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IWC is known for its impeccable invention and highly skilled meticulously crafted timepieces, the IWC(International Watch Company) was founded in the year 1868. This Swiss luxury watch brand was incepted by an American engineer and watchmaker, Florentine Ariosto Jones. Ever since the start this legendary watch company was dedicated in the manufacturing of military watches, aviation watches, and sports watches.

Driving the inspiration from Portuguese seafarers audacious spirit, the IWC Portuguese collection meticulously combines the complications and elegant design aesthetics in its timepieces. Echoing IWC past tradition of watch manufacturing the IWC Portugieser are the classic watches highly admired by the watch lovers all across the world.

New IWC Portugieser Watches

History of IWC Portugieser Watches

Holding the long legacy of 150 years IWC occupies a special place in the hearts of watch connoisseurs. The IWC has been highly popular due to the quality and innovation that it has been consistently delivering to the watch world. Until today IWC stands still and occupies a top-notch position in the arena of watch manufacturing. Furthermore, the IWC watches are widely acclaimed due to their bold innovation and rich heritage. And one such impressive watch collection from this brand is the IWC Portugieser. The IWC Portuguese watches beckon the long traditions of brand’s watch manufacturing. They have remained hard stuck to their roots.

The origins of IWC Portuguese dates back to the end 1930s when two Portuguese businessmen Rodrigues and Teixeira, operating the watch industry visited the IWC headquarters in Schaffhausen. Their visit was a bright opportunity for the brand as they choose IWC for developing a large sized stainless steel watch which housed a movement to match the precision of a marine chronometer.

Thu IWC went on examining and finally to meet the highest level of precisions along with ensuring readibility company concluded on to use pocket watch movements. Thereby, as a result, they debuted the hunter-style IWC watch. Featuring the powerful 74-calibre bar movement in savonnette construction the crown of this watch was located at the right-hand side of the case unlike at top as in other watches. Encased in 43 mm case the first IWC Portugieser was quite massive as compared to other favoured watches of 1939. However, the first IWC Portuguese watches are the inspiration for current big-sized wristwatches of the brand. The key features of these earlier IWC Portuguese watches included streamlined dial with Arabic numerals, thin bezel, leaf-shaped hands and a large sub-dial located at 6 o'clock for the seconds' measurement. Nonetheless, even during that time, IWC offered a number of variations for dial, hands, and indices. Although in those years very few pieces of IWC Portugieser watches were sold which was very less as compared to the amount of production.

Observing this the production of IWC Portugieser was brought to reduction. But, fortunately, a bright fate was waiting ahead for the brand. A small incident of IWC watchmaker, Einstein, sported wearing IWC Portuguese watch reference 325 changed the watch's fate. When people present around him sported the IWC Portugieser watch they gathered and admired the watch's beauty while declaring it the uniquely beautiful IWC watch. Thus taking the inspiration from the same IWC revived manufacturing of Portuguese watches. On the eve of IWC's 125th-anniversary celebration the resurrected versions of Portuguese were introduced. Thereafter gaining momentum from this the Portuguese watches underwent many modifications and developments. Thus following same IWC released the twelve newer versions of IWC Portuguese models in the year 2015, on the eve of brand's 75th-anniversary celebrations.

The current revamped version of IWC Portuguese line skillfully combines contemporary design elements with artful complications. Though these IWC Portugieser watches have received various modifications their design aesthetics still hold fast to their traditions. During the presentation of the IWC Portuguese collection in 1939, many admirers of chronometric precision had already strongly approved of the stylistic elements that comprise the timeless IWC watch. The workmanship involved, a generously sized case, Arabic numerals, and the symmetrical dial are all characteristic design elements reminiscent to the1930’s collection. The current IWC Portuguese have narrowed the gap between vintage and contemporary models. To have an insight into the Portuguese watch collection let’s read further.

The IWC Portuguese Collection
Well to no doubt, the IWC Portuguese collection still convinces the watch connoisseurs with its precision, design, and mechanics. Featuring the strikingly large dial and round case the IWC Portuguese by far outperforms the other watches. With its exquisite precision and reliability, the Portuguese model distinctly stands out. The current IWC Portuguese collection houses a total of 38 models under its head. Out of them they the most popular ones are IWC Portuguese Chronograph IW371482, IWC Chronograph 3714, IWC Portuguese Yacht Club Automatic 811 A/AD and the Portuguese Automatic 2000 IW500001.

So when are buying your IWC Portugieser? Can't resist, aren't these IWC watches very enticing!! Whether you buy a new, used or vintage model, the Portuguese timepieces will surely catch the attention of onlookers. These handsome watches will definitely lend you a distinguished persona. Exuding the richness of traditions and innovation the IWC Portugieser chronograph watches are ideal companions for every occasion.

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