The Rolex Air-King The Best Amongst Rolex Watches

Nov 20, 2018
The Rolex Air-King The Best Amongst Rolex Watches

Rolex has a reputation to maintain — it is one of the best luxury brand watches in the industry. Every Rolex watch is intricately designed and offers only the best in terms of functionality. The Rolex Air-King is no exception. In 2020, the brand will celebrate 100 years of excellence, perfection, and mastery in the watch-making industry.


In the world of more than 400 registered Rolex, you might find yourself overwhelmed by your choices — there are so many variations to choose from! One model that we stand behind is the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Air-King. If you’re looking for Rolex experience, this is the model for you.


The Rolex Air-King happens to be the most masculine watch from the Rolex brand. Amidst Rolex’s other enticing and fine pieces, this particular model is a class apart. Aside from being a reliable and well-reputed timepiece, this particular watch has a long history tied to the world of aviation.

A Brief History of the Rolex Air-King

The story of this luxurious timepiece started in 1945. Rolex released the Air-King in honour of the Royal Air Force for their bravery and service during World War II. From then on, it has been the most coveted and preferred model amongst pilots all over the world.


The evolution of the Rolex Air-King series spans nearly half a century with continuous innovation and production. The 116900 stands out from the rest in terms of sturdiness, setting the benchmark for reliability and precision.

The Evolution of the Rolex Air-King From 1945 to 2018

Evolution of Rolex Air-Kingdetailed information of Rolex Air-king Evolution

Rolex Air-King Colors/Configurations


front view of Rolex Air King Ref. 114234 watch

Rolex Air King 114234


Almost all of its modifications come with a bold-coloured dial with pristine hands, making each piece flawless in terms of design. Similarly, the colour variations of its bezels ranged from silver, white, black, and blue displays.

5 Things You Need To Know About the Rolex Air-King Watch

1. The earlier vintage Air-King series is known for being the oldest rare Rolex with a distinguished history, making highly prized collector’s pieces. One such model is the Air-King Date.

2. Rolex temporarily discontinued its production in 2014 to make way for the brands Oyster Perpetual series. But, in 2016, Rolex re-launched the Air-King that featured completely new counterparts with dramatic upgrades.

3. Two things make the Air-King 116900 so special. Firstly, this watch became quite the eye-catcher. The striking color combination of the green Mercedes-style hands and the Rolex logo, engraved in striking green and yellow, set on the distinctive black dial all complement each other and stand out! Secondly, this ideal entry-level model by Rolex comes with an affordable price tag.

4. The Air-King 14000 model came with a variety of straps options, and the Oyster bracelet, along with the embedded sapphire crystal, made it the perfect Rolex model for both men and women.

5. Although Air-King is known for being crafted with stainless steel, two rare and vintage models (reference nos. 5502 and 5506) introduced in 1958 featured gold-plated 40 Microns.


The Rolex Air-King is a meticulously curated timepiece crafted with high-quality workmanship and reinforces the aviation inspiration at its best.

Key Innovative Functions Of Early Models Of Air-King vs. Current Air-King

comparison between early and new models of Rolex Air-King Key Innovations

An Overview of the Rolex Air-King 116900


front view of Rolex Air King Ref. 116900-0001 watch

Rolex Air King 116900


The Rolex Air-King 116900 comes with bolder and more exquisite details and elegance. Unlike its predecessors, it comes with a more modern appeal and provides extra comfort. The unique and rather interesting design of the dial gives it an added oomph.


Resembling the Rolex Milgauss case, its case is definitely wider than the previous Air-King models. Aside from its 40mm case, the latest Air-King also features a black dial, silver Arabic numerals, and a Chroma light triangular marker replacing the number 12.


The current model is anti-magnetic and comes with a water-resistance function of 300 feet, and the sapphire crystal is scratch-proof. Furthermore, the Air-King is Rolex Superlative Chronometer certified. Thus, this watch is one of the most precise timepieces for aviators around the world.


To sum up, the latest Air-King is pristine with a rather modern sporty look. But the people behind this model have not forgotten its honorary history with aviation. This is reflected in the model’s features which, coupled with its design, makes it a versatile timepiece. It definitely suits both a gentleman who wants an accessory to complete his outfit and a pilot who needs an extremely precise watch!


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