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Founded in the year 1833 by Antoine LeCoultre, the Jaeger LeCoultre is one of the most popular Swiss luxury watch manufacturers. Over the years, the brand has come up with innumerable watches – all designed to attain the perfect style and functionality.

One of the brand’s best selling watches is its Jaeger LeCoultre Master collection. The series of JLC Master collection upholds the timepieces that can be used on a daily basis. The JLC watches are equipped with functions like – alarm, time zones, automatic winding etc. What sets it apart from the crowd are attributes like its form, precision, and reliability.

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History of Jaeger LeCoultre Master Watches

The Jaeger LeCoultre is a renowned company known for its exceptional collection of Swiss luxury watches. The story of this brand began in the year 1883 when Antoine LeCoultre established his watch company in Le Sentier. This is the place where he invented his machine which functioned to cut watch pinions from steel and this is where he sharpened his skills to build high-quality watches.

Antoine LeCoultre has been a pioneer of many inventions. This includes the development of Millionometer which is the world’s most precise measuring instrument. Also, in the year 1847, he designed a keyless system which was used to rewind and set timepieces. He was awarded and recognized worldwide for his originations.

The Jaeger LeCoultre, since its beginning, has always been popular. It has successfully maintained its reputation in the world of watches by coming up with variant innovations, time after time. One such prominent collection by the brand is its Jaeger LeCoultre Master. The JLC Master collection holds a wide range of timepiece that has been built to perfection. It has been divided into various family lines and they all offer such a dynamic collection that it becomes tough for one to make a choice. The three popular models by JLC Master watches are – the Jaeger LeCoultre Master Grande Tradition, the Jaeger LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin and the Jaeger LeCoultre Master Control.

One of its most sought-after models is its Jaeger LeCoultre Master Control. This is amongst the series that reflects on classic forms of watchmaking. It can not only be distinguished because of its elegant style and design, but these watches hold the attributes of precision, reliability, and functionality. To ensure its long lasting and higher standards, these watches have undergone and passed through the entire stringent test.

The first JLC Master Control was launched in the year 1992, and since then, this family line has set a benchmark for quality standards amongst the world of fine watchmaking. Each individual timepiece of the JLC Masters has gone through tests in order to certify its precision, air pressure, shocks, magnetic fields, resistance to temperature and water resistance. Dissimilar to what the other luxury watches are tested with – the COSC tests – the JLC watches undergo “1000 Hours Control” test. It not only evaluates the various movements of the watch, but it also checks for reliability along with the entire functionality of all the intricate components.

The JLC Master Control series is renowned all over the world and has been popular amongst many actors and athletes. Let us now take a look at some of its models –

Jaeger LeCoultre Master Control
The Ref. 1548420 is one of the classic watches of the collection and is simply referred to as the Master Control. It is a synonym of elegance. The straps and bracelets of this luxury watch can be acquired in various forms depending on the taste of an individual. They are made available in simple and sleek stainless steel, the classic and traditional alligator leather and in the bold and luxurious rose gold. It has a distinct automatic movement due to the mechanism of its ceramic ball bearings as well as its component – the two support balance cock. It is just a starting line of the Master collection; however, the brand offers innumerable timepieces with a variety of complications.

Jaeger LeCoultre Master Ultra-Thin
The JLC Master Ultra Thin collection by the brand is one of the spotlights of the series. The mind-boggling fact about these UltraThin watches is the way how its hand wound movement has been fitted in a flat case. It is rightly referred to as thin watches as the case size of this Jaeger LeCoultre thin watch measures a slender height of 4.2 mm. Overall, the watch is simply enhanced due to its elegant design as well as its gleaming dimensions. Much modified functions can be found on its Jaeger LeCoultre Master Ultra-Thin Perpetual.

Jaeger LeCoultre Master Memovox
This particular collection was initially launched in the year 1956. One of the most sought-after timepieces is its Ref. 1418430 which is simply reminiscent of its original piece. This is most popular due to the fact that it is the very first Jaeger LeCoultre watch that was ever equipped with a functional alarm.

Jaeger LeCoultre Master Control Grand Reveil
Released in the year 1989, this exceptional timepiece holds all the required attributes such as a perpetual calendar, a 24-hour display, a moon phase display as well as an alarm function. It has been a while since the Grand Reveil has retired but this line holds the popular JLC Moonphase, which is a must-have for the watch enthusiasts.

Jaeger LeCoultre Master Control World Geographic
This JLC Master Control watch holds the feature of displaying two time zones. It allows the travelers to keep a note of the time of their current location as well as of the place they are traveling to. Now if you are looking for a masterpiece, then the Jaeger LeCoultre Master watch is a must have for your collection. With a wide range of options – it simply fits all occasions and apparels.

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