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The Omega Constellation was first introduced in the year 1957 and since then it has brought in a series of achievements for Omega in the world of watchmaking. It is amongst the company's oldest watch models that have been innovated over the period of time. It is popularly known for its exquisite style, precision, and quality craftsmanship.

The Omega Constellation is an ideal luxury watch. It started with its “Pie Pan” Constellation which came out with the ref. 168010 and is amongst the most sought-after vintage models. This model simply initiated the success of the Constellation collection.

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History of Omega Constellation Watches

The timepieces by Constellation are simply known for their style, precision, and craftsmanship. The Pie Pan is admired because of its iconic shape which is a bit domed with twelve corners that are facing the hour-markers resembling an upturn pie pan. The Constellation models that were launched in the 50s and 60s were known to be exquisite due to their unique designs along with their intricate mechanical core.

The family line of Constellation serves as an example for excellent workmanship in its mechanics. The watches are equipped with the movements that are certified chronometers, hence they are capable of achieving an outstanding rate of accuracy. The bottom side of the Constellation’s cases holds the sign that reflects Omega’s demands for perfection when it comes to accuracy - the Geneva Observatory, which is surrounded by eight stars. This is also one of the reasons for the many triumphs that Omega has achieved at observatory competitions.

The Pie Pan watches are considered to be well renowned in the market nowadays and can be easily bought from the secondhand market at a pocket-friendly price.

Constellation Manhattan
The brand launched a series of special editions in the 1970s and it released on its popular model, Constellation Manhattan, in 1982. It came out with the ref. DD 398.0866 and was designed by Carol Didisheim. This brought in a new change in the brand's standard design as now the bezel was equipped with an eye-catching claw or also commonly known as the "Griffes" and this was placed right at the 3 o clock and the 9 o clock markers. The claws not only beautified the watch but also served the purpose of holding the sapphire crystal in place.

The initial models of Manhattan were built with extravagant and elegant design and consisted of quartz movement which during that period signified an innovative break with tradition. However, in the year 1985, the Constellation Manhattan was equipped with an automatic calibre which afterward was certified as a chronometer.

At present, this popular combination of tradition and modernity, the Constellation Manhattan family, has been embellished by various modifications and consists of special editions, yet the current models still conserve the elementary features of the very first Constellation Manhattan. This legendary prestige timepiece has also been carried by Mikhail Gorbachev, hence it is also tagged as the watch of Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

The latest versions of the Constellation bears a strong interest for the female clientele and these are the Omega watches for women. The brand relaunched this exclusive collection in the year 2009 which came out with new and revised designs. This particular collection grabbed the attention of many clientele from the new generation in a very short duration. The Hallmark of Omega Constellation – the five-pointed star can be found on the dial which is placed right on top of numeral 6. The claws or the "Griffes" are slightly modified which gives off an air of style and timelessness. The dials are introduced in pleasant colors including silver (ref., brown (Ref., rose gold with diamonds (Ref., white mother of pearl (Ref., champagne (Ref. and black (Ref.

The Omega ladies’ watches have a wide range of choices. They are presented in four different sizes of case consisting of 24 mm, 27 mm, 31 mm, and 35 mm and along with this, these watches can also be availed with different movements – either the Omega Co-Axial movement or the quartz movement.

Omega Globemaster
The Globemaster is the first to get certified by METAS as a standard practice. It carries the Omega calibre 8900/8901 along with a feature of magnetic field protection that can hold up to 15.000 Gauss. The movement of this watch can be marveled at through its scratch-proof sapphire crystal bottom. Its medallion has been engraved by eight symbolic stars that signify the eight steps that it went through for its METAS test. This test proved that it can rely upon its accuracy, power reserve, water resistance, as well as the magnetic resistance.

The design of the Globemaster has been inspired by its first Constellation models. It has a case size of 39 mm and features a pie pan dial. One of its distinctive characteristics is its fluted bezel with rounded edges. The Globemaster is made available in stainless steel, Sedna gold or classic gold with a silver dial. Thus the Omega watches have been curated using a wide range of material and designs of the dial - the reason behind its perfect aesthetics, making it the best for all sorts of customers. Hence, they are ideal for your watch collection and will be perfect for all your occasions.

Omega Top Models

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Omega Speedmaster Professional Chronograph

Omega was the first watch brand to make it to the moon on July 21, 1969. This was worn by Buzz Aldrin as he stepped out unto the moon’s surface during the Apollo 11 mission. The same Omega Moonwatch model was also brought along by Neil Armstrong though was left on the Lunar Module. Aldrin’s exact watch however was said to have been stolen along with other personal belongings upon his return. Fortunately, Armstrong’s Omega Speedmaster was saved and is now with Washington D.C.’s National Air and Space Museum.

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Omega Seamaster

Today, the Seamaster is popularly known as the James Bond watch. It first appeared on the wrist of Pierce Brosnan in 1995 when he starred Golden Eye. This was a Omega Seamaster Professional 300 model. The present day 007 Daniel Craig alternates between a Omega Seamaster Diver 300M and a Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M. This product line however is also associated with the 1971 Seamaster Ploprof design. It was initially water-resistant up to 600 meters though is now able to withstand depths of up to 1,200 meters.

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Omega Constellation

It has undergone some changes since 1952 though has maintained its elegant looks and extremely precise movements. The Omega Constellation came in gold and steel while the Constellation Deluxe appeared only in gold. It was the Constellation Grand Luxe however that provided a more refined look which had a gold and platinum finish. The collection eventually evolved into 1982’s Constellation Manhattan with its iconic four griffes which appeared to be holding the watch bezel in place.

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Omega De Ville

This was originally part of the Seamaster family in the 1960s before it eventually branched out into an independent line in 1967. Its simplicity and classic design aspects give a timeless quality to it. Omega combined this with modern elements to produce an award-winning watch collection. The Omega De Ville was given the Grand Prix Triomphe de l’Excellence Européenne as well as six “Golden Roses” during the Baden-Baden design awards in the 1970s.

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