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The German watch Glashütte Original has a long history that carries the brand’s spirit. Watches by Glashütte Original carry six core values of the brand, namely Excellence, Modernity, Originality, Tradition, Exclusivity and Beauty. They can all be experienced up close and personal when you wear one of them on your wrist. The excellent engineering, attractive designs together with innovations make Glashütte Original stands out from many other German watch brands. Pano collection is one of the jewels to be introduced to watch lovers.

Every luxury watch brands has its own characteristic to remember. If the five-stick crown is for Rolex, the swan-neck fine adjustment is for Glashütte. This iconic Glashütte swan-neck fine adjustment has over 100-year of history and has been used since 1888. an elegant and efficient instrument to regulate the rate of a watch, and a typical Glashütte feature. Glashütte Pano collection is one of the series that fancy gentlemen, its Glashütte original straps are also another iconic characteristic of the brand.

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History of Glashütte Original Pano Watches

Glashütte Original is a world-famous brand with a long tradition. The five collections interpret the brand’s spirit in very different ways. The Pano, Senator, Spezialist, Vintage and Ladies collections all reflect the highest standards of construction, precision and aesthetics in the workshop of Glashütte.

Survived for more than 100 years, the brand was able to overcome the wave of quartz crisis and is still demonstrating its spirit to watch lovers today. These all count on the unique and irresistible characteristic of Glashütte. The brand spirits ensure each timepiece from its factory are derived from its core values - excellence, modernity, originality, tradition, exclusivity and beauty. Innovation and flexibility are another advantages why the brand can inherit its genes to the modern world today. Glashütte’s creation asks for new things and tradition at the same time, producing glamorous and classic watches for both gentlemen and ladies.

Pano collection combines the history of Glashütte and today’s creativity and innovation, giving birth to models with contemporary design. The asymmetrical dial visuals of Pano collection are the most eye catching characteristics, The aesthetics and technology of the brand together bring a sophisticated synthesis of tradition and modernity in the collection.

The beautiful moon phase on the dial is a pride of Glashütte Original among all the complications that they produced for timepieces. The moon phase represents the brand’s commitment for perfection, precision and beauty, all by the artisans working hard in its own dial manufacturing workshop in Pforzheim. Pano collection is the representative of the combination of complications’ beauty.

The Glashütte Original PanoMaticLunar has been launched since the early 2000s. The brand also launched a similar model, the PanoReserve, which is a hand-would timepiece. The two models soon become the icons of Glashütte Original after their birth because of its charming design and the mechanical integrity. On top of the practical functions and balanced, perfectly structured dial design, the beautiful moon face indication add a touch of elegance to the timepieces. Thanks to the sophisticated crafting skills by the brand’s own artisans in the manufacturing workshop, the models have exceptional dials with stunning shades. The blue dial reflects lights in various shades. This an advantage of galvanic treatments which a classical varnished or lacquered dial cannot offer. The dial colour is resulted from a galvanic process that must be tightly controlled to achieve the exact shade of blue desired. The dial submerged in the galvanic bath for a precise amount of time and voltage to avoid any minor change in the colour.  

The sub dials and moon phase indicator altogether bring a very recognizable deconstructed layout for the dial of PanoMaticLunar and PanoReserve. This iconic design of Glashütte Original is inspired by antique pocket waches and provides excellent legibility of every indications of the watch. The Glashütte Original PanoReserve and Glashutte Original PanoMaticLunar have a satin-brushed and polished red gold case, featuring the hour/minute and small second dials aligned along the vertical axis on the left side, and the characteristic Panorama Date presented in white numerals against a blue ground just below the 4 o’clock position. The moon phase display with a golden moon and stars immersed in the silvery blue sky at the 2 0’clock position, demonstrating the golden ratio of aestheticism.

Luminous highlights on the gold hands enhance legibility, ensuring its visibility even under dark condition. In 2019, the brand introduces new versions of its successful PanoMaticLunar and PanoReserve with special deep blue handmade dials framed by cases in red gold, creating another jewels for watch lovers to collect. PanoReserve has a similar dial design to PanoMaticLunar, but it has an additional fan-shape power reserve indicator at the 2 o’clock position.

To put the aestheticism of Saxon’s watch making to the greatest extent, the movement in the heart of the models are also distinctive and richly decorated. Inside the case, there are striped on the three-quarter plate, a skeletonized micro-rotor with a double G logo that emphasized the brand and a 21k gold weight. The models also feature the unique Glashütte Original’s Duplex Swan Neck Regulator. The calibre 90-02 for PanoMaticLunar is cased inside the watch. The 40mm case is paired with a polished and brushed stainless steel case and a crown with the brand logo. It is also fitted with a semi-gloss black alligator strap with a folding buckle.

The perfection of the dial of Glashütte Original’s new models relies on the brand’s in-house dial manufacturing workshop in Pforzheim. There are around 40 separate steps to produce the fine details and sophisticated finishing of each of the dial, reflecting the excellent watch craftsmanship in Germany. Strict standards applied on the production processes of dial colour, as well as the vinyl pattern on the sub-dials and the numerals of the Panorama Date display. The iconic moon phase has its special production procedures, too. Thw two gold moons are crafted using a diamond-tipped tool for the exact and beautiful convex form while the sky background is crafted by another round of galvanisation process.

Other than the two models, the collection also includes glashutte panomatic inverse, PanoGraph and PanoLunarTourbillon which have their own distinctive features.

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