The Prestigious Seiko Mechanical SARB033

Sep 26, 2019
The Prestigious Seiko Mechanical SARB033

Seiko, a well-respected brand from the Land of the Rising Sun, has been producing some of the best timepieces since its inception in 1881. The company is known to bring watches that feature utmost precision with their mechanical and quartz movements as well as their gorgeous designs.

In 2008, Seiko proved that they were a force to be reckoned with when they released the Seiko Mechanical SARB033 watch. Since then, many watch enthusiasts have expressed admiration for the model. But not all good things last.


While developing the new Presage Series, Seiko surprised watch lovers when they decided to stop the production for the iconic Seiko SARB033. In 2018, Seiko made the announcement, leaving watch lovers in confusion over the decision.

best features of Seiko Mechanical SARB033 watch

Why Was the Seiko SARB033 Discontinued?

Why did Seiko bid farewell to the beloved SARB033? Did the series fail to achieve their goal? Or was the SARB033 simply not good enough?


front view of Seiko SARB033 watch


These and more questions may have plagued the minds of many a watch lover after hearing the news. But, as with any other company decision, Seiko had its own reason for discontinuing the collection.


People have speculated that perhaps Seiko thought the SARB033 collection wasn’t good enough when they decided to venture into the high-end US watch market. Thus, they shifted their focus to developing newer watches for BaselWorld.


Whatever the reason, the discontinuation of the Seiko Mechanical SARB033 left watch lovers surprised. But they didn’t let this decision get to them. Many watch collectors continue to express their love for this collection.

What Are the Features of the Seiko Mechanical SARB033?

In a nutshell, the Seiko Mechanical SARB033 watch is best admired for its simple yet sophisticated and elegant look. If you look closely, Seiko certainly did a spectacular job with the tiniest of details for this piece. Their craftsmanship knows no bounds!


Seiko SARB033 watch on wrist
Photo from Watch Review

The Seiko Mechanical SARB033 features highly polished indexes along with beautifully balanced dauphine (sword-like) hands. The hour markers are tapered with luminous inner tips and a thin luminescent strip glows between the minute and hour hands.


The model’s bracelet is solid yet comfortably light. It comes with oyster-like links, resembling the Tudor Pelagos bracelet. But the bold bracelet is reminiscent of the Grand Seiko collections. According to some watch enthusiasts, the colour of the dial subtly changes under different lighting, making it quite a gorgeous and captivating piece.


The 38mm case is sturdy and its case-back is actually see-through! This allows you to view the inner workings of this piece. Pretty neat, eh?


The 6R15 automatic movement powers the Seiko Mechanical SARB033. Moreover, the watch features an impressive 50-hour power reserve and 23 jewels. The artificial sapphire crystal in the SARB033 is scratch-resistant, and this model has a water resistance of 100 metres. It’s ideal for swimming but not for diving.


Surprisingly, this piece doesn’t feature a chronograph but it definitely looks cleaner without it. Perhaps, Seiko wanted to incorporate the idea of “less is more” with this piece. It certainly works though because not every watch wearer needs a chronograph, right?


The polished case and clutter-free dial design along with its aesthetic look resemble a less chunky Seiko Prospex. But this piece holds its own reputation and class. The flawless finish speaks volumes of Seiko’s stunning craftsmanship, making the model a timeless piece in anyone’s watch collection.

What Makes the Seiko SARB033 the Best Affordable Automatic Watch?

– The SARB033 may look simple in terms of its design. But this is an added advantage because the design alone will stand the test of time. Aside from that, the quality and all its features make it a great piece for its price.

– The Seiko SARB033 is a special model in Seiko’s lineup as its a JDM (Japanese Domestic Made) model. In fact, you can only purchase the SARB033 in Japan.

– The Seiko SARB033 is 100% and completely made in Japan. Other timepieces from Seiko have parts made from other countries.

– The SARB033’s bracelet is inspired by the Grand Seiko collection. In fact, some people refer to the SARB033 as the “baby” Grand Seiko.

– As mentioned before, the SARB033 utilizes the 6R15 calibre movement which is commonly found in the higher-end Seiko Prospex Series.

Final Words

Whilst the Seiko Mechanical SARB033 isn’t the most expensive timepiece, its features alone make it worth every penny. Priced at a little over $800 (but around $1300 when bought directly in Japan), this timepiece is definitely affordable. Even the common Joe can purchase one.


It is a refined piece of luxury that won’t break your bank account. You can even pair it with almost any outfit — from your everyday casual attire and your work clothes to a formal suit. Yes, Seiko discontinued its production, but before it disappears from the market completely, you should get your very own timeless Seiko Mechanical SARB033.

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