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In 1906, Montblanc came into existence when Alfred Nehemias and August Eberstein joined hands to create simple pens. The company gradually went on to become a luxury brand by creating exquisite pens and other high-end goods. After several successors and successful creations, Montblanc is now a part of the Richemont Group and into several limited-edition creations. Among the several luxury items the brand offers, Montblanc watches have earned a special place in the hearts of their audience. They entered the watch segment soon after they took on jewelry making.

Montblanc first started with a watch factory that they built in Le Locle, Switzerland. Incidentally, they also named a watch Meisterstuck (which translated to “a masterpiece” in English). The design, as well as the style, was inspired by a pen they had designed, which goes by the same name. By combining knowledge and passion, Montblanc carved a unique path for its reputation. Eventually, Montblanc became a tough contender for others in the luxury watch market.

Along with creating in-house movements, Montblanc also manufactures its watches. Each wristwatch is tested in stringent conditions to determine their strength and resistance. Experienced watchmakers are involved in developing these watches. The Montblanc Heritage watches are some of the brands best watches. The elegant yet bold designs have made Montblanc Heritage watches one of a kind.

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The Journey from Ink to Time

Montblanc started its journey in 1906 by creating simple yet aesthetic pens. Their first-ever luxury pen was the Rouge et Noir, which came into being in 1909, followed by the pen that gave birth to the brand’s name Montblanc. They created impressive writing instruments that struck a chord with the audience.

However, when Montblanc shifted from being just a pen manufacturer to a high-end luxury goods maker, they faced several questions. During their first-ever watch conference, Montblanc was asked where to add ink in the watches! Despite the comments, they won over the market with bold and aesthetic styles that impressed people. Eventually, Montblanc became associated with luxury watches and jewelry too. They even stole the market that belonged to Cartier and other jeweled watchmakers, as they incorporated freshness into their watchmaking.

To ensure that every movement and watch is manufactured in-house, Montblanc built a factory in Le Locle, Switzerland, the land of timepieces. For Montblanc, quality and precision were of great importance.

Reinventing Swiss Watchmaking Traditions with a Hint of Style

Montblanc had embraced Swiss watchmaking traditions and imbibed the styles in their watches. However, one can notice a hint of uniqueness in the timepieces, which are patented to the company and their ideas. To enhance their expertise and further their watchmaking journey, Montblanc acquired the Institut Minerva de Recherche en Haute Horlogerie. This led to the inclusion of handcrafted Swiss movements in their future designs.

Montblanc’s best creation MB R100 calibre was launched at the Salon de International de Haute Horlogerie in Geneva. This was a great development for the company, which had just about started their journey into watchmaking. With this, they developed movements and watches in-house. They incorporated this movement in the Nicolas Rieussec Monpusher Chronograph, named after the inventor of the chronograph, Nicolas Rieussec.

With every watch they crafted, Montblanc set the benchmark higher for their followers. For Montblanc, the quality was not just a need, but also what they stood for. They associated themselves with every standard defined in watchmaking to create ultimate and defining pieces for their audience. Their next piece Metamorphosis combined classic date regulator and monopusher Chronograph to give the watch two faces. In this case, the company managed to make 50 individual components to sync with each other, and derive this complicated yet essential movement for the watch.

Montblanc watches continued to evolve with time. The company combined the needs expressed by the users with existing movements to redefine watches and create fresh movements. The Exo Tourbillon Rattrapante, their most complicated watch design till date, included the split-second chronograph and four-minute Exo Tourbillon, which is a patent movement for Montblanc. From writing instruments to watchmaking, Montblanc powered its products with style and quality to break the clutter in the market.

Components and Designs of Montblanc

Every Montblanc watch comprises of carefully created and designed components. The merger with Minerva institute allowed the brand to gain access to some of the best and well-defined components, which allowed it to create unique styles and cutting-edge designs. They also managed to deliver quality and innovative products as a result of this combination.

Montblanc believes in testing every single piece that has been created in the factory. These watches undergo tough tests under duress to check their strength and resistance. The designers behind Montblanc creations spend hours designing, conceptualizing and building on insights to deliver strong and well-defined watches to their audiences.

Read on about the company’s Heritage Collection, which makes it stand out.

Montblanc Heritage Collection

The Montblanc Heritage watch collection was born from the idea of paying tribute to the classic Minerva timepieces created by Montblanc. These new pieces are inspired and influenced by the old watches, but they boast a unique style and handcrafted design.

These new models of the watches are carved inside 40mm and 42mm cases and are well-fitted with sapphire crystal glass boxes. Montblanc has kept the original neo-dandy style alive in the new watch series. These watches are available in novel colors such as British racing green, salmon and tobacco brown. Each watch comes with a two-tone décor, which helps it to stand out. The unique features of all the watches in this edition include dots such as indexes along with curved dauphine hands inside the dial.

The Pulsograph Limited Edition

It is a limited edition wherein only 100 pieces were crafted. It was a timepiece inspired by the doctor’s watch collection, which was specifically used to understand the heart rate. This watch was launched with a salmon-colored dial. A later model was launched with an 18k rose gold 40mm case. The pulsograph was inspired by the vintage styles and were believed to be trendy for the times. These Mont Blanc watches were designed using alligator straps.

The Heritage Monopusher Chronograph

The monopusher chronograph Montblanc Heritage watch was styled to be one of the finest models in this collection. It was a medium-priced model, which took the market by storm. It came with the latest chronograph design. It featured a domed salmon-colored dial combined with black rhodium coated Arabic numerals. The brand had incorporated dots for the indices within the dials, which appeared in grey. The minutes and hours hands were featured in blue steel baton.

The Heritage Automatic

This is the third watch in this series, which appeared in a green dial case. The dial was made of 18k yellow gold and the strap matched the case inside.

This was a unique color combination that helped the collection stand out, and redefine style. It also consisted of the patented indices and Arabic numerals. The style and the richness of the automatic watch made it a favorite with discerning watch lovers in no time.

Why Own a Montblanc Heritage Watch?

Montblanc watches are not just luxurious pieces, but they are also high-quality and efficient. Inspired by the needs of the audience, and influenced by current styles, each piece is adorned with the right colors and patterns. The Heritage Collection is especially classic and perfectly precise. If you like modern styles and vintage designs, then you should own a Montblanc Heritage watch undoubtedly.

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