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A passion for precision watches and clock-making led to the creation of the brand, Jaquet Droz, in 1721. Pierre-Jaquet Droz began learning the art and science of watchmaking from his ancestors, which piqued his interest in this niche. Between 1738 and 1747, Pierre-Jaquet immersed himself in innovating watchmaking, while keeping the core alive. In 1750, he had established his presence well enough in the watchmaking market. By 1758, the founders realized it was time to shift to newer markets. Their journey began with Spain, where they first delivered six huge clock pieces.

The brand was known for its beautiful amalgamation of clock-making and music. Their innovative pieces still attract many viewers in the Musée d’Art et d’Histoire of Neuchâtel in Switzerland. In fact, Jaquet Droz was the first to announce the presence of automata watches, which were way ahead of their times.

It was in 1789 that Jaquet Droz stormed the markets with singsong pieces and luxury watches. However, between 1791 and 2000, Jaquet Droz stayed silent and was hibernating. The Swatch brand re-announced its arrival with Grand Seconde watches. The Jaquet Droz SW collection came into being when the brand decided to go for a sporty look to gain an edge over competitors.

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All About Jaquet Droz SW Watches

Jaquet Droz: How it All Began

The first quarter of Jaquet Droz’s journey began and ended in 1721 and 1790 respectively. The father-son duo moved mountains to gain an impressive presence in the luxury markets between 1780 and 1790. However, the death of both father and son brought the brand to a standstill.

Jaquet Droz was founded owing to the deep interest showcased by Pierre-Jaquet Droz in watchmaking. Every other person in La Chaux-de-Fonds was into selling pocket watches along with farming to earn that extra penny. However, Pierre’s interest ran deeper; he committed himself to creating profound pieces. After learning everything about clocks and watches, he built the first warehouse to begin manufacturing movements and crafting fine Jaquet Droz watches, in 1738. Along with designing brilliant clocks, the band was also responsible for carving niche movements that gave them greater visibility.

Then, Jaquet Droz moved out of La Chaux to Spain in 1758 with six timepieces, each designed to meet a defining standard. With a thorough presentation and beautifully constructed watches, they struck the right chord with the monarch of Spain.

The Creation of Automata

After the Spain triumph, Pierre Jaquet concentrated on creating more exclusively designed pieces to match the unique needs of the target market. It was during this time that Jaquet Droz launched the special innovative range known as automata – it was an exclusive movement designed by the brand. This mechanism went on to become a part of many watches during that time.

Jaquet Droz also combined the owners’ unique love for music with watchmaking and jewelry designing to craft musically enabled pieces. Three humanoid automata that work on this principle, namely-the Writer, The Draughtsman and The Musician, are still present in the Musée d’Art et d’Histoire of Neuchâtel in Switzerland. These three pieces led to the creation of a new image for the brand and brought with it success and loads of new designs. Slowly, Jaquet Droz moved to newer markets and established new pieces. London and China were hotspots for watchmaking at that time and had a demand for luxury collections that were affordable and unique. Jaquet Droz watches met these criteria beautifully, and this resulted in more profits and better branding for Jaquet Droz.

During 1788, the golden year of Jaquet Droz, they headed three production and profit centers. They started exporting luxury watches with automata at its core to the newly acquired markets. They specialized in watches with musical mechanisms and automata. The idea was to deliver complicated mechanisms with ease and enhance the aesthetics as well as the functionality every time.

The Second Innings

Jaquet Droz went into hibernation when the father and son died, one after the other. From 1790 to 2000, there was no sign of the company or its existence. They had crafted the Grande Seconde and other such pieces during their peak. However, after the Swatch group came into being, they acquired Jaquet Droz, and the brand embarked on its second innings. Jaquet Droz launched its most exquisite and beautiful collection, a blast from the past, the Jaquet Droz Grand Seconde. This time, they recreated the functionality while redefining the aesthetics of the watches. The timepiece is unique as the dial is enameled around the part where the hour and minute hands meet at 12’o clock. The same thing happens at 6’o clock as well. After the warm reception of the Grande Seconde, the makers released yet another piece known as Eclipse. It came with eight stars on the dial. The company’s interest in heritage art, as well as precision designs, is evident in this piece. Recently, the company launched the Jaquet Droz SW collection, which is essentially a sports watch collection.

The Jaquet Droz SW Collection

This was launched as the sports edition watch collection. Recently Jaquet Droz added a ladies watch model to the watch collection too. So far, there are two classic models, one of which was the Jaquet Droz SW chronograph, which evoked interest among watch collectors and connoisseurs.

SW Chrono

It can be defined as the luxurious sports watch edition released by Jaquet Droz. Enclosed in a large and thick case of 45mm diameter, this piece is unlike any of the chronographs that you have ever seen in Jaquet Droz. It does have the impressive grooved chronograph pushers, and the lugs that define these pieces. However, you will notice a rather aggressive design associated with the watch, with the ribbon-like crown protector. Every inch of the watch design has masculinity written over it.

The timepiece comes with a double window date display with Roman numerals. When you pay close attention to the wristwatch and the accessories it contains, you will notice the depth and detail that has gone into designing this piece. It is unlike those Jaquet Droz watches we know, but it is still true to the soul of Jaquet Droz style.

SW Watch

Apart from the SW Chrono, you can also go for a pretty sporty and regular SW watch. The steel ceramic case used for this watch showcases the luxury in-built into this model. It comes with a good power reserve. The rhodium-plated hours and the super luminova at the tips illuminate this watch as well. This is one of the finest modern collections designed by the watchmakers and offers an edge to their vocal designs. They have also released the Jaquet Droz Grande Seconde SW watches as part of this edition.

Why Not Own a Jaquet Droz SW Watch?

If you want a watch that can be worn everywhere, from a cocktail party to the gym, get your hands on the perfectly tuned Jaquet Droz SW collection. The SW collection features timepieces with a sporty edge combined with luxurious designs. You will get your money’s true worth when you try them.

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