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Pierre Jaquet Droz began designing watches and clocks after mastering the art of timekeeping and acquiring a deep understanding of Horology. He crafted watches that were known for their precision and accuracy. When he established the brand Jaquet Droz, he rose to fame with his invention of automat; the Automata is deemed as the ancestor of current generation computers and offers precise calculations when it comes to time. The automata catapulted the brand to a prestigious position as it not only combined Jaquet Droz’s expertise with influential designs, but also incorporated music, which happened to be the soul of these machines.

After a long hiatus, Jaquet Droz returned to watchmaking field, with the Swatch Group acquiring it in 2000. Today, the brand aims to meet the aspirations of its clients with agility and cater to market demands. Famed for fine craftsmanship, Jaquet Droz Lady 8 watches are designed for women who value time and are confident of their sensual appeal.

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A Rich History of Jaquet Droz

The brand Jaquet Droz is known for being a visionary and staying ahead of its times. From understanding time, way before people acknowledged its existence, to creating pieces that showcase utmost precision, the brand is known to fulfill client needs satisfactorily.

Jaquet Droz started as a small company in La Chaux-de Fonds, a small city in Switzerland. Even today, Jaquet Droz still has its roots in this city. Jaquet Droz began visualizing pieces that could cater to the aspirations of its clients, uphold the unique precision abilities of a watch, and combine music with technology. Pierre Jaquet Droz was ahead of his times when it came to technology and design, which allowed the brand to enjoy a massive response and opulent clientele. The brand started with designing longcase grandfather clocks that introduced sophisticated movements, which were yet to be produced by any other brand. Jaquet Droz watches made their presence felt through the use of new principles and techniques. After Pierre’s son joined the company, they both took the brand to new heights, and capably served their clients with rich and experiential collections.

Designing the Automata

The strings of the automata combine cutting-edge timekeeping with the sheer pleasure that music offers and impressive new-age movements. It can be defined as the watchmaker’s watch. The journey to designing these timepieces was supported by the makers’ love for music and the desire to create unique yet intricate designs. The automata became an entire collection post that era, and today, many of the watches are designed using this principle. The makers designed three brilliant pieces based on this movement- The Writer, The Draughtsman and The Musician. All three are available for viewing at the Museum of Neuchâtel.

The new automata collection thrives on the original mechanics. The Bird Repeater, Parrot Repeater and Lady 8 Flowers are all part of this collection. The dial is hand-painted, which adds to the design experience, allowing the watches to stand out amidst the competition. Armed with the Automata, Jaquet Droz made a grand entry into the Royal Courts of Russia, the European markets as well as the houses of wealthy watch collectors. They impressed their clients with their knowledge of watchmaking and inspirational designs.

The Branding of Jaquet Droz

When Jaquet Droz watches first came into being, branding was an unknown concept. The engravings as well as the movements carried the client’s name, instead of the brand’s signature. However, there were subtle elements in the watches that expressed the brand’s authenticity and left behind their special signature.

At that time, Jaquet Droz watches came with two stars at the bottom to express their authenticity. This sign indicated that the collection was created by the father and son duo. The stars did not hold any religious significance and carried seven points, which were not a part of any customary religious symbol in those days. Apart from this, there was a cloverleaf inside every movement, which is now present in their logo. This was another sign of authenticity.

The brand even sold jeweled timepieces and was able to steal the thunder from most watchmakers of those times. When the Swatch Group acquired the brand, they retained the original movements and principles, while concentrating their efforts on the aesthetics. With impressive finishing and superior cases, they managed to revamp the market demand for Jaquet Droz watches.

Jaquet Droz Lady 8 Collection

The Lady 8 collection is a collection designed using Automata principles. It was launched in the year 2013, and quickly garnered fame owing to its signature eight-like dial shape. For the Lady 8 collection, Jaquet Droz expanded its presence to define a sculptural double loop, which made it all the more appealing. The watch cases for the collection formed a large circle, while the extensions formed a smaller circle, thus hinting at the eight-like shape. You can also see a small gemstone or pearl in the smaller dial, which makes these watch designs sophisticated.

After the initial launch, Jaquet Droz refined the automation mechanism with the Lady 8 edition. The Jaquet Droz Lady 8 price for petite watches starts from $35,000 while the Lady 8 Flower edition price begins at $84,000.

Lady 8 Flower

While staying true to the original automata movements with the dial and case, the Lady 8 flower introduces a new automation mechanism. It contains a small lotus flower along with the crystal and gemstone bead. The 2 o’clock pusher sets the automation in motion for these watches. The eight petals immediately start opening and closing, at the onset of the movement. The centre of the flower is adorned with a diamond or sapphire, which spins on the axis. This mechanical ballet, which is the basis of automata, lasts for eight seconds. The self-winding mechanism is used for these watches, and it offers a power reserve of up to 38 hours. While the movement is out of this world, the watch design is equally aesthetic and appealing. It speaks volumes about the brand and its adherence to beautiful creations. The watches are available in white as well as rose gold colors.

Lady 8 Petite

The Lady 8 collection was designed as a statement piece for the brand. And the Petite version is especially elegant and beautiful. It is more intimate and girlish than the others in this series. The vision of eight through the dial and the gem-setting enhance the automata movement. The gems used in this design are white or copper mother-of-pearl, which create an optical effect when they come in contact with light. The strap or bracelet for these pieces complements the case and the dial. The steel piece has double-wrap straps made of calf leather, while the red gold model comes with a single wrap alligator strap. While most brands choose Quartz movements for ladies’ watches, the Jaquet Droz Lady 8 collection banks on mechanical movements.

Keep up with Time with Jaquet Droz Lady 8 Watches

The Jaquet Droz Lady 8 watches are indeed inspirational and exude authenticity in terms of both movement and design. Mechanical to the core, you will not find another watch that depends on influential movements, specifically in the ladies’ watch segment. Inspired by automata mechanics, and boasting petite as well as glamorous designs, Jaquet Droz Lady 8 watches will add value to your timepiece collection.

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