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Omega watches started its journey in 1848. The 171 years old traditional watchmaking company has introduced a few remarkable watch pieces which have its impact on the history of the watchmaking. The company has its own brand value.

The Omega watches are not just watches, they are an art of watchmaking with various technology, best crystals, diamonds and many more. Since the foundation Omega has produced masterpieces one after the other. One of such prominent collection of such watches is the Omega Special. This collection has some most remarkable watches which has antique value as well as some are limited edition watches.

New Omega Omega Special Watches

History of Omega Special Watches

The inception of Omega watches was from 1848. Louis Brandt founded the small workshop from where the journey of Omega started. The first workshop was established in La Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland. In the year 1885, the company released its first mass production set of watches, the Labrador. In 1932 Omega signed one of the most notable partnership as the company was selected as the official timekeeper for Olympic Games in Los Angeles, USA. In the year 1948 Omega introduced the first edition of the most notable watch series the Seamaster. It marks the celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the company.

There is various watch collection of Omega and there are few which are worth to know about a few notable watches from the vast watch collection of Omega Specialities are listed below:

Omega 1957 Trilogy:-

Back in 1957, Omega came up with three new technology watches The Omega Seamaster 300, The Omega Railmaster and The Seamaster. In 2017 Omega planned to release Omega 1957 Trilogy which is a limited-edition watch set. It has a set of three watches which will mark 60th Anniversary of each model. This product can be bought both individually or all three in a single pack.

In this series, Omega has used Digital Technology to give the same dimension as well as the look of the watches to preserve the heritage of those 1957 watch models. The most notable watch among these three watches is the Omega Speedmaster 60th Anniversary limited edition watch. The watch was the first chronograph watch to use the tachymeter scale which is printed on the main dial of the watch this feature was done for the race car drivers. In the latest model to keep the look unchanged, this scale was used again. This watch is powered by the Omega 1861.

Another notable watch from the collection of 1957 trilogy is Omega Railmaster 2017. This watch is specially designed for the scientist and those who worked closely within the electric field. The watch has a double case anti-magnetic watch. It is a limited edition watch with only 557 pieces. This Omega watch is powered by Master Chronometer 8806 this can resist the watch from 15000 gausses. The chronometer comes with a warranty for four years.

The last watch from the Omega Special collection of the three classic watches is The Seamaster 2017. It is also limited to 557 pieces. It is a water resistant watch. It has got an interesting triangular design in hour marker. It has retained the crown mark on the top of the dial which signifies the mark of Water Resistant back then in 1957. It is powered by Master Chronometer  8806.

Omega is an internationally recognized watch brand and they had produced a collection of watches dedicated for Olympic Games. The Omega Olympic Watch are also limited edition watch and each watch marks notable Olympic memory which makes the watches more special. The latest of such watches from the Olympic collection is for PyeongChang winter Olympic 2018 Limited Edition watch.

This watch is unique and sleek and it is based on the current Aqua Terra 150M collection. Each Olympic collection watch is very famous for their looks and this watch comes up with a unique look with the “PYEONGCHANG 2018” written in five different colors and those colors represent the five-ring of Olympic games. It is written on the main dial of the watch. This Olympic Seamaster watch has a transparent back made of crystal which also includes the official logo of “Olympic Games PyeongChang 2018”. The watch has a unique limited-edition number engraved in the watch. This watch is powered by Master Co-Axial movement 8500 made of the stainless-steel body.

Another notable watch from the Olympic Collection is Steel on Rubber “PyeongChang 2018”. This is a limited edition watch with 2018 pieces. The dial of the watch has the color of the South Korea flag it also contains blue ceramic body along with a red rubber cover which covers the first fifteen minutes of the dial. It has a crystal transparent back along with the limited edition number engraved in the back. On the crystal back “PYEONGCHANG 2018” is engraved along with the official Olympic Game Logo.

The Omega Olympic Collection also 8 watches in total till now which are available in the market. It has “Rio Olympic 2016” collection. It is a Speedmaster adaptation watch. It is a limited edition watch and has 2016 pieces. This chronograph watch is made with gold, silver, and bronze which give a unique and special look to the watch.

Omega had released special edition watches for “Sochi 2014 Olympic Games”. This watch was produced to give tribute to the Seamaster watch. It is a water resistant watch up to 600 M to 60 bars.

These all are few notable watch collections from Omega Special Collection.


Omega Top Models

Knowledge Point
Omega Speedmaster Professional Chronograph

Omega was the first watch brand to make it to the moon on July 21, 1969. This was worn by Buzz Aldrin as he stepped out unto the moon’s surface during the Apollo 11 mission. The same Omega Moonwatch model was also brought along by Neil Armstrong though was left on the Lunar Module. Aldrin’s exact watch however was said to have been stolen along with other personal belongings upon his return. Fortunately, Armstrong’s Omega Speedmaster was saved and is now with Washington D.C.’s National Air and Space Museum.

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Omega Seamaster

Today, the Seamaster is popularly known as the James Bond watch. It first appeared on the wrist of Pierce Brosnan in 1995 when he starred Golden Eye. This was a Omega Seamaster Professional 300 model. The present day 007 Daniel Craig alternates between a Omega Seamaster Diver 300M and a Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M. This product line however is also associated with the 1971 Seamaster Ploprof design. It was initially water-resistant up to 600 meters though is now able to withstand depths of up to 1,200 meters.

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Omega Constellation

It has undergone some changes since 1952 though has maintained its elegant looks and extremely precise movements. The Omega Constellation came in gold and steel while the Constellation Deluxe appeared only in gold. It was the Constellation Grand Luxe however that provided a more refined look which had a gold and platinum finish. The collection eventually evolved into 1982’s Constellation Manhattan with its iconic four griffes which appeared to be holding the watch bezel in place.

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Omega De Ville

This was originally part of the Seamaster family in the 1960s before it eventually branched out into an independent line in 1967. Its simplicity and classic design aspects give a timeless quality to it. Omega combined this with modern elements to produce an award-winning watch collection. The Omega De Ville was given the Grand Prix Triomphe de l’Excellence Européenne as well as six “Golden Roses” during the Baden-Baden design awards in the 1970s.

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