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Cosmograph Daytona

The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona is a popular model representing Rolex. The Rolex Daytona is a mechanical chronograph watch manufactured in 1963. In 2017, a vintage Paul Newman Daytona was sold as one of the most expensive Rolex watches.


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116595 RBOW
¥32,499,900 (tax incl.)

Cosmograph Daytona "Rainbow" /18k rose gold Ø40mm

  • New
¥3,199,900 (tax incl.)

Daytona Ivory 18k Rose Gold/Rubber 40mm

  • New
¥3,549,900 (tax incl.)

Daytona Champagne 18k yellow gold Ø40mm

  • New
¥3,749,900 (tax incl.)

Daytona Ivory/18k rose gold Ø40mm

  • New
¥3,699,900 (tax incl.)

Daytona MOP 18k White Gold/Leather Dia Ø40mm

  • New
¥3,279,900 (tax incl.)

Daytona Pink 18k Rose Gold/Rubber 40mm

  • New
¥3,549,900 (tax incl.)

Daytona Black/18k yellow gold Ø40mm

  • New
¥2,349,900 (tax incl.)

Daytona Black MOP Steel/18k gold G 40mm

  • New
¥3,849,900 (tax incl.)

Daytona Black/18k yellow gold G Ø40mm

  • New
116503 White G
¥2,499,900 (tax incl.)

Daytona White/18k gold Ø40mm

  • New
116503 Champagne G
¥1,899,900 (tax incl.)

Daytona Champagne/18k gold G 40mm

  • New
116503 Champagne
¥1,748,601 (tax incl.)

Daytona Champagne/18k gold Ø40mm

  • New
116503 Grey
¥1,999,900 (tax incl.)

Daytona Grey/18k gold Ø40mm

  • New
116500LN Black
¥2,668,800 (tax incl.)

Daytona Black/Steel Ø40mm 2016

  • New
¥4,349,900 (tax incl.)

Daytona Green/18k yellow gold Ø40mm

  • New
116503 White
¥1,789,900 (tax incl.)

Daytona White/18k gold Ø40mm

  • New
116500LN White
¥2,848,800 (tax incl.)

Daytona White/Steel Ø40mm 2016

  • New
116503 Black
¥1,999,900 (tax incl.)

Daytona Black/18k gold Ø40mm

  • New
116503 Black G
¥2,199,900 (tax incl.)

Daytona Black/18k gold G 40mm

  • New
¥3,648,800 (tax incl.)

Daytona Blue/18k white gold Ø40mm

  • New
¥3,798,880 (tax incl.)

Daytona Chocolate/18k rose gold Ø40mm

  • New
116505A/Pink with Baguette
¥4,299,900 (tax incl.)

Daytona Pink with Baguette/18k rose gold Ø40mm

  • New
¥4,999,901 (tax incl.)

Daytona White MOP 18k White Gold 40mm

  • New
116520 White
¥3,199,900 (tax incl.)

Daytona White/Steel Ø40mm

  • New

Items 1-24 of 71

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History of Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

With the evolving marketplace, we find ourselves dazzled at the number of investment portals that are open to us. It is about time that we begin to acknowledge that the luxury watch segment stands to be one of the greatest options available to us. Speaking of luxury watch market, what is the first name that pops up into your mind? Rolex, right? That is exactly what we thought! You need not ask any question while you are investing in a Rolex. There are several on the list but we have got one on our mind that has been successful ever since it has been incepted and that is none other than the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona.

What catches the onlooker by surprise when they have a glance at the Cosmograph Daytona is how it is evolved through time. Its unique striking features which constitute for its exquisiteness, as well as the boldness that oozes out from the watch, is what makes it all the more desirable for admirers. And, well, the brand power that is one thing that goes without saying when it comes to this Rolex Daytona model. No matter what you do, this watch is going to make you have it.

Let us shift our gears in the reverse direction and swiftly move to the past about how the Rolex Daytona model has come to exist. Little did Hans Wilsdorf, founder of Rolex, think that Rolex will ever be linked to auto racing. Sir Malcolm Campbell made was one of the most well-recognized auto racers that existed and having achieved numerous feats in the auto-racing realm in Florida's Daytona beach – he caught the attention of Wilsdorf. It was then that the latter wanted Sir Campbell as Rolex's ambassador because of the parallels Wilsdorf drew between Sir Campbell's and Rolex's personality. But the legend of Daytona is not only linked to one person alone rather it is associated with many other auto racers who were fond of Daytona or moved to the city.

Even after being so closely crafted with Daytona, Rolex launched a watch named Chronograph in 1955 which is claimed to be the forefather of our present day Rolex Cosmograph Daytona. The claim is well-supported by the looks that the watch is capable of rendering. Despite not being popular, the Chronograph has aged well and become the widely acclaimed Cosmograph Daytona.
There are ample Rolex Daytona models available, 36 to be specific, listed here are a few which we absolutely adore in this variation line:

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Yellow Gold 116518LN
The aesthetics of Rolex 116518 are so catchy that we couldn't resist but list it as our favorite – but this applies to all other watches, too. However, the features that this one has to offer to make the watch all the more desirable. The watch has been crafted using 18-karat gold which is capable of rendering such a classy look that you are bound to be noticed while you are on the track. Additionally, the 40 mm dial of the Rolex Daytona 116518 makes it all the more palpable. What's in it for an auto-racer? They are able to measure the speeds of their car up to 400 kmph.

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Gold 116503
The Rolex Daytona 116503 has been wonderfully crafted using Rolesor – the patent mark for Rolex – thus, the watch has got Rolex written all over it. The mother of pearl dial adds to the beauty of Rolex 116503 and makes you stand out from the crowd. Thus, if you have worn this watch on a day when you decided to not be noticed – then you have made the wrong choice. The bracelet of each Rolex watch is crafted using high-end technology but with the beauty of this watch – you can tell that this Rolex 116503 has been crafted for those who have a peculiar eye for beauty. But not forgetting "beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder".

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Platinum 116506
If you have an eye for this watch, you have made a clear statement that you know how to tell what's royal from what's not. This Rolex 116506 certainly is one of the most attractive ones in this segment. The corrosion resistance property integrated with the vibrancy of this watch is a cherry on top of the cake when we speak of this watch. What goes on to make this watch beautiful beyond words is that it features an ice blue dial. The blue on the dial combined with the silver in the bracelet are wonderful, aren't they? What's more is that the dial of Rolex 116506 has been protected by a scratchproof sapphire crystal. And for the auto-racers, things have become simple and efficient to the point that a light push at the chronograph will trigger it and the accuracy will be unmatchable.
We are sure you are as flattered over the Rolex Daytona 116506 just as much as we are with its history as well as the way it has been crafted and has thought it through that this watch makes for a great investment. Happy shopping!

Timetable about Rolex

Rolex, since its inception in 1908, has brought various innovative technological revolution to the wristwatch industry and is still evolving. Rolex, which is popular as a mechanical watch also in Japan, has value, functional beauty and reliability supported by the high technical force of skilled technicians is not found in other brands.

Stainless steel

904L stainless steel

Perpetual Movements

Rolex does not offer any parts or movement to other companies. Only Movement Panelai is the brand that was supplying it.

Crown Mark

The meaning of the crown mark which is a symbol of Rolex is said to be the hands of watchmakers.

Etymology of Rolex

Since the official opinion of Rolex is not announced, it can not still specify it

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