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The Japanese watchmaking giant, the Seiko is a leading manufacturer of incredible and innovative timepieces. Ever since its inception, the Seiko has been synonymous to exquisite watch crafting and highly robust timepieces. Although the brand has been associated with quartz watches, but in the year 1913, the brand took a steep turn by shifting its focus on manufacturing Seiko mechanical watches. And this is very evident from Seiko Presage collection.

The Seiko Presage collection consists of a comprehensive range of Seiko mechanical watches which drive the inspiration from brand’s 1913 mechanical watchmaking. This all-mechanical assortment consists of 60 watches featuring enamelled dials and sophisticated functionalities.


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New Seiko Presage Watches


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History of Seiko Presage Watches

The brand Seiko is not only regarded as superior in the field of watchmaking but is extremely renowned when it comes to manufacturing and selling of clocks, electronic devices, jewellery, optical products etc. It all began in the year 1881 when Kintarō Hattori decided to establish his watch and jewellery shop. He named his shop “K. Hattori" which was located in Toyko, Japan. Since the very beginning, this young entrepreneur was all focused and dedicated to the idea of manufacturing watches. It did not take him very long to invent his timepieces.

The initial point of the brand's journey can be marked with the creation of clocks which it produced in the year 1892. The first clock was named as Seikosha which means "House of Exquisite Workmanship". In the later years, the brand registered its name as Seiko which, in Japanese, means " success" or "exquisite".

The very first wristwatch produced by the brand was released in 1924. Year after year, Seiko has gained nothing but success. It has launched a number of Seiko watches, all unique in their style, design, and functionality.
Seiko started its story with a simple clock, but at present, it is well-known for its production of various movements including – quartz, kinetic, solar and mechanical movements.

Seiko has become that one-stop to offer a versatile collection. Its watches can be found in several lines like – Seiko 5, Credor, Grand Seiko etc.
One of the best Seiko watches can be found in Seiko Presage collection. This particular collection is also regarded as the luxurious series by the brand. One can rely on its functionality and accuracy with no doubts. The Seiko Presage series is usually designated by its movements, for instance, PR4, PR6, and PR8. These numbers – PR 4, 6 and 8 specify the technical innovations of the Seiko watch and it also displays the number of parts in the movement, with the PR8 being the most advanced movement.

The creation of this Seiko watch is completely in-house, from design to movement, the Seiko Presage has been totally built in the factory. The Seiko Presage line has attracted a number of customers due to its fine mechanical movement along with its affordability. But the brand does not limit itself when it comes to innovating its timepieces.

The latest Seiko Presage collection has taken its inspiration from the heritage of Seiko, which can be traced back all the way to 1913. The beauty and depth reflected by this timepiece are simply uncanny. It holds a subtle texture which symbolizes the skilled craftsmen of Seiko. The Seiko Presage assortment has acquired everything from enamel dial with perfect finishing to extraordinary functionality which can be relied upon in any unfavourable environment.
There are some timepieces which hold the quality of hypnotizing a person. Let's take a glance through some of the Seiko Presage models.

Seiko Presage Cocktail Time
This is one of the mind-boggling timepieces by the brand which perfectly fits the Seiko Presage Automatic collection. The case size of this watch measures 40 mm and is offered in a number of dial and bracelet colours. Powered by the 23 jewels Seiko 4R35, this self-winding watch can also be hand wound and hacked. The case of this timepiece is well-polished and displays a date window at its 3 o clock marker. Along with vibrant cases, the watch can also be acquired in various strap/bracelet types.

Seiko Automatic Chronograph
The Seiko Automatic Chronograph is one of the latest additions to the family line of Presage. This sharp and bold, yet a subtle timepiece is all set to grab everyone’s attention. Presented with a simple dial, the watch showcases a crown and two lugs which enhances its details. The dial of the watch consists of three-sub dials along with a date window which is placed between its 4 o clock and 5 o clock markers. It is one of the most engaging and charismatic timepieces one can have.
Seiko is one of the brands which along with its Seiko Presage Chronograph, has successfully released its automatic chronograph as well.

It is one of the most sought-after brands which is popular due to its affordable and quality watches. The brand has always believed in creating high-quality timepieces which they can offer at pocket-friendly prices. Seiko is simply full of rich and strong history and the same has been reflected in its timepieces. All the watches from Seiko collection differ in everything from technicality to functionality. The Seiko Presage collection has been made to perfection in order to meet the high-grade demand of the company as well as the clients. So if you are looking for a timepiece which is not so expensive, plus is a perfect fit to your luxury collection, then Seiko is that one-stop destination where you can shop until you satisfy your needs. Looks, function, and history – the brand has got it all.

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