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Frederique Constant, a manufacturer of luxury watches, is Swiss made and hails from Geneva. Building its formation in 1988, the brand is relatively new in the world of watchmaking and has been taken over by Citizen Holdings of Tokyo, Japan in 2016. But before being owned by Citizen, the company belonged to Union Horlogere Holding B.V. The luxury watch brand is the brainchild of Peter Stas and Aletta Stas-Bax, a Dutch couple, who took inspiration from the names of their grandparents and set the name for the brand. In 2002, Aletta and her husband thought of expanding the watch group and thus took over Alpina Watches, the makers of Swiss sports watches. Owing to its classic horological smartwatches, Frederique Constant has risen to fame in a very short time. Over years, Frederique Constant has introduced many innovations to its watches and thus has managed to become a top priority for watch enthusiasts.

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About Frederique Constant

A relatively new name in the world of watchmaking, Frederique Constant has climbed the ladder of fame within just a few years. If you are a car rally enthusiast, you must have come across this watch brand since it has been one of the constant sponsors for car rallies all across the globe. Frederique Constant came into being only in 1988 saw success soon after its inception. The Dutch couple, Peter Stas and Aletta Stas-Bax combined the names of Frederique Schreiner and Constant Stas and gave rise to Frederique Constant, the maker of affordable and luxury watches. Watch enthusiasts hail this brand as the first manufacturer to feature an in-house Heart Beat movement. Frederique Constant is not as old in the game as its counterparts but has shown its expertise right from the beginning. With professional watchmakers under the canopy, the Swiss watch company has had a great sale in recent years. A Frederique Constant watch includes lots of effort on many people’s parts. It begins with an elaborate discussion on the marketing and sales and then shifts to the hands of the designers who look after the specifications and the movements. The company uses high-end technology to develop their watches and work together in giving a shape to the final vision.

Unique Features of Frederique Constant

The following are some of Frederique Constant’s unique features:

Silicon Escapement Wheel

One might argue that the escapement wheel is not original to Frederique Constant, but the brand certainly gets brownie points for introducing the silicon wheel. The silicone material makes it possible for the Frederique Constant watches to run without any interruption. The movement is not only precise but also needs no lubrication and is safe from getting damaged by external forces.

Heart Beat Movement

The brand began making its first batch of watches with the Heart Beat movement in 2001. This movement is characterized by a bridge and a wheel that balances one another from the front. Apart from this invention, Frederique Constant has also introduced 15 distinctive movements that have been beneficial in the world of watchmaking.

Unique Tourbillon

The tourbillon remains common across many watch brands. However, Frederique Constant gave rise to a unique silicon tourbillon in 2008 and took the world by storm. The silicon movement not only enables rapid oscillation but also gives a higher level of accuracy to the watches. This has been rather unique in comparison to other luxury watch brands in the market.

Frederique Constant’s Breakthrough Watch

The Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch belongs to the latest collection of hybrid smartwatches. This hybrid is both Android and iOS-friendly and obviously does not come at a cheap price. Get a detailed idea about the horological classics from the following points:

Comfort and Design

Just like the other watches of this brand, the horological smartwatch does not compromise with its beauty. The stainless steel watch plate has a rose gold plate and is complemented by a brown leather strap. The finish of these timepieces has luxury written all over it and makes the owner stand tall amid the crowd. The icons are small in size and are smartly hidden within the watch face. This feature indicates whether it is in sleep or activity tracking mode. Along with this, there is a crown that the owner cannot twist to adjust the time. The crown has been replaced by a button that makes the switching of tracking modes easy for the owner. The watch is also water-resistant for up to 50 meters.

Activity Tracking

The smartwatches do more than simply looking pretty on the wrist! It works as a fitness tracker with the help of in-built motion tracking sensors. The accelerometer not only counts the steps and measures the distance but also provides information on the estimated calorie burn. The Frederique Constant watch can track sleep, but that would require the owner to switch the modes from the insides of the crown. There is also an alert for inactivity which makes the watch buzz. However, one does not have any means to control the strength of this vibration. The step counting are pretty accurate and give almost exact information. If not anything groundbreaking, the horological smartwatch covers the basics pretty well.

The App

The MMT-365 smartphone app has to be there on your Android or iOS phone in order to regulate the Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch. The focal point displayed on the Home Screen takes note of your sleep tracking and activities. The crown has to be pressed accordingly to synchronize the data so that the hands are activated. The app also helps the owner to get interesting insights about the activities or the dream’s content during sleeping. It is needless to say that this feature provides more entertainment than information. The app is quite easy to use and often comes with some additional features as well.

Battery Life

The horological smartwatch excels in battery life, and Frederique Constant has designed the watch with such expertise that the owners do not have to worry about its battery for at least the next two years. The electric movement comes with the promise of twenty-five months’ worth of running battery. Due to this, there is no need for carrying around a charging dock everywhere. Swapping in a new battery is also hassle-free and can be done by just taking out the screws from the back.

Go for Frederique Constant Watches

Men and women have a wide range to choose from when it comes to Frederique Constant watches. The brand has been maintaining their heritage for many years now with its aim to reach out with luxury watches to the commoners at affordable ranges. Breaking away from the path of Swiss brands usually keeping their prices high, Frederique Constant has not only expanded its horizon but has also brought other brands under its wings. Frederique Constant watches with automatic movements will make you stand out in the crowd. Therefore, if you want a luxury watch without making a dent in your pocket, Frederique Constant is your stop.

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