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The German watch Glashütte Original may not be as famous as the other luxury brands, but its craftsmanship and spirits are definitely a good story to tell. Way back to 1845 when the first batch of watchmaking artisans arrived Glashütte, establishing an independent watchmaking industry in town that created masterpieces. The tradition inherits to today and makes Glashütte Original shines in the industry.

Theses German watches carry six core values of the brand, namely Excellence, Modernity, Originality, Tradition, Exclusivity and Beauty. They can all be experienced up close and personal when you wear one of them on your wrist. The excellent engineering, attractive designs together with innovations make Glashütte Original stands out from many other German watch brands.

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History of Glashütte Original Watches

The watch brand has been survived for over 100 years, beated the wave of quartz crisis. These all count on the unique and irresistible characteristic of Glashütte Original. The brand spirits ensure each timepiece from its factory are derived from its core values - excellence, modernity, originality, tradition, exclusivity and beauty. Innovation and flexibility are another advantages why the brand can inherit its genes to the modern world today. Glashütte’s creation asks for new things and tradition at the same time, producing glamorous and classic watches for both gentlemen and ladies.
To make the idea of timepiece design and production become real in life, Glashütte has paid every effort in bringing out the chemistry between watchmakers' traditional crafting skills and state-of-the-art watch manufacturing technologies. The skills of German watch engineering and manufacturing are famous in the world. They are the representatives of outstanding quality and strict demand. The artisans in Glashütte dedicated their passion in crafting a beautiful, perfect timepiece with extreme precision and irresistible elegance. Timepieces made by Glashütte Original are representing durability, reliability and stability. Glashütte Original also stresses on its originality and creativity. Every single part of each watch movement is produced in-house with the highest degree of production depth and the strictest standard for precision. Each year the brand make no more than a few hundred pieces of any given model, making its watches even more valuable.
Every luxury watch brands has its own characteristic to remember. If the five-stick crown is for Rolex, the swan-neck fine adjustment is for Glashütte. This iconic Glashütte swan-neck fine adjustment has over 100-year of history and has been used since 1888. an elegant and efficient instrument to regulate the rate of a watch, and a typical Glashütte feature.
There are five distinctive watch collections in the Glashütte Original catalogue, namely the Pano, Senator, Spezialist, Vintage and Ladies collections. Each of the collections interpret the brand’s values and spirits in very different ways to suit the needs of wearers while all of them demonstrates the high quality, precision and excellent craftsmanship of Glashütte Original. The Pano has playful and atypical designs with asymmetrical dial and contemporary visuals; The Senator focuses on elegance and functionality of the watch; The Spezialist offers watches with professional functions that perform well in specific areas like on land, at sea or even in the air; The Vintage is the representation of the art for the two dynamic decades in a contemporary way; The Ladies provides classic and feminine creations that are dedicated for women. Here let’s have a brief introduction of each collection.
Senator Collection
The senator collection brings the excellence of Glashütte to the greatest extent. The classically elegant timepieces in the collection demonstrates the historic roots of Glashütte Original. The timepieces combine German functionality and traditional design elements, together with an eye for detail, the collection has decent and brilliant watches like the fine silvery dial of the rose gold Senator Excellence features lasered indices and a matching railroad chapter ring, plus the sharp printed red minute numerals. All timepieces from this collection come with a certificate, proofing that the jewel on your hand has passed a 24-day in-house performance test, ensuring the best quality of Glashütte.
Pano Collection
Pano collection allows the manufacturer’s creativity to shine in the world. Characteristically asymmetrical dial visuals give the models in the Pano Collection an unmistakably contemporary look. Timepieces in the collection inherits the feature of the well-known Panorama Date Display.
The enlarged date display in the asymmetrical dial of the watch has now become a remarkable icon of the pano collection. The additional complications for these chronometers contribute variation of design on different dials, giving birth to models including Panograph, Panoreserve and Panomatic Luna, etc.
Spezialist Collection
Since the 19th century, timekeepers from Glashütte have been used in highly specific areas on land, at sea and in the air. Based on this rich heritage, Glashütte Original presents the spezialist collection. The premiere model in this new collection is the diver’s watch SeaQ. The models are specially designed for a combat of sports and diving. With an excellent precision in timing and the durability for shock proof, the timepiece is a perfect companion for diving in the deep sea. To qualify, the watches with the highest grade have a water proof of 30 bar and have a prevention from salt water corrosion.
Vintage Collection
The models in the vintage collection are contemporary interpretations of two dynamic decades whose ideals, music, architecture and design changed the world forever. The Sixties and Seventies models in the collection are the representation of cultures in two dynamic decades which have had great impacts to the world until today.
The vintage collection is famous for the colour of its dial, especially for the most attractive and popular orange and green design. The dial surface is made by the original tools and methods from the 60’s, echoing its “vintage” design concept. The iconic dial, together with the hands, anti-reflective sapphire crystal, Arabic numerals and diamond-cut indexes make up the style of the sixties.
Ladies Collection
Specially designed for elegant ladies, the ladies collection of Glashütte consists of Pavonina, Lady Serenade and PanoMatic Luna. The classic beauty of the German brand is redefined in a feminine way in this collection. Largely decorated by mother-of-pearl, jewels and diamonds, the timepiece in the lady collection is both a functional watch and a jewelry on a lady’s wrist.

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