Breguet Tradition Watches

When there are countless luxury watch brands struggling in the market, the esteemed Breguet watch brand has already been standing solid for over three centuries. It is more than just a historical brand in the world of Swiss horology. Its founder, Abraham-Louis Breguet was a genius horologist and artist who contributed a number of inventions and influenced the industry in a great deal. Housing the groundbreaking watchmaking innovation its founder had invented, the Swiss watch manufacturer Breguet has garnered a high reputation and popularity in the market. The Breguet Tradition collection is one of the notable tributes to the brand’s legacy. Inspired by a souscription pocket watch of Abraham-Louis Breguet from 1796, every Breguet Tradition watch is well distinguished from other models by a number of complex innovations such as retrograde date, balance wheels and the emblematic Breguet hands. The versatile collection is offering a series of variants with different color options and complications. Well crafted with centuries-old watchmaking traditions and the brand’s patented modern innovations, these Breguet watches are considered works of art amongst many watch enthusiasts from all over the globe.

New Breguet Tradition Watches

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