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The brand which has survived through World War II – the Orient is regarded as one of the oldest watch brands in the world of watches. First founded in the year 1901, the Orient watch company then was just into importing pocket watches. It was in the later years, after the World War, that it was re-established and registered its name as the Orient Watch Company Limited.

One of the two lines by Orient is tagged as the Orient Classic watches. This particular series is a combination of classic styling along with the latest structure and engineering. The Orient Classic watch upholds its elegant timepieces with a state-of-the-art mechanism.

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History of Orient Classic Watches

Founded in the year 1901 by Shogoro Yoshida, the brand was initially involved in the business of importing pocket watches. It all began when Yoshida decided to open a watch shop in Ueno, Tokyo, Japan with the sole purpose of selling the imported timepieces.

The company actually started manufacturing its own timepieces in the year 1934, but before then in 1912 the brand used to create gold clock cases. In the year 1920, it established a factory naming it – Toyo Tokei Manufacturing where it produced its clocks.

After it got involved in its own manufacturing, the company was then moved to Hino in a couple of years. Although they had to shut it down due to the great impact which was caused by the World War II, but with everything it had, it returned to the production of watches in the year 1950 and named its company as Tama Keiki Co. Ltd.

Just a year later, the name of the company was changed to Orient Watch Company Limited and in the same year, they released their Orient Star Collection which, till this date, is one of the most sought-after Orient watches. And then began the expansion of this company, both in terms of production as well as sales. China was its first target when it started with its international sales, followed by the rest of the countries.

One of the main focuses of Orient has always been towards mechanical watches. Until the year 2009, the Orient brand survived on its own, but since then it has become a subsidiary of Seiko Epson. Although Orient, till this date, does operate as an independent watch company.

Orient watch company is regarded as one of the largest producers of mechanical watches to exist in Japan. They are quite popular as they believe in manufacturing their own watch components including their in-house movements. Since many years it has been into the production of modern movements and in many cases, it has also licensed some of the companies, like Seiko, in order to attain mass production. One such example of this is their renowned Orient 46 movement which, till present, is one of the mainstream automatic movements by the company.

One of the outstanding innovations by the Orient brand is its power reserve indicator which it usually displays in many of its watches. The Orient watch company is also very fond of its retrograde indicators which indicates a pointer that moves along an arch rather than completing a rotation of 360 degrees.

The Orient watches has been offered in a diverse range. The entire collection has been divided into three categories – classic, contemporary and sports. These lines hold quite a variation in their design as well as functionality. Whereas the Orient Automatic watches are mostly desired despite if their ageing and simple movements.

The Orient Classic collection has been named so because of a reason – it offers its most classic and elegant watches. It is very popular amongst the watch lovers for its character and rich detail. Whereas the Orient Contemporary collection features quality along with modern design.

Furthermore, this series offers elegance and simplicity which is ideal for any occasion. Last but not least, the Orient Sports assortment is made exclusively for the fitness freaks. It has been build in such a manner that it will keep up with your day to day fitness and its form and function, combined together offers the most attractive design.

Now let’s take a look at some of its models from the Classic line - Orient Classic Day and Date: This particular classic watch has been equipped with automatic movements and comes in a case size of 41 mm. One of its most sought-after Orient watches has been presented in a brown dial. This watch actually showcases a gold-toned stainless steel case and has been placed on a brown leather strap. With extreme simplicity, the dial of the Orient watch displays a date window at its 3 o’clock marker and has a day window at its 12 o’clock.

Orient Classic Sun and Moon: The classic Sun and Moon Orient watch display the sun & moon complication. The dial of the moonphase watch consists of two sub-dials out of which one displays the day. A date window has been placed at its 6 o clock marker and the Orient dress watch looks so subtle and elegant in its 41 mm case size that one can't simply resist its beauty.

These Orient classic men's watches are simply irresistible. They hold perfect design, style and functions – which are like the only requirements to fulfil one's definition of a perfect watch. These Orient watches look pretty classic on the wrists plus they go so well with all apparels that one cannot refuse to turn back and take a look at it. The Orient Classic line is simply drool-worthy and is sure to fill you with compliments.

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