IWC Ingenieur Watches

IWC is the abbreviation of Switzerland based renowned watch company. The IWC Ingenieur is related to the classical edition of IWC since the year 1945. This classic watch is highly different from other watch types being technologically different and aiming a different fraternity- scientists and technicians.

The association of IWC Ingenieur watch collection can be traced back to the year 1945. The Ingenieur watch by IWC has been different from other watches in technical specifications and the purposes that it is intended to serve with a differentiated target customer fraternity. The IWC Ingenieur back then was an entirely classical and innovative collection by the international watch company. In the year 1975, Gerald Genta lead to its recognition with a newer face. Either way, the IWC Ingenieur collection has always been aimed to facilitate the requirements and demands of scientists and technicians from their IWC watches.

New IWC Ingenieur Watches

History of IWC Ingenieur Watches

This IWC collection made available to them a mode of high precisions, a watch with antimagnetic properties and holding water resistance feature. Since the year 1950, scientists' watch and Ingenieur have been synonymous to each other. The scientists and technicians owing to their job type. Require precision and accuracy in certain timings along with the chronograph to be water resistant to keep it from any damage that might occur in the laboratory or on the field while being indulged in specific work.

In the year 1954, IWC Ingenieur came to the market under references 666A and 666AD. The latter featured calibre 8521 and another one, calibre 852. Both of these were designed and created under the directions and supervision of Albert Pellaton who was an international watch company's technical director since the year 1944.

The IWC chronograph was equipped with a pellaton winding system wherein the movement was inserted into a soft iron cage. The IWC watch movement ring, dial and the case back cover provided protection against magnetic fields ranging up to 80,000 amperes per meter.

Besides certain minute differences, the two referenced variants were almost the same. The 666AD had a mere add-up of a date window at 3, rest all basic features were exactly clone.

The logo on IWC Ingenieur dial proudly and highly announces that IWC Ingenieur defies a challenge besides being a classical watch. The newer IWC Ingenieur family brings familiar yet cleaner and new looking designs with itself.

Going back to the historical terminology behind IWC Ingenieur, this old French and medieval Latin related word explains to ‘one who makes or uses an engine'. This title exactly and appropriately explains the purpose that this IWC watch edition has been meant to serve since years of its launch. Internation Watch Company Ingenieur is truly an engineer watch. By engineer, scientists and technicians also hold positions under this head. Engineers are basically persons who design and construct and thereby require a precision providing watch.

The IWC Ingenieur well represents the technical design, practicality and craftsmanship of the engineers thereby suiting them in a way that no other watch does or can.

IWC Ingenieur chronograph is indeed an engineer watch with the features and specifications that it is designed with. The Ingenieur chronograph is International Watch Company's renowned product with a 69375 calibre movement along with a bidirectional paw winding system. The IWC engineer watch is also backed by a whopping 46-hour power reserve system. This IWC watch edition is also studded with yet another unique feature wherein the IWC watch is designed to measure and depict average speed achieved over a measured distance of 1000 metres.

Such features are aiding to the engineers and thereby help them in many ways possible. Providing the features and characteristics of a real and commendably designed watch makes it more appealing for the engineer and technician fraternity across the world.

The International Watch Company is on a drive to restyle and redesign earlier existing editions to relaunch them for meeting the fresh expectations and newer trends and technological advancements. Pertaining to the same drive, in 2013, IWC launched a number of refreshed IWC Ingenieur models in the market. These relaunched and reinvented models had it all from a simple straight-forward stainless steel IWC watch model to carbon versions. It was indeed a vast and applaudable edition launch.

With the aim of serving updated and up to date watch types in every sphere, IWC is committed to bringing to the customers latest trends and technological advancements while blending them with their age-old touch of classic and smartwatch collections.

Being an engineer watch in a true sense, International watch company's Ingenieur collection is indeed a must have for all the engineers, technicians and scientists.

The appropriate and attractive size of the dial, smooth and advanced movement types coupled with modern day watch engineering and fabulous designers, IWC Ingenieur is actual engineer watch and their lies no doubt in its reliability and advanced technology.

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