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Omega Seamaster Watches

With a rich history and sleek design, the Omega Seamaster has always remained one of the favorites for the watch enthusiasts. Launched in the year 1948, the Omega Seamaster still maintains its position as the oldest model in the Omega present collection. It is an ideal Omega watch to suit all your missions.

Omega has released its remarkable models including the Seamaster Aqua Terra, Seamaster Planet Ocean, Omega Railmaster, and the Omega Seamaster 300 M models. The Seamaster 300 M second edition was launched in the 1960s which acquired a great amount of success and was supplied to the Royal Navy. The 2014 Omega Seamaster 300 model revived its existence and was equipped with the most advanced innovations that Omega has to offer.


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History of Omega Seamaster Watches

The brand Omega not only comprises of outstanding timepieces but also offers a fascinating history to go along with them. Omega was founded in the year 1848 by a 23 years old Louis Brandt who started a small watch business so as to assemble the components of the watch into its finished products. In the 1930s it collaborated with the S.S.I.H. (Société Suisse pour l'Industrie Horlogère) and later the Swatch Group evolved out of this cooperation. At present, Omega is the leader of this prestigious company.

The Omega Seamaster model of this brand sets its date back to 1948 and is popularly known as the "James Bond watch". These are the legends among the dive watches and are the oldest in the family line of Omega. The design of the original Seamaster watch can be traced back to 1932 when Omega debuted its Marine watch. This was first worn by Yves Le Prieur who is regarded as the “father of modern diving”, a French navy officer and inventor of the modern scuba mask and tank.

Initially, the Omega Seamaster was built keeping in mind the waterproof wristwatches that were made for the British military during World War II. What separates the Seamaster from its diving watches is its feature of O-ring gasket, which has been fixed so as to improve its water-resistance.

Omega turned to the submarines for its inspiration and came up with Omega Seamaster’s final design which included a resilient rubber gasket. This new case remained intact at depths up to 60 meters and temperature ranges between -40 degrees and 50 degrees Celsius.

The engineers of Omega were confident of the Seamaster’s durability and to check this factor they attached one of the watches to the outside of an aircraft which flew it over the North Pole in 1956.
The Seamaster offers a wide range of watches, let’s take a peek at some of its popular family members: Omega Seamaster 300

In 1957, Omega released its remarkable models including the Omega Speedmaster, Omega Railmaster, and the Omega Seamaster 300M (Ref. CK2913). The Seamaster 300M’s second edition was launched in the 1960s which acquired a great amount of success and was supplied to the Royal Navy. The 2014 Seamaster 300 model revived its existence and was equipped with the most advanced innovations that Omega has to offer. It came with a scratch-proof sapphire crystal that arches above the Omega watch face and is made water resistant up to 300 meters.

One of its signature models is its Omega Seamaster With the familiar wave pattern, the dial of this Omega watch also consists of laser cut with beautiful precision. The details of this watch have been brought out perfectly and is an apt choice which will go with all the occasions.

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra
This James Bond watch is considered to be a solid dive watch and is equipped with anti-magnetic features. The models of this line perfectly reflect fine craftsmanship and classy design. They are one of Omega's most popular wristwatches. The Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra comprises of sporty and elegant design which is perfect to simply turn heads. With the top-notch technology of this Omega watch, it really makes it up to be an all-around success.

One of the renowned models of this family line is its Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra >15,000 Gauss which exhibits a cutting-edge mechanism. Equipped with a co-axial caliber 8508, it holds the strength to withstand magnetic fields up to 15,000 Gauss, thus ensures that it will endure in situations where regular watches would quickly be impaired by magnetic fields.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean
Along with its extraordinary waterproof capabilities, this model consists of a versatile and classy appearance. The famous Omega Planet Ocean takes its inspiration from the very first version of the Omega Seamaster. First released in the year 2005, the Omega Planet Ocean takes forward the company's tradition of dive watches through the combination of modern technology and contemporary design. It is considered to be a modern classic and is equipped with technical finesse. The Omega watch is watertight up to 600 metres and is armed with an ingenious helium release valve whereas its Omega movement features a patented co-axial escapement.

The cases of the newer Omega models are equipped with a transparent sapphire crystal bottom. This is one of the features that is very unusual for an Omega dive watch, which makes it all the more stunning nonetheless. With the waves of change this Omega watch has encountered, it has turned out to be one of the best Omega watches that exist to meet all the diving needs that you may have in mind. However, given the transformation that the Omega watch has seen, it has become very clear that even though you are away from the sea – it becomes a part of you because of the feeling that the Omega Seamaster is capable of rendering.

Omega Top Models

Omega Speedmaster Professional Chronograph

Omega was the first watch brand to make it to the moon on July 21, 1969. This was worn by Buzz Aldrin as he stepped out unto the moon’s surface during the Apollo 11 mission. The same Omega Moonwatch model was also brought along by Neil Armstrong though was left on the Lunar Module. Aldrin’s exact watch however was said to have been stolen along with other personal belongings upon his return. Fortunately, Armstrong’s Omega Speedmaster was saved and is now with Washington D.C.’s National Air and Space Museum.

Omega Seamaster

Today, the Seamaster is popularly known as the James Bond watch. It first appeared on the wrist of Pierce Brosnan in 1995 when he starred Golden Eye. This was a Omega Seamaster Professional 300 model. The present day 007 Daniel Craig alternates between a Omega Seamaster Diver 300M and a Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M. This product line however is also associated with the 1971 Seamaster Ploprof design. It was initially water-resistant up to 600 meters though is now able to withstand depths of up to 1,200 meters.

Omega Constellation

It has undergone some changes since 1952 though has maintained its elegant looks and extremely precise movements. The Omega Constellation came in gold and steel while the Constellation Deluxe appeared only in gold. It was the Constellation Grand Luxe however that provided a more refined look which had a gold and platinum finish. The collection eventually evolved into 1982’s Constellation Manhattan with its iconic four griffes which appeared to be holding the watch bezel in place.

Omega De Ville

This was originally part of the Seamaster family in the 1960s before it eventually branched out into an independent line in 1967. Its simplicity and classic design aspects give a timeless quality to it. Omega combined this with modern elements to produce an award-winning watch collection. The Omega De Ville was given the Grand Prix Triomphe de l’Excellence Européenne as well as six “Golden Roses” during the Baden-Baden design awards in the 1970s.

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