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Launched in 1980 at Baselworld, Hublot is a Swiss watch manufacturing company. Ever since its inception, Hublot is recognized as the watchmaker that has perfected the art of fusion. From the beginning, Hublot has been producing high-quality luxury watches that stand out for their extravagant design and exquisite materials of manufacturing.

At Hublot, designing a watch is not something they do for a day or even two. The craftsmanship the Swiss watch brand uses involves creativity that bears inspiration from extensive research and staunch dedication. Since its aim is creating unique Hublot watches that are superlatively precise and distinctive in glamour.

New Hublot Watches

Hublot Ranking

Date Range:
Hublot Big Bang 411.NX.5179.RX
No. 1
Hublot Big Bang
Part of the revered Hublot chronograph line-up, Hublot Big Bang is encased in a tough Titanium case. The rugged alien look offered by titanium brush strokes on the case is well complimented by skeleton colour dial containing printed minute and hour tracks along with incrementing Arabic numerals. It features a transparent sapphire crystal with blue accents.
Hublot Classic Fusion 511.OX.1181.LR
No. 2
Hublot Classic Fusion
This elegant, royal Hublot classic fusion dons a beautiful rose Gold finish from case to bezel and the dial complements it with a classic matte black essence. The transparent 45mm case exhibits a sharp, bevelled edge finish, secured by ‘H’ type titanium screws. The bezel is non-rotating, fixed type, bearing a scratch resistant Sapphire crystal. The appliques, index hour markers and the hands are all polished solid 18 Karat gold. The strap is made from alligator leather.
Hublot Big Bang 411.JR.4901.RT
No. 3
Hublot Big Bang
This cosmic Hublot watch design rests in a beautiful Red Sapphire Crystal case. The smoked, transparent dial is surrounded by a fixed, red Sapphire crystal bezel with 6 ‘H’ shaped titanium screws. The crystal is scratch resistant sapphire. The hour marker with red luminous fill is accompanied by ‘Applique Style’ Arabic numeral index. The dial is surrounded by a sleek inner bezel flange that bears running hour and minute tracks with five minute incremental Arabic numerals.
Hublot Big Bang 411.OM.1180.RX
No. 4
Hublot Big Bang
This Hublot watch shines inside a brush finished 45mm, 18k rose gold case with a transparent back and polished edges. The fixed, black ceramic bezel bears a Satin finish and is secured by 6 ‘H’ shaped titanium screws. It touts a transparent dial composed of Sapphire crystal and bears ‘Applique’ style Arabic numerals in a brush finished rose gold tone and the index markers with luminous essence.

History of Hublot Watches

Hublot, one of the youngest of prestigious Swiss watch brands, began its journey back in the year 1980s. It was started by an Italian man named Carlo Crocco, who was acquainted with watchmaking tradition. He had earlier worked in his uncle’s company, Binda which was a popular Italian watch brand. However, Crocco had something else ruling his mind, thus instead of working in his uncle's company he chooses to start something on his own.

In in a bid to start his voyage for Hublot, Crocco left his family as well. His determination and quest to deliver innovations in watchmaking traditions made him attain a speedy and successful rise in his business. The company from its initial days has involved itself in the creation of highly unique and fascinating watches. The Hublot watches are completed with the technical precisions which come from Crocco's family expertise in watchmaking.

Crocco’s first watch was named as Hublot, meaning “porthole” in French, which received the acclaim by many watch enthusiasts across the world. This Hublot watch featured a gold case paired with a rubber bracelet. This unique fusion was an absolute novelty as the rubber strap was something that was completely unfamiliar at the time. For nearly three years Crocco invested over $1 million just to find the right type of strap - the one which would not fade, wear or crack, and would be able to deliver the perfect mix of functionality and comfort. Finally, the rubber formulated no cracks or stains and this formed the strap for Crocco’s “Hublot” watch. In order to eliminate the odor associated with rubber - a especially potent vanilla was used.

In 1980 Hublot watches were ready to be launched at Baselworld show. Whilst Hublot was not picked up wholly by the watchmaking community at this point, but fortunately, their advertising caught the attention from various members of the European royalty. The King of Greece, quickly followed by the King of Spain, then the King of Sweden and the Prince of Monaco - all opted to get bejeweled with the Hublot watches. And by now the Hublot had found its ultra-high-end niche. The designs by Hublot watches were sporty yet smart, as well as comfortable and stylish. With the porthole-case, black-dial, and black rubber strap they made the perfect option for the jet-set of the 1980s.

Moving on to the year 2004, this was the point in time when Hublot took a decisive step towards success. The marketing genius Jean-Claude Biver was appointed as the new CEO of the company. At the beginning itself he was awestruck by the inventiveness of the Hublot watch. He emphasized on the "Art of Fusion" with the future of Hublot. This partnership between Crocco and Biver helped in pitching the Hublot's success. Biver‘s role has been quite incremental in the debut of Hublot's flagship range, the Big Bang Chronograph.

With the launch of the Hublot Big Bang Chronograph, the company’s success was boosted. From this point onwards, Hublot witnessed an exemplary growth of his new watch company. Hublot became the first luxury watch manufacturer who dared to enter into a cooperation with the world of sports. Today Hublot is the official sports watch of various sports and football events such as Formula 1, Ferrari, Manchester United Football Club and the FIFA World Cup 2010.

Currently, Hublot boasts over 50 Boutiques worldwide, owing to one of the members of the elite watchmaking firms. Hublot modern watch collection houses not only the Hublot Big Bang, but it also includes the Hublot King Power, Hublot Big Bang rose gold, Hublot MP range, Hublot Tourbillion and more. The company's designs constantly challenge the new barriers, making a perfect choice for the ones who are searching for innovation, style, and creativity in watchmaking.

Now let’s take a dive into the famous models of Hublot Watches. Below is a list some of the most commonly seen Hublot sport watches in the marketplace.

Hublot Big Bang

The Hublot Big Bang was first released in the year 2005. This Big Bang watch is undeniably robust. However, its design has a refined elegance. Hublot Big Bang is available in 44mm case size with a ceramic bezel holding a highly legible woven carbon fiber dial and an ETA Caliber 4100 movement. The Hublot Big Bang watch has witnessed numerous variations in colors and materials over the years. But, the original design remains a firm favorite among all watch enthusiasts.

Hublot Classic Fusion

This is the simplified version of an immensely popular Big Bang watch and was first released in the year 2010.
Hublot Classic Fusion has a sober design with a less-crowded dial. Thus retaining the iconic porthole case design, the bold hour markers, and hands – makes the Hublot Big Bang just too appreciable. This Hublot watch is available in two case sizes, Hublot Classic Fusion 42mm and Hublot Classic Fusion 45mm, and are presented in either steel or red gold. You are also offered with a choice of selecting from either a matte dial with a gold or steel bezel or the sportier carbon fiber dial with a ceramic bezel.

Through this article, it is quite clear that with Hublot watches, tradition and innovation co-exist in clear proportions. They are eminently stylish offering extravagant designs. The Hublot watches price may vary from a mere $4,200 to a breathtaking $5 million. Thus if you are a watch freak then adding Hublot watches to your collection is a must choice.

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