Seiko Mechanical Watches

Seiko – launched by a young entrepreneur, holds the capacity to please every individual. It is one of the oldest brands in history which has not only shared its interest in the field of watchmaking but is also quite popular when it comes to the production of electronic devices, jewellery and optical products.

The brand is highly respected all over the world due to its production of value-driven Seiko mechanical watches. Since its foundation, one of the sole purposes of the brand was to create pocket-friendly and high quality watches and with Seiko mechanical series, Seiko has attained everything.

New Seiko Mechanical Watches

History of Seiko Mechanical Watches

Incepted in the year 1881, by a young entrepreneur who aimed his attention towards manufacturing watches, the brand Seiko has been one of the oldest watch brands to survive in the world of watches. It initiated its business by producing clocks, and today the brand is involved in creating unique timepieces which hold the quality of being stylish and well as functional.
The brand, since its beginning, is renowned for its Seiko Mechanical Watches. It has engaged itself in the production of many movements including – kinetic, solar, and mechanical movements. The Seiko SARB line is one of the most desired mechanical series by the brand. These Seiko watches are all powered by the renowned 6R15 calibre and holds a distinct style which sets it apart from the crowd.

The Seiko mechanical watches are regarded as the most accurate timepieces, which along with glamorous looks also forecasts appealing functionality.
Three of the most sought-after Seiko mechanical watches are – Seiko SARB033, Seiko SARB035 and Seiko SARB065. They are all a part of 6R15 calibre presented in vibrant style and range. Let's take a detailed view of them

Seiko SARB033
It also goes by the name "Baby Grand Seiko" due to the design which it has borrowed from its elder siblings. The Seiko mechanical watch is built out of 316l stainless steel and the case size of this Seiko SARB033 watch measures 38 mm. It is one of the watches that has been modestly sized and sits perfectly on a man's wrist enhancing his style. The bezel of this Seiko mechanical watch has been nicely polished and is equipped with a sapphire crystal which complements its elements. The dial colour of SARB033 is black and showcases a glossy finishing which rightfully grabs the attention of onlookers. The unique characteristic about its dial colour is that – it, at times, changes depending on the light exposure which it receives. The hour and the minute hand holds the shape of a sword, whereas the second hand resembles a needle, which simply displays a stellar look. The Seiko mechanical watch is also equipped with a date window which is presented at its 3 o clock marker. Featuring the in-house movement 6R15, it also includes 23 jewels and runs a frequency of 3 Hz. Overall, with a see-through back case and oyster style bracelet, the Seiko mechanical watch simply looks classic as well as sporty.

Seiko SARB035
This Seiko mechanical watch is one of the best automatic and affordable watches present in today's market. Equipped in a case size of 38 mm, this timepiece simply displays elegance. With a beautiful cream coloured dial, which also has a date display at its 3 o clock marker, the Seiko SARB035 looks so sophisticated on the wearer's wrist that one cannot resist drooling over it. The case of the dial is well polished and brushed with stainless steel. The watch also features a sapphire crystal and has a transparent case back. Powered with the in-house movement – 6R15 Calibre, the watch has a manual winding which holds a power reserve of 50 hours. The display of the Seiko mechanical watch has been built flawlessly. It showcases dauphine hands with black line and lume whereas the markers of the watch are presented with lume at the inside tip. Being a part of ‘Baby Grand Seiko', this Seiko mechanical watch is simply irresistible in its cream dial and stainless steel bracelet which comes with solid end links.

Seiko SARB065
This classic Seiko mechanical watch was released in the year 2010, and till this date is one of the most desired Seiko watches. The Seiko SARB065 is also referred to as " Seiko Cocktail Time Cool", and with its uniformity of the dial, it is simply enchanting and captivating. This timepiece is considered to be an occasion watch which is a perfect fit for your classical events. The dial of the Seiko mechanical watch is very alluring and holds intricate details which magnify its beauty. Equipped with the famous 6R15 Calibre, this Seiko automatic watch also showcases its see-through case back. For the lovers of mechanical watches, who gets fascinated by the technicality, the SARB065 is the perfect piece for you to show off your enthusiasm. This Seiko mechanical watch is made available in a glossy black calfskin leather strap which assures an utmost comfort and to attain the perfect style, it has been furthermore provided with a navy blue stitching which magnifies its display.

When it comes to selecting a timepiece which can go along with your everyday attire as well as is an ideal fit to your luxury events, the Seiko is regarded as that one brand which offers a versatile collection. Ranging from all types of movements to all kinds of functionality, Seiko offers everything. Specialised in creating mechanical watches, the brand has set a benchmark in the said sector, which is simply unbeatable.

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