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Big Bang is an exquisite watch model from the Swiss luxury watch brand - Hublot. The Hublot Big Bang collection was unveiled at Basel in 2005 and within a short span, this Hublot flagship collection received a lot of acclamation from watch enthusiasts all around the world. And today these Hublot Big Bang watches are counted among the most desired ones.
As the name suggests "Big Bang", this flagship watch collection by the renowned Swiss watch brand, Hublot, had a great impact and was a great success and celebration in the world of watchmaking. The Hublot Big Bang took the brand to new trajectories of success and accomplishments.

New Hublot Big Bang Watches

History of Hublot Big Bang Watches

The launch of this Big Bang watch collection enriched the history of Hublot by adding its success story. The Hublot Big Bang model was the result of imaginations of the company's former CEO Jean-Claude Biver, who took the reigns of the company in the year 2004. Blending together the avant-garde style and contemporary elements, the production of Hublot Big Bang centres around the concept of "the art of fusion", meaning the combination of bizarre materials. Within a short span, after its launch, the Big Bang registered for an unbelievable success for Hublot.

The Hublot Big Bang watch collection is said to carry inspiration from the brand's 1980's watch models. Encasing the same round bezel, exposed screws and rubber strap it carried all the features that were the trademarks of Hublot's original design. Moreover, the Big Bang's contemporary and extra large chronograph proved to be a perfect fusion of Hublot's iconic design touches and modern tastes. The Hublot Big Bang has also added to achievements of the brand by being awarded the title of Best Design at the Grand Prix d'Horologie de Geneve. After witnessing great success, Hublot decided to create unlikely materials that it was using as fusion in the Big Bang collection. It gradually evolved from combining to creating and as a result today it runs its own metallurgy department that houses some of them out of the world inventions like its premier "Magic Gold" which is a scratch proof 18-karat gold alloy.

The Influence of CEO Jean Claude Biver
When Jean Claude Biver took over the Hublot in the year 2004, it was witnessing an increased public interest. Biver was an experienced marketer who held a track record of reviving and boosting stagnant brands. He was the man behind the resurrection of Blancpain, a watch brand that ceased its operations in the year 1970s. With his unique approach and skilled mindset, Biver was successful in building Blancpain up again.

Even on joining Hublot, Biver moved on with the same mindset. His primary target for upbringing the Hublot was to induce innovation and modernisation in its timepieces. And no doubt, he even accomplished his goal in no time with the debut of Hublot Big Bang.

The Success Story of Big Bang Watch
Ever since its launch, the Big Bang has consistently undergone changes according to the Hublot's traditions. This flagship collection of Hublot was relaunched to deliver an exceptional experience of innovation in the realm of watchmaking. The Hublot Big Bang collection embodies unusual material like lightweight alloy made of magnesium and aluminium, impressive designs, and intricate movements to make unique timepieces. Additionally, Hublot Big Bang timepieces are bejewelled with an innovative scratch-resistant 18K gold alloy, which is also referred to as "Magic Gold" according to Hublot's dictionary. The Hublot Big Bang timepieces remain to play a fundamental role for Hublot as its flagship collection. And in order to commemorate the occasion of collection’s 10th anniversary in 2015, Hublot revealed three new models which included:

• the Hublot Big Bang Unico, bearing the propriety in house UNICO movement,
• the Hublot Big Bang Tourbillon- featuring a 5-Day Power Reserve Indicator,
• and a Big Bang version in Full Magic Gold- the Hublot Big Bang rose gold.

Additionally, Hublot has also launched its Big Bang "10 Years" Haute Joaillerie collection, which houses ten beautiful models under its head. Each of the timepieces from this collection is embedded with diamonds, sapphires and rubies.

This doesn’t end here, the Hublot Big Bang collection also includes some of the very beautiful and exceptional timepieces such as Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu, Hublot King Power, and the Hublot Big Bang Tourbillon Titanium. No doubt, still today the Big Bang occupies an integral position in the Hublot's catalogue. It is counted among one of the most sought after watches. In spite of traversing a long journey, Hublot Big Bang has lived up to its name. It became an instant success, scoring a hit with collectors and gathering the attention of many watch enthusiasts all across the globe.

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