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Mido, a luxury Swiss watchmaking company, has achieved heights in the last hundred years and has made a significant place for itself. Founded back in 1918, Mido has been providing everyone with satisfying timepieces and winning the hearts with their legendary watches. George G. Schaeren is considered the father of the brand. With his hard work and patience, Mido has risen to the top slowly for its mechanical and water-resistant watches. The name “Mido” is derived from the Spanish word “Yo Mido” that roughly translates to “I measure.” From color-enameled watches for women to art deco-styled pieces for men, Mido has poured in the most when it comes to innovation.

The Multifort collection was introduced in 1934, and it immediately took over the world by storm with its excellent self-winding automatic movement and anti-magnetic properties. Not only with the Multifort watches, but Mido has also come up with sturdy mainsprings in watches. During this time, Mido decided to use a robot for advertisement and instantly gained popularity. Currently, Mido falls under the top ten manufacturers of certified chronometers and records a huge annual turnover each year.


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New MIDO Multifort Watches


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All About Mido Multifort Watches

Mido Multifort: The Perfect Sleeper Watch

Mido has been in the game since 1918 and has continued to surprise the world with its path-breaking timepieces. Its rich history and portfolio can never be overlooked, and watch enthusiasts have specifically been considered the brand as one of the best producers of mechanical watches. Initially founded by George G. Schaeren, Mido is based in Le Locle, Switzerland. Mido’s Swiss watches have gained popularity owing to its water-resistant and anti-shock properties. Derived from the Spanish phrase “Yo Mido” (meaning “I Measure”), it can be rightly said that the name of the brand justifies its name by producing timepieces with utmost accuracy and precision. As they experimented with several unique features, still unknown in the world of watchmaking, and put those together in their models, the brand started to become everyone’s favorite.

In terms of accuracy and performance, Mido has never disappointed its patrons. With an impressive record, the brand has managed to secure a place in the topmost tiers of certified chronograph ranking. However, Mido did not achieve its grandeur over a night. Years of toiling and innovation has led it to where it is today. Take a look at Mido’s journey:

The 1920s - Two years after its birth, Mido announced a line of women’s watches that featured enameled cases of different colors. The art deco style for men also became famous around this time. These watches were seen to be in the form of radiator grills.

The 1930s and 40s - With the introduction of the Multifort, the brand became widely popular. This Swiss watch’s unique properties of shock and water-resistant not only made it an immediate star but also continues to be everyone’s favorite till today. Mido also introduced unbreakable mainsprings during this time and thought of using a robot for its advertising. They also attempted to manufacture a central-read chronograph. The 1960s and 70s - Mido introduced the Commander in 1959 and then proceeded to create the thinnest ladies’ watch after a few years. The brand shot to fame with the launch of the Aquadura Crown Sealing system in 1970.

Mido Watches

Mido ranks quite high in watchmaking, and its Swiss watches are affordable and elegant at the same time. With mechanical movements, a Mido watch gets its design from several architectural marvels around the world. The following are some of the best lines of the brand:

Mido All Dial Special Edition

Just as the name suggests, the watch has a thin bezel that provides a generous opening to the watch’s face. The center of the hand and the edges are in contrasting colors and complement the matte background. Mido claims that the design of this collection is largely inspired by Rome’s Colosseum. With an automatic movement and a power reserve, the Mido All Day Special Edition is quite a handsome watch.

Mido Baroncelli Heritage

The thinnest of the brand and one of the thinnest watches in the market, this series offers both men’s and women’s timepieces. The curves of the case have been inspired by the neoclassical architecture of Milan’s Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. The stainless steel case gives a polished look to the Mido watch, and the hour and minute hands are sandblasted and diamond-cut.

Mido Commander Chronograph

This collection is characterized by its masculine and sporty look. The dial’s nickel-plated indices remind one of the Eiffel Tower! Apart from featuring an automatic movement, the watches include a power reserve, as well as, a chronograph function. The Commander comes with a steel bracelet and a transparent caseback.

The Mido Multifort Collection

When Mido introduced the Multifort, little did they know about how it would gain a reputation in no time! While the vintage design of the watch takes one's breath away, the innovative technicalities make it stand the test of time. The Mido Multifort has an overall package that speaks volumes about the brand’s rich history. The collection comes with several case materials, strap options and dial colors. The brand describes the watch as a “casual-chic timepiece with a distinctly contemporary spirit”.

* Case and Design - The stainless steel case gives a rather retro look to the watch. One can choose from PVD-coated gold or polished steel, each of which comes with an aesthetic combination of colors. Apart from being water-resistant, this Swiss watch has a sapphire crystal that works in absorbing shock. The sporty yet classy look paves the way for the watch’s popularity.

* Movement - The automatic movement coupled with a resistance to water makes the watch a desired one for all. With a power reserve that goes up to several long hours, the models include minutes, central hours, hacking seconds and date. Such advanced features in a luxury watch normally come at a higher price, but the Mido Multifort makes an exception.

* Dial and Hands - The Mido Multifort has several dial colors that are in contrast with the background and enhance the matte finish. The hour and the minute hands come with a vintage syringe design that offers an intriguing look to the model.

Mido was the first to introduce the art-deco style to the world and incorporated the designs well in their watches. They showed how watches can be used as accessories and not merely for glancing at once in a while! The image of Mido took a huge leap after they introduced the Multifort in 1934. The appealing and affordable watches are hard to ignore, and one look at those makes people fall in love with them! Over the years, every innovation has added to their fame, thus providing them a prestigious rank in watchmaking. Mido watches are as compelling as Tissot or Hamilton watches and come with a blend of vintage and contemporary designs. The robust features of the watches make the way for a long-lasting impression, and the brand has succeeded in manufacturing one milestone after another since its inception. Owning a Mido watch will give you years of satisfaction and a sense of possessing something extremely valuable.

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