the gentleman pilot.


Traveling back memory lane, the IWC came to be in 1930 creating watches that kept pilots in their cockpits on time for every departure. However, the IWC’s Big Pilot is the perfect example of craftsmanship meeting originality and style for a pilot or any member of the aviation industry.


The IWC has transformed the watch industry and had trainee pilots, commercial pilots, private planes and military mavericks rocking this modern classic at every flight.

IWC Wristwatches for the Modern Pilot


front view of IWC Pilot Ref. IW377725 watch

IWC Pilot Chronograph

The Pilot Chronograph is a watch with a story to tell after some evolution. With its stopwatch function, this makes one of IWC’s practical watches for pilots to keep scheduled flights in check.


The watch features a day and date function at the 3 o’clock position with other dials located on the 6, 9, and 12 o’clock. Another feature is the hacking second hand that allows you to sync your watch with another IWC brand watch.


A combination of steel and calfskin leather body, the Pilot Chronograph has a triangle shape for 12 and bold legible numerals. The case is resistant to water for about 60 minutes.


Like all IWC Pilots, it has sapphire glass and a slightly elevated crystal surface with a reflective coating on both sides. The Pilot Chronograph has an over 40-hour power reserve.


front view of IWC Pilot Chronograph Ref. IW501004 watch

The IWC Big Pilot Le Petit Prince Wristwatch

Named after the French poet, aviator, and author, the IWC Big Pilot Le Petit Prince has all the characteristics of an IWC Pilot watch. The most obvious feature of this watch is the sparkling blue interior which compliments and contrasts the stainless-steel body including the operating pin.


The IWC Petit may sound small by the name but this watch is bold and having one is like wearing a piece of history in all its glory.

IWC Big Pilot Heritage Watch 48

The IWC certainly didn’t fail to deliver big on this watch model. The Big Pilot Heritage has exotic visual features with an unbelievable 192 hours of power reserve, which is a first. This ensures that it won’t stop working efficiently for a period of 8 days.


As usual, the watch has the signature diamond shape knob with stainless steel edges, a brown leather strap with bold numerals, and a blue and white triangle shape minute and hour hand.

IWC Big Pilot Top Gun Perpetual Calendar Watch

This is a good representation of the typical all-American military-style wristwatch. However, it still retains all the main features of an IWC wristwatch. The triangle at 12 o’clock, the diamond shape knob, and the unique hour and minute hand are still there to behold.


The casing is a 48mm round surface watch made of Zirconium oxide for durability. The watch is also resistant to scratches, acids, and basic water/air corrosion.


We love the IWC Top Gun because of its American feel and its grade-5 titanium base with a black matte finish and black textile strap.



front view of IWC Big Pilot Ref. IW5103-01 watch

IWC Big Pilot Perpetual Calendar Spitfire

The IWC Spitfire is another overhaul wristwatch that will capture your heart. If you’re looking for a unique and interesting watch, then the IWC Spitfire is for you. It offers style and pizzazz distinct from other IWC Pilot watches.


The watch’s most distinctive feature is its unique color combination. It comes in an envy green insert with a bronze exterior unlike those that came before it.


The IWC Spitfire has a 72-hour power reserve. The watch also has an impressive seven-day calendar that is adjusted from the bronze-colored diamond-shaped crown. According to IWC, it will stay precise for 577.5 years, which is more than enough time for a watch.

IWC Big Pilot Watch

The IWC Big Pilot Watch is an impressive piece of machinery worth every pilot’s penny. The watch is a true character with the basic signature of the IWC.


It has a 43mm wide surface and 16mm thick casing that can last 60 minutes in 200 feet of water with a starch-resistant surface and a two-year warranty.


Wristwatches are a man’s best accessory and even more so for a pilot. The IWC has been making wristwatches for every pilot and flying enthusiast to rock their unique designs.


Sure, the wristwatches are pretty expensive, but with excellent features unlike none other, it’s worth it. The Big Pilot is not for the faint-hearted, but it’ll definitely stand out in a crowd – or in the air. The IWC Big Pilot is the aviation watch to beat in uniqueness, design, craftsmanship, and elegance.

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