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Founded as an independent company, the History of Orient can be traced back to the year 1901. The Orient Watch Company is regarded as one of the oldest watch brands in the world of watches. It started its journey by selling pocket watches, and today this renowned Japanese watch brand is popularly known for its manufacturing of mechanical watches as well as movements. The Orient Star collection is one of the most distinguished watches by the brand.

This exquisite timepiece is equipped with exceptional quality, craftsmanship and elegant simplicity. Launched in the year 1951, the Orient Star was released in the same year when the brand registered its name as ‘Orient Watch Company Limited’.

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History of Orient Star Watches

The Orient is that one brand which, since its beginning, has always aimed its attention towards manufacturing of high-quality watches.

The history of the Orient brand can be traced back to the year 1901 when Shogoro Yoshida founded a wholesale store in Ueno, Tokyo, and named it "Yoshida Watch Shop". The company then focused on selling pocketwatches, which is used to import from other countries. Yoshida started contributing to the watchmaking industry in the year 1912 when it began manufacturing gold watch cases, but it originated his business, full-fledged, in 1934 with the production of wristwatches.

For many years, this brand came up with several watches, until 1949, when it had to shut down due to poor Japanese economy in World War II. The company was reborn in the year 1950 and was re-established using the name Tama Keiki Company. Although a year later, in 1951, it registered itself under the name Orient Watch Company, Limited, and thus began the journey of this renowned brand. It was now able to expand its production of watches as well as sales.

As you can see, the Orient brand has survived through an actual war, hence it brings out the same qualities when it comes to Orient watches – bold, tough, and strong.

The Orient Star watch was actually released in the same year when the brand registered its name, in 1951. This selection displays an exquisite style along with the feature of meticulous timekeeping.

The Orient Star collection was launched with the original mechanical movement and was introduced as their “true star” product. The Orient Star watch displayed a small case and highlighted its simple yet attractive dial. It can be easily spotted because of its distinct blue hands which went well along with fine lines present on its small second hands.

The Orient Star line can be categorized into two types – classic and contemporary. The classic collection offers a beautifully finished movement along with detailed design. It is a perfect blend of elegance and flair. Some of its timepieces look so simple yet, through its design, it reflects luxury. On the other hand, the contemporary line is equipped with the idea of versatility. The Orient Star watch has been built in such a manner that it can survive in any kind of environment, hence it looks fitting in a variety of settings.

Let’s now take a look at the timeline of this renowned Star collection - 1951 – Launch of Orient Star.

1957 – Launch of Orient Star Dynamic – a vintage timepiece with hand winding movement.

2009 – Launch of Orient Star Retro-Future Road Bike – an orient automatic watch which is also regarded as the Open Heart watch due to its design. The watch displays a crankset at its 3 o clock marker and has a single speed freewheel at its 12 o clock. The bracelet of this particular watch resembles the chain of a bike whereas its smooth bezel is a duplicate of a bicycle's rim.

2010 – Launch of Orient Star GMT – one of the most affordable GMTs which displays a mesmerizing dial along with incredible details.

2013 – Launch of Orient Star Vintage Skeleton Limited Edition – one of the rare watches by Orient which is a series of quality automatic watches. The production of this timepiece was limited to just 1000 pieces and was released in two variations. One showcases a case made of gold plated stainless steel along with a champagne dial which was placed on a dark brown leather strap. Whereas the second model was presented with a stainless steel case along with an ivory dial on a black leather strap.

2015 – Launch of Orient Star Modern Skeleton and Orient Star Titanium.

2016 – Launch of Orient Star World Time – which displays an incredible clarity and thoughtful design. This Orient Star men's watch holds the feature of displaying world time and has been equipped with glass sapphire crystal with an anti-reflection coating.

One of the oldest brands which have literally survived through a World War – the Orient – is simply a reliable watch which offers accuracy, style and classicism. As you can see, the company is way more than just a watch brand, it offers timepieces which are simply unbeatable. From mechanical watches to automatic, and from open heart to skeleton watches, the Orient watches has got it all.

Now if you are looking for some dress watches, go ahead and shop your ideal timepiece from the Orient collection. With its vibrant assortment, one cannot simply deny this offer, plus the selection has been made so perfect that it suits the requirements of each individual. Whether you are off to work or a classy party, make Orient your partner to star through your everyday events.

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