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The name of Frederique Constant is associated with luxury watchmaking. Frederique Constant is based in Geneva and is currently owned by Citizen Holdings of Tokyo, Japan. Before being taken over, Frederique Constant was under Union Horlogerie Holding B.V. Even though relatively new in the field, it has grown stronger consistently. The brainchild of the Dutch couple Peter Stas and Aletta Stas-Bas, the brand was established in 1988. The couple thought of naming the company after their grandparents, Frédérique Schreiner and Constant Stas.

Since its birth, Frederique Constant has focused on making the finest quality watches and has succeeded in gaining popularity over the world. Their sale started increasing over the years, and the company recorded a huge annual turnover in 2011. When they thought of releasing the Manufacture series, little did they know about the craze it would bring among watch enthusiasts! In 2018, the Hybrid Manufacture, the world’s first-ever mechanical watch, was launched and took over the world by storm. The fusion of mechanical movement and smartwatch technology grabbed everyone’s attention instantly and took Frederique Constant to the zenith of instant popularity.

New Frederique Constant Manufacture Watches

All About Frederique Constant Manufacture Watches

Frederique Constant Manufacture: Every Watch Enthusiast’s Dream

Frederique Constant is widely known for its superlative artisanship. Proudly justifying the mark of being ‘Swiss Made’, the brand has made sure to be affordable to everyone. The combination of advanced technical movements and a low price range has worked in favor of the Frederique Constant watches. Founded not many years ago, Frederique Constant stands for the young watch enthusiasts and assembles amazing timepieces for the new generation. Even though the brand got its establishment in 1988, it required some time to come to everyone’s notice. Since then, it has managed to carve quite a niche in the world of watchmaking and has continued to produce timepieces with high-quality aesthetics and functionality. Available at an accessible price range, each Frederique Constant watch is loved by all since the models stand the test of time and showcase the example of the finest craftsmanship. The company has made its mark with the signature guilloche pattern on the dials. From the extraordinary blend of contrasting colors in the hour and second markers to the simplified functions on the inside, each timepiece speaks of the brand’s superlative essence.

Frederique Constant is one of those few brands that have brought the concept of hybrid timepieces. The smartwatches of Frederique Constant have gained massive popularity owing to a classic and chic analog appeal. While most luxury watch manufacturers have been in the game for more than a century, Frederique Constant has started late. Even then, it was quick to reach the top in just a few years. All Frederique Constant watches come from the brand’s headquarters in Geneva. The assembling of parts, determining the movement and looking after the quality control is done in the headquarters, and the result comes out in the best form! Lots of brainstorming goes into making one watch, and Frederique Constant lives up to its reputation always.

A Range of Frederique Constant Watches

Available for both men and women, Frederique Constant offers a wide range of watches. Below are some of its popular watches.

Classics Carree

Designed as an ode to the Art Deco movement, this timepiece speaks of sophistication through every orifice. The stainless steel case has a yellow PVD coating and the mother-of-pearl dial shows how minimalistic design appeals to the mass. The beige satin strap also adds to its beauty. The watch runs on a quartz movement, and the hour markers are studded with precious stones. The water-resistant Classics Carree has been winning hearts by accentuating a casual look.

Slimline Classics Automatic

Just as its name suggests, the watch is ultra-thin and has a sturdy stainless steel casing. The guilloche pattern of the silver dial gets a contrast from the yellow gold-plated steel case. With Roman hour numerals and Breguet-style hands, this Frederique Constant watch is everyone’s favorite and has been increasing the brand’s reputation for a long time. This automatic timepiece also has a sapphire crystal that protects it from scratches.

Vintage Rally Healey

Frederique Constant’s name has been associated with car rallies for long. This watch is a tribute to that partnership. This self-winding model is perfect for those who are car rally enthusiasts and want a part of that on the wrist. The stainless steel case comes in a size that is absolutely right for a sports watch, and the brown leather strap gives off a race-car driver vibe. Frederique Constant has showcased its sophistication in the form of giving a classic guilloche pattern and rose-gold hour indexes to the watch.

The Frederique Constant Manufacture Watches

Being a luxury watch brand, Frederique Constant still comes at a affordable price setting. However, it does not mean that their watches are manufactured with flimsy materials and stop working after a certain point in time. It is actually the total opposite.

The Manufacture series, from the Classic Manufacture to the Hybrid Manufacture, has swept over the world by storm right after its release. Featuring an automatic movement, the watches are classically-styled and stand by the needs of every individual. Frederique Constant has launched several Manufacture watches that would fulfill the owner’s desires. While the Frederique Constant Hybrid Manufacture is the epitome of luxury watches in the 21st century, the Frederique Constant Manufacture Worldtimer is the one to give the feel of encapsulating the entire world right within its dial. Since the brand has a reputation of offering complicated watch movements at a reasonable price range, the Manufacture watches have risen to be the right representation of this USP.

The Hybrid Manufacture for men follows the details of the brand’s aesthetics in its round case and blue dial. It has smart functions that allow the user to track his steps and monitor his sleeping cycle. The Flyback Chronograph Manufacture comes with an in-house caliber. The flyback feature makes it possible for the watch to run without rewinding. This sophisticated timepiece has a sapphire crystal for maximum protection. The Manufacture Worldtimer provides the owner with a feel of traveling around the world in style with its dial highlighting the design of the world map. The list of cities on the dial’s perimeter adds to the uniqueness, and watch enthusiasts and commoners alike show an equal liking for this Frederique Constant watch that carries the world inside.

Frederique Constant has become synonymous with reliable design, style, and value. Be it for a conservative sports watch or a classy dress watch, Frederique Constant has all under its wings for everyone’s satisfaction. Watch enthusiasts have always been of high opinion regarding Frederique Constant and feel great about their quality watches. Each piece comes with an impeccable design and is a testament to the brand’s intricate craftsmanship and detailed in-house movements. Investing in Frederique Constant Manufacture goes a long way as the timepiece is sure to withstand the test of time. Not only this, but wearing watches of this label heightens the owner’s status in the crowd. An amalgamation of the best designs and advanced technicalities, Frederique Constant watches grab everyone’s attention right on the first go. Thus, it can be safely said that Frederique Constant watches are symbols of luxury and long-lasting functionality.

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