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Rolex was founded by Hans Wilsdorf in 1905. Rolex introduced a wide range of professional sport watches like Rolex Submariner and Rolex Sea Dweller as dive watches and Rolex Daytona as racing watch. Rolex is ranked as the largest luxury watch brand.

The first Rolex watch came on to the market in the early 1900s. Since then, and yes Rolex is almost 120 years old, there have been numerous styles of Rolex watches, luxury watches for men and women. The original design for Rolex was very similar to the Rolex Oyster watch, which is still being designed today, and is one of the more popular Rolex watches. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Men is one of the more popular designs.


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¥325,001 (tax incl.)

Rolex Lady Oyster Perpetual 369 index

  • Used
¥699,800 (tax incl.)

Lady Datejust MOP Dial

  • Used
¥935,800 (tax incl.)

Lady Datejust Pink Dial

  • Used
16523 White G
¥1,518,999 (tax incl.)

Daytona White/18k gold Ø40mm

  • Used
79174 sliver index
¥350,001 (tax incl.)

Lady datejust Silver Dial Jubilee Bracelet

  • Used
79240 index
¥298,001 (tax incl.)

Lady Oyster Perpetual Black/Steel Ø26 mm

  • Used
16233c hampagne houndstooth
¥548,999 (tax incl.)

Datejust Champagne Steel/18K gold Did Jubilee 36mm

  • Used
77080 black
¥326,801 (tax incl.)

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Salmon Dial 31mm

  • Used
¥450,001 (tax incl.)

Lady Oyster Perpetual Pink/Steel 26mm

  • Used
¥834,999 (tax incl.)

Lady Datejust Champagne Dial

  • Used
116523 G
¥1,758,001 (tax incl.)

Daytona Black G/18k gold Ø40mm

  • Used
16233 Ivory Roman Pyramid
¥576,900 (tax incl.)

Datejust Ivory Roman Pyramid Dial 36mm

  • Used
¥529,800 (tax incl.)

Yacht-Master Silver/Steel? 29 mm

  • Used
¥553,801 (tax incl.)

Datejust White Roman Steel/18K gold Did Jubilee 36mm

  • Used
¥798,900 (tax incl.)

Lady Datejust White Dial

  • Used
  • Used
¥349,801 (tax incl.)

Lady Datejust Oyster Perpetual Steel White Ø26 mm

  • Used
16700 Black
¥1,199,901 (tax incl.)

GMT-Master Black/Steel 40mm

  • Used
  • Used
69173 Grey
¥358,900 (tax incl.)

Rolex Ladies Datejust Grey Dial 26mm

  • Used
¥822,999 (tax incl.)

Lady Datejust Silver Dial Jubilee Bracelet

  • Used
15200 Blue
¥450,000 (tax incl.)

Perpetual Date Blue/Steel Ø34mm

  • Used
¥588,999 (tax incl.)

Datejust 16233G Ø36mm

  • Used
¥349,999 (tax incl.)

Air King Steel Black

  • Used

Items 1-24 of 171

View as Grid List
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History of Rolex

Rolex watches are status symbols. They have been for over a hundred years and they remain that way. They show a certain style and a love for luxury. They show a love for design and technology and more than anything, they show an appreciation for perfection. Rolex, founded by the visionary Hans Wilsdorf in the early 1900s, was all about perfection. Wilsdorf had a dream of creating a luxury wristwatch that was not just elegant and beautiful, but one that never lost a beat.

He did it. He and his team focused totally on the quality of the movement. He knew that he had to use the best possible materials available, ones that would last forever. His quest for perfection led to success quickly, and in 1910 Rolex was the first luxury watch in the world to receive the Swiss Certificate of Chronometric Precision.

So what is it that makes a Rolex watch stand out? There are many luxury watches on the market these days and some people find it hard to choose which luxury watch to buy. The thing about Rolex watches is that they are timeless. A Rolex watch is the real deal. Rolex watches are often passed down from generation to generation. They are an investment, they are a status symbol and they are indeed, luxury.

The first Rolex wristwatch came on to the market in the early 1900s. Since then, and yes Rolex is almost 120 years old, there have been numerous styles of Rolex watches, luxury watches for men and women. The original design for Rolex was very similar to the Rolex Oyster watch, which is still being designed today, and is one of the more popular Rolex watches. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Men is one of the more popular designs.

Here are some of Rolex innovations:

The Rolex Oyster, the first waterproof watch. 1926.

The Rolex Datejust, the first luxury watch with an automatically changing date on the dial. 1945.

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner, the first waterproof luxury watch to a depth of 100 metres. 1953.

The Rolex GMT Master, the first luxury watch to show two time zones at the same time. 1954.

The Rolex Day Date, first luxury watch that automatically change day and date on the dial. 1956.

Rolex watches are made of gold, platinum and stainless steel, some are embedded in with precious stones and diamonds, and all are completely and utterly precise. Rolex pride themselves on their cutting edge technology and while the designs have not changed that much - well, they have got a lot bolder and a lot more striking and stylish - the technology has become a lot more high-tech.

Rolex watches are largely seen as men’s watches, although there is a large and magnificent range of Rolex watches for women. There are also many women who choose to wear Rolex watches for men. Rolex watches for men come in a wide variety - Rolex Oyster Perpetual, Rolex Day Date, Roles Sky Dweller, Rolex Sea Dweller, Rolex Air King and many more. You can find a new Rolex in a luxury watch store online or you can buy a second hand or gently used Rolex from a reputable store online. There is a wide range of Rolex watches for men and it is a good idea to do your research carefully.

So how does one choose the right Rolex watch? Well, you need to identify your budget first of all. If you have an unlimited budget, well, look for a fabulous vintage Rolex watch. If you are looking at an entry level Rolex - and remember, all Rolex watches are going to be an investment - then take a look at the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Men. But spend a bit of time online, looking at the various styles, and finding the style for you.

There are a lot of Rolex watches for sale, mostly because there is such a demand for a Rolex watch and in particular, a gold Rolex watch. If you cannot find the specific Rolex that you want, it is not a bad idea to hold out. Wait for it to come on to the market. Remember, a Rolex watch is a watch you can wear for life. You want the one that really suits your lifestyle.

Saying that, there are many people who own more than one Rolex watch. Rolex watches for men are very often collected, or are collector’s items. If you are considering entering the luxury watch market, remember your luxury watch, and in particular a gold Rolex, is an investment. You can choose to wear your Rolex watch - and we think you should - but you can also choose to put it away safely.

Rolex watches are such good watches, beautiful to look at, and of course, they serve a purpose. The Rolex Sea Dweller DeepSea has gone to great depths under the ocean, and continues to do so. They are the chosen watch for sportsmen and sportswomen, for adventurers and for explorers.

And they always look stylish.

When you see somebody wearing a Rolex sports watch, a man or a woman, you pretty much know that the wearer has ‘made it.’ So many politicians and hugely successful business people choose to wear Rolex watches. Athletes and celebrities wear Rolex watches. James Bond wears a Rolex! And you can wear a Rolex too. Buying a Rolex watch is not impossible and you just need to look at the Rolex watches for sale. You can find a Rolex in your price range, hopefully, and remember, it is a luxury watch for life. And it is a luxury watch that you can one day pass on to your children too.

There are probably more Rolex watches for men on the market, only because there is a much larger variety of male Rolex watches. Look for the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Men as a really gorgeous, stylish and luxurious Rolex, but also a wonderful gold Rolex that is affordable.

Some Rolex watch fanatics want new Rolexes, some want vintage. You do need to do a fair amount of research to find vintage Rolex watches for men but they can be found online and in specialist stores.

The thing with a Rolex watch is to always buy from a reputable dealer and to ensure that your Rolex watch comes with the right certificates and warranties. If you are considering a Rolex, remember this. A Rolex is a status symbol. It is a luxury watch, a magnificent watch and a super stylish watch. It is a watch that does put you on ‘another level’. It is a watch that people will always admire. But most importantly, a Rolex watch is a watch that will last you for a lifetime. And is a watch that can be in your family for generations to come.

Timetable about Rolex

Rolex, since its inception in 1908, has brought various innovative technological revolution to the wristwatch industry and is still evolving. Rolex, which is popular as a mechanical watch also in Japan, has value, functional beauty and reliability supported by the high technical force of skilled technicians is not found in other brands.

Stainless steel

904L stainless steel

Perpetual Movements

Rolex does not offer any parts or movement to other companies. Only Movement Panelai is the brand that was supplying it.

Crown Mark

The meaning of the crown mark which is a symbol of Rolex is said to be the hands of watchmakers.

Etymology of Rolex

Since the official opinion of Rolex is not announced, it can not still specify it

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