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Breguet Type XX - XXI - XXII Watches

Wristwatches have a vibrant memoir in the aeronautics field, during the period of World War II which started in the year 1939. The fighters and pilots used timepieces that are wristwatches more than the pouch watches to measure everything like the flight time, munitions distances, distance to flock progress. Breguet produced their first ideal timepiece which was Type 20 wristwatches in the year1950s. In which he created 500 estimated articles, with “BREGUET MARINE NATIONALE AERONAUTIQUE NAVALE”.

Breguet is one of the brands which is still in operation that was formerly allocated to produce Type 20 and 21 chronographs as the watches produces are classic pieces.

New Breguet Type XX - XXI - XXII Watches

History of Breguet Type XX-XXI-XXII Watches

There were many top brands prevalent in the market when Breguet Launched his first timepiece that was the Type 20 wristwatches. At that time the competition was very high still the Breguet Company managed to lead its operations and production and succeed in the market. Quality always speaks, nothing can defeat you if you are producing unique qualities things. The brands which were prevalent at that time were Vixa, Auricoste, Mathey Tissot, Arian  still the company managed to be in the top list. The former watches which were Type 20 wristwatches produced by the company were specifically designed keeping in mind the demand and need of the aeronautics field at the time of world war these watches were big-time help for the soldiers.

After this, the Breguet Company put their hand in the production of luxury watches these modern day watches were produced by the Breguet Company keeping in mind the demand of the customers. The third-generation “Type XX” watch was launched first in the modern watch series which repays tribute to the vintage culture watches which were the “Type 20.”. After that Breguet introduced the Type XXI and Type XXII chronographs, which are still being produced and sold by the company. These Type XXI and Type XXII chronographs are in contrast with the retro styling of Type XX and have a modern perspective.

The Type XXI timepiece comes in varied forms, it has a  flyback chronograph in titanium with transpired minute recorded in the middle hand. Also, the Type XXI timepiece has Self-winding inclination with the date and the sub dial in the second's hand. This amazing watch series also possess a Day and night pointer and a 12-hour totalizer. The watch is unique in itself having a Graduated turning bezel with Radiant hands and hour markers. The major point of attraction in this watch series is the Screw locked crown. Also the watch is Water-resistant, reliable and comfortable to wear. The Diameter of the watch dial is 42 mm. This amazing timepiece is available in different colors precisely liked in the rose gold and steel color.  

So the main invention in the Breguet Type XX-XXI-XXII watch was that is was the watch that had the feature of measuring as well as displaying the elapsed times and it showed the standard time. The chronograph device of the watch was inspired by the evolution of the watch which measured the center seconds hands that can be started and stopped at any time an event. This watch collection also possess a subsidiary dial showing the elapsed minutes which is a very distinctive feature.  There are two push pieces in the band which serves to function and return the chronograph to zero.The chronometer of the watch is designed in a way which permits the determination of average duration or of the length of time exercised by two separate and synchronous events fort made by the company to design something new the modern chronograph. Also in the year 1822, the company sold their principal inking, or “Fatton” chronographs on their watches.

The Breguet company offers to the world’s tinniest column wheel which are self-winding chronograph movement with date and small seconds. It Measures approximately  10½ lines and 6 millimeters in height. This Breguet Type XX-XXI-XXII watch is a classic watch collection showcasing the uniqueness of technicality and elegance designed for both the gender. Also, specific collection is launched for men under the Breguet Type XX-XXI-XXII watch collection,  so the Gentlemen should not fell left out left as the company launched its world initial Marine Tourbillon Chronograph which is the primary tourbillon campaign furnished with a silicon escapement.  the watch combines a column wheel which measures the chronograph purposes of this classic. There are mainly four masterpieces which are launched under the Breguet Type XX-XXI-XXII watch collection which are as follows: model 1 is the 3817ST/X2/3ZU which is a black band watch with Dial slate grey . Also it has a delicately fluted caseband with a Sapphire-crystal caseback and is 42mm in diameter. 

The next watch of the series is of the model number 3817BR/Z2/3ZU This watch model has brown case bands with Sapphire-crystal caseback,42mm diameter and a Bidirectional rotating bezel. The third on in the series is the model number 3810TI/H2/TZ9 which has a chronograph in titanium having a Day/night indicator and 12-hour totalizer. It has a Luminous hands and hour-markers with Screw-locked crown. These luminous hand watch model is also available in rose gold and steel. The last one in the Breguet Type XX-XXI-XXII series is the model number 3800ST/92/9W6 which has a Aéronavale flyback chronograph in steel. This model also has a Luminous hands and numerals. Screw-locked crown with a Diameter of 39 mm, it is also available with steel bracelet.

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