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The Belluna watches by Mido were launched as a part of a sustainable collection. These Mido watches are powered by the movement of your arms. Mido, since their inception, has created timepieces that combine art and functionality seamlessly. Founded by George G. Schaeren in Bienne, Mido produced automotive art-deco style pieces that resonated with the audience needs at that time. Mido continues to have expertise in cutting-edge technology and renowned movements that classify their watches under the luxury segment.

The brand has always used high-quality materials and the best processes to improve their mechanical movements and ensure the best possible customer experiences. Today, Mido has a presence across 70 countries and is a leading luxury watch brand under the Swatch group.

Since the 1930s, Mido has been producing scroll-free, highly functional, and resistant watches. They gave a tough competition to the likes of Ford, Bugatti, and others with their radiator grill shaped watch straps. They invented new technologies and movements, which ensured experiential watches, thereby increasing customer satisfaction. Mido’s Multifort edition was one of the most talked-about editions, which was released in 1934. Apart from producing watches with salient features, Mido is also renowned for its ad campaigns and branding elements. Every release or event is accompanied by the perfect branding materials that help the brand to stand out amongst other luxury watchmakers.

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All About Mido Belluna Watches

The Birth of Mido Watches

The birth of Mido was driven by a desire to produce aesthetic, functional and budget-friendly watches. The cost of a Mido watch, even today, is aligned with the regular price range, as compared to other luxury watches. You get a combination of high functionality, current technology and winning design at attractive prices, which is quite a catch.

So, if you are a watch enthusiast, you would know and appreciate these watches for the high quality, materials, and trendy designs they offer. Mido watches last long and are resistant to wear and tear. Currently, the brand produces watches that are COSC certified. This goes to show how the brand stands for superb quality.

When it comes to a brand like Mido, it is vital to understand the values that led to the creation and growth of this company. The company’s name exemplifies the importance of measurement in a watch. Innovation is the main premise of this brand. In 1920, a few years after they entered the world of watchmaking, Mido created a special edition for ladies. Along with this new edition, they also entered the automata markets, with their specialized and uniquely designed watches.

At a time when people were competing to close the gaps that existed in the market with niche watches, Mido designed a scroll free and functional piece. They also introduced new mechanisms, of which the cork-crown sealing mechanism grew to be quite popular.

At the same time, the company was slowly growing in the Automata niche, and its best-ever piece happened to be Multifort. It offered self-winding movement combined with resistance to shock and water. Eventually, the Multifort watch went on to become one of the fastest-selling timepieces for the brand.

In 1954, Mido introduced yet another winding system, the power-wind, which improved the power reserve, while reducing the component used in making watches. This led to the creation of new types of watches that would effectively stay charged and could operate for more than a few hours.

The period from 1950 to 1970 also saw the advent of a new edition known as the Mido Ocean Star. With this, the brand marked the beginning of a revolution through the use of a single shell case for the watches. This also ensured high resistance to water. For this watch particularly, the company combined the water-resistance technology with Aquadura crown sealing system, so that the watches could thrive in extreme conditions. Even today, you can see traces of Ocean Star in the recently designed and launched Commander watches by Mido.

Breaking the Barriers of Watchmaking

Nothing stood in Mido’s way as they continued to innovate and create path-breaking watch models. In 1967, the company launched the automatic watch edition for ladies. Eventually, they also released two new models that redefined how high-end tech can revamp watchmaking traditions. The Bodyguard was a watch that also acted as a personal assistant to the user, as it came with an internal security alarm system. The Worldtimer clock could indicate the local time for the particular zone and was easy to use.

Along with creating new pieces and, setting new benchmarks for innovation, the company was also working on its branding. Bjorn Borg became the company’s first spokesperson and the influencer in its target market.

The Belluna Collection

After being taken over by the Swatch Group, Mido refined its processes to deliver exceptionally designed watches. The Mido Belluna collection was launched in 2008, with the core purpose of becoming an exceptional dress watch, so that people could invest in one and wear it for every occasion. This also marked the era of affordable yet distinctly aesthetic designer watches. This edition also marked the 90th anniversary of the brand and was launched to celebrate the occasion. One look at these watches will convince you of their high quality, style and luxury quotient. They celebrate the designs as well as the aesthetics of a Swiss watch.

This particular watch collection has drawn inspirations from the art deco of the land, architecture as well as the highly influential landmarks in Switzerland. These watches also imbibe the much needed and highly efficient technical features, which are a must-have for automata watches.

Mido Belluna Gent

Advanced techniques have joined hands with the choicest materials and minimal components in this edition of Belluna watches. It is an ambitious collection and features various models. The Belluna Le Locle happens to be the latest edition in the men's watch collection. The creation of this watch edition also marks a tribute to the celebrated skyscraper Chrysler Building in New York. The steel metal frame embodies the famed building articulately. Apart from this, the steel case comes with geometrical forms, which marks the 1930s style. You will notice a half-moon shaped opening in the dial, which reveals the date at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock.

Mido Belluna Lady

The Belluna Lady’s collection is a real charmer in the world of Swiss watches as it combines style with quality. It is infused with beauty and laden with salient features and high-tech parameters, which makes the watches special and impressive. The designs draw inspiration from Swiss art deco. The watches also stand for women’s liberation and their claim to independence through their style and aesthetics. The indices in these watches are augmented with 12 diamond pieces. Plus, the timepieces are scratch-resistant too.

Stay ahead of Your Time with Mido Belluna Watches

If you love technology and fashionable watches that are laden with features, Mido Belluna is your go-to collection. It appeals to both male and female user groups, as it offers unique and personalized features for both. Every watch offers impressive value for money while being elegant and powerful.

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