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Incepted in the year 2004 by Ruben Tomella, Gaga Milano is an Italian watch brand which stands out for its innovative and iconic designs. Being newly added to the watch industry, Gaga Milano beautifully portraits the current trends and designs in its timepieces. Owing to its high quality and originality, the Gaga Milano watches can be seen adorned on the wrists of many inspiring personalities.


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History of Gaga Milano Watches

Gaga Milano - a watch brand that is synonymous to elegance and innovation. Ever since its inception, the brand has been very consistent in delivering high-quality watches. It has been founded in the year 2004, (which is merely a short span) in the world of watches where the other watch enterprises have been ruling for decades. Yet, for Gaga Milano time was never a constraint, within a short period of time it garnered the attention of fashion watch lovers from all around the world. Like every great initiative emerges from a scrap, similarly, Gaga Milano rose from meagre and limited resources. It started its journey from a small premise with the manufacturing of pocket watches. The man behind the ideas of Gaga Milano is, Ruben Tomella. It was Tomella's creativity and a quest for innovation which drove the brand till the point as we all know it today. Every aspect of Gaga Milano is distinguished and unique and same is applied to its brand name - the Gaga Milano brand owes its name to a special way of living, looking and dealing with the world.

“Gagà” is a term from Milanese dialect, which is used for defining a man with distinguished manners and style. This simple term drove the inspiration for company's nomenclature and finally sprouted as a watch brand, ‘the Gaga Milano.’

Now, dating back to its roots, the godfather of Gaga Milano, Ruben Tomella developed the passion for watches at a very tender age of fourteen. Since childhood, he was involved into watchmaking profession. He worked in his father's manufactory that was located in Crema.

But he had something else planned for his future, he was keen towards starting something of his own. And finally, in the year 2000, he established his jewellery shop. This marked the start of his career. Nevertheless, in the year 2004 he kickstarted his dream, he eventually created an original timepiece, and this is how the Gaga Milano was born.
Soon after its launch, the company firmly established itself. Within a short span of time, it expanded its existence to the international markets. It was successful in winning the acclamation of watch enthusiasts from all around the world. To mark its presence, it opened many outlets in the posh cities of Italy as well as in other parts of the world. No doubt, Gaga Milano has very effectively ingrained itself in the global markets. Today, it has made a name for itself in the regions of Europe, Asia, Africa and America. In addition to its office in Corso Venezia, it has also established a research and development manufactory in Switzerland which is dedicated to quality control and production of complicated watch models.

Courtesy to the little brain, Ruben Tomella, who merely at the age of 14 dreamt about the classic watchmaking. The brand has traversed a challenging journey, starting from its first notable success in the Middle East to trading in Asia. The impact created by Gaga Milano watches is such, that in today’s time they have become the sole watch of Asians.

The Gaga Milano Watches
Whatever you desire for, whether its a baroque or durable timepiece, Gaga Milano has got everything. It offers an enormous range of watches for men as well as women: there are many choices available ranging from simple to elegant. Some of Gaga Milano most sought-after watch collections include-Mysterieuse 48mm, Neymar Jr. Editions, Necklace watches, Skeleton 48mm, Diving 48mm, Quirky Tourbillion, and Inter collection.

The Gaga Milano watches exquisitely personify its founder's enthusiasm in their designs. One such reflection can be found in their unique creativity of equipping their pocket watches with straps that are worn as a wristwatch. Owing to its artistic looks, all the Gaga Milano watches are equipped with a crown, that is set at 12 o'clock hour marker. Moreover, their oversized Arabic numerals, generous straps, and different colour hues are sure to provide you with an enticing and contemporary look. It's not only with watches but their creative and jazzy characteristics can also be sported in Gaga Milano leather goods as well.

The Gaga Milano Price

The Gaga Milano watches offer you the most modest price range which competes to the prices offered by other luxury watch brands. Their purchasing costs usually vary between $ 514 to $ 2255.

The Gaga Milano watches have effectively revamped the rules of watch manufacturing. They have beautifully blended the state-of-art materials and technology in Gaga Milano timepieces which strike for a perfect balance between modern day lifestyle and robust functioning. Gaga Milano quirky designs and artistic looks make them a perfect in-budget watches that are ideal to fit in your watch collection.

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