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Glashütte Original is a traditional watch brand originated from German. Inheriting the long history of craftsmanship and spirits since 1845, the luxury watch brand has its own character in its timepieces that fancy lots of watch lovers.

The watch brand has been survived for over 100 years, beaten the wave of quartz crisis. These all count on the unique and irresistible characteristic of Glashütte. The brand spirits ensure each timepiece from its factory are derived from its core values - excellence, modernity, originality, tradition, exclusivity and beauty. Innovation and flexibility are another advantages why the brand can inherit its genes to the modern world today. Glashütte’s creation asks for new things and tradition at the same time, producing glamorous and classic watches for both gentlemen and ladies. Glashutte Original Seventies Chronograph Panaroma Date is one of the jewels of the brand.

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History of Glashütte Original Vintage Watches

Theses German watches carry six core values of the brand, namely Excellence, Modernity, Originality, Tradition, Exclusivity and Beauty. They can all be experienced up close and personal when you wear one of them on your wrist. The excellent engineering, attractive designs together with innovations make Glashütte Original stands out from many other German watch brands. Vintage collection is one of the collections that the brand is proud of.

The models in the vintage collection are contemporary interpretations of two dynamic decades whose ideals, music, architecture and design changed the world forever. Glashutte Original Seventies Chronograph Panaroma Date is a demonstration of all classical features of the Vintange Collection – functional sub-dials as a chronograph, the clear design of date window and a vintage alligator black leather strap. The Sixties and Seventies models in the collection are the representation of cultures in two dynamic decades which have had great impacts to the world until today. Among the two models in the vintage collection, Glashütte Original Sixties Orange and Glashütte Original Sixties Green catch the most attention.

The vintage collection is famous for the colour of its dial, especially for the most attractive and popular orange and green design. The dial surface is made by the original tools and methods from the 60’s, echoing its “vintage” design concept. The iconic dial, together with the hands, anti-reflective sapphire crystal, Arabic numerals and diamond-cut indexes make up the style of the sixties.

The timepieces in this collection are inspired by the designs and culture in two exciting periods – the sixties and the seventies. The Sixties models demonstrates the spirits of design in the sixties and reveals the art of Glashütte’s watchmaking skills, with a history of nearly two hundreds years. The collection became so popular when Glashütte launched the extraordinary green dial with a brilliant design that fascinated watch lovers all over the world. Later the brand also released another special colour of dial in this collection – the multi-faceted orange dial. The design is adopted in the Sixties model and the Sixties Panorama Date model. They feature unusual dégradé dials, representing the rapid change and development in the decade. The bold visionaries and creative idea in art, culture and society are still inspirations to many artists, designers and also the watchmakers at Glashütte Original nowadays.

The Sixties and Sixties Panorama Date with orange dials are very attractive to fashion lovers. Glashütte’s signature curvature, dial design, hands can all be found in these models. The design of Vintage Collection are very user-friendly - the anti-reflective sapphire crystal covering the dial, manually applied hour markers and the glowing hands under dark with Super-LumiNova. The style of vintage in this collection comes from the design of the dial. There is a radiance of golden yellow at the centre which gradually deepened to fiery orange. The color flows across the curved dial to the strong and masculine perimeter in black, demonstrating the energetic spirit of Glashütte. The famous dégradé effect to ensemble different hues together is the results of the dedicated hard work of artisans in the workshop of Glashütte Original.

They applied the technique to give the dial its golden yellow hue and then a series of layers in red and black lacquer, forming unique individual colour gradient in every single dial of the Vintage Collection. Along with the simple yet elegant Arabic numerals and / or diamond-cut indexes, forming an attractive dial design for the timepiece. When compared with the orange model, the green model is another jewel in the collection. With the imprint pattern on the dial, it is also varnished in green and black with the famous dégradé effect of Glashütte Original. The dial is also featured with white Arabic numerals, diamond-cut hour markers with luminous spots and hands partially covered with Super-LumiNova, forming a vintage and functional timepiece.

Of course, the unique dial colour is only one of the many characters in the collection, there is more for the Sixties to play with than colours. Even the surface structure of the dial has its own story to tell. Just like the name of this collection, the watchmakers inherit the skills back from the 60’s, including the low-relief pattern of the surface which is produced by original tools and methods in Pforzheim. After a long history of cross boarder cooperation for the dial making by Pforzheim for Glashütte, they have been integrated into Glashütte Original’s workshop since 2012, delivering promising and innovative dial designs for every piece of product.

The movement in the heart of each watch is also what the watch collectors care about. Glashütte Original developed and produced the movements in its own workshop to ensure quality and accuracy. The Sixties is hearted with the 39-52 automatic movements while the Sixties Panorama is hearted with the 39-47 automatic movements. They are either set in the 39mm or 42mm polished stainless steel case. To complete the vintage style, they both come with a brown alligator strap with pin-buckle closure. The two models are the masterpieces of Glashütte Original in 2019 and are limited for sale.

Inheriting the valuable and unique story of Glashutte Original, all models produced has a common iconic feature as a recognition. Every luxury watch brands has its own characteristic to remember. If the five-stick crown is for Rolex, the swan-neck fine adjustment is for Glashütte. This iconic Glashütte swan-neck fine adjustment has over 100-year of history and has been used since 1888. an elegant and efficient instrument to regulate the rate of a watch, and a typical Glashütte feature.

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