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Rolex Yacht Master II Watches

Rolex Yacht-Master II 116680 is precisely designed with oyestersteel stretching back to the family of 904L steel family for devious climates. The 44mm case material is inclusive of a new white dial enhancing legibility with Bidirectional self-winding via Perpetual rotor.

This gleaming model has 4161 caliber, approximately 72 hours of power reserve and water resistance up to 100m or 330 feet. The Bidirectional rotatable Ring Command bezel adds to the perfection of the yacht master with the inclusion of Blue Cerachrom insert in ceramic and engraved numerals and inscription. The Yacht Master II has the folding Oysterlock safety clasp with Easylink of 5 mm comfort extension link and providing the precision of -2 and +2 seconds a day.

New Rolex Yacht Master II Watches

History of Rolex Yacht Master II Watches

Rolex is simply known for creating its classic and traditional timepiece. Although it is never the one to release a new watch each year, but whenever it introduces any new model, it is just indomitable. Thus with the introduction of the new Yacht Master II in 2010, the Rolex set its sail with success.

A bit about its history; the Rolex Yacht Master II is a sports watch which was disclosed in 2007 but was first introduced in 2010. It is basically available in four models, and the first ones were the Rolex Yacht Master II Gold 116688 and Rolex Yacht Master II White Gold 116689. Later in the year 2011, the Rolex introduced the next model which was Rolex Yacht Master II Everose Gold 116681 and it was made from steel and Everose gold. And the last model is the 116680 which was released in the Baselworld 2013 and was made available for the first time in 904L steel, fitted with a cerachrom bezel insert in blue ceramic.

Originally the watch was introduced with the 4160 calibre movement, but later with the launch of 2013 model which is the 116680, it updated to the 4161 calibre movement which was specifically designed for the Yacht Master 2. The common feature which distinguishes the Yacht Master II from the other models is its large case size of 44mm which has a commanding presence. Thus regardless of the metal variants which has been used in the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht Master II, they all have the same case diameter of 44mm.

It is known that it is most suitable for professional sailors because of its feature which is called a Regatta Timer. Now you may ponder what this Regatta Timer actually is? So a regatta timer is chiefly used by the skippers, that is, the master of the boat or the yacht and it is used to determine the exact time when their yacht is allowed to cross the starting line. As you might know that the boats can not just hover or stay put at the starting line, so in case you cross the line before the set time, you are given a penalty and if you are too watchful, you might lag behind, thus this is where the function of regatta timer is being used.

So basically the racing committee of the yacht race sets a uniform countdown or "regatta" period during which the boats that are participating have to sail back and forth towards the starting line without crossing it. And this countdown can be set anywhere varying from five to ten minutes depending on the rules of the race. Thus a good watch with an accurate movement becomes essential here.

The mechanism of the regatta is really simple. All one has to do is set the time of the countdown to the start, then push the trigger at two o'clock and it begins the countdown timer. And just in case the skipper pushed the trigger too early or too late in the beginning, he can wait for the second signal at a halftime, that is, at 5 minutes, and can re-adjust his timer by pushing the reset button which is at 4 o'clock. And finally, to calculate the exact timing, the remaining time can be read off second by second. Thus this watch is ideal for the sailors, plus the regatta function and the process are really simplified in the Yacht Master 2.

Now coming to the four models which the Yacht Master II offers, as mentioned before they are available in four different metal options. Thus you can choose it according to its weights, which ranges from steel which is a bit heavy to gold/steel which becomes heavier, to solid yellow gold which is even heavier to the last which is made of platinum and white gold combined.

The next feature is, of course, the water resistance, as it a mandatory element for any sailor's watch. So the Yacht Master II is an Oyster (naturally), which is the waterproof case and it comes with the brand's signature oyster bracelet as well.

Next, the dial of the Yacht Master II is simply elegant and has been beautifully executed. It features an all-white lacquer finish with chroma light hour and its minute hands are built in 18k white gold with blue PVD coating, and there is a small second counter present at 6 o'clock. The hour indexes as well have the chroma light markings. And now that the Rolex Yacht-Master II is all about ‘timing the start', the red-contoured countdown arrow which is on the 10-minute countdown gives accuracy to the job by being readable at a glance.

Thus pick your choice of luxurious Yacht Master II, and set your watch collection on a sail.

Features of Rolex Watches

Rolex, since its inception in 1908, has brought various innovative technological revolution to the wristwatch industry and is still evolving. Rolex, which is popular as a mechanical watch also in Japan, has value, functional beauty and reliability supported by the high technical force of skilled technicians is not found in other brands.

Category Point 1
Stainless steel

As a Brand of quality, Rolex Company usually creates its watches using high-quality non-corrosion steel, 904L Stainless Steel, that no other brand uses. Unlike the 316L which is widely used by other brands, 904L steel is very durable and shinier.

Category Point 2

Although it’s hidden by the impermeable case, Rolex watches have been equipped with perpetual movements for years. Of which have been greatly celebrated by the watch wearers following its Chronometric performance. Recently, anyhow, the renowned Swiss brand was able to introduce its new movement- Caliber 3255, which is believed to even surpass the set COSC level of Chronometric precision.

Category Point 3
Oyster Case

Recognized as the first impermeable case in the world, Oyster case is one of the largest milestones of Rolex which was invented in 1926. The Rolex Oyster diver watches are guaranteed to have a water resistance of up to 3,900 meters.

Category Point 4
Triplock Crown Seal

Various Rolex sports watches have been fitted with a triplock winding crown seal which helps enhance the waterproofness of the watch. This system, natheless, is fitted in the winding crown’s tube, thus, is only visible after unscrewing the winding crown.

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