TAG Heuer CONNECTED Quartz Men's Watch SBG8A12.BT6219 GOVLVV19
SBG8A12.BT6219 GOVLVV19 TAG Heuer CONNECTED Quartz Men's Watch
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Detailed Description
【Details】The item has minimal signs of wear with good condition and has a beautiful exterior without any big scratches. The bracelet's length is around 16 -16.5cm. All functions work properly.

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Other types of TAG Heuer

State Rank Table
  • NewCompletely new product from dealer. Perfect condition and never worn.
  • UnusedThe item has never been used/worn and in mint condition. No scratches on the exterior.
  • SAThe item has no relevant signs of wear or very light signs of wear.
  • AThe item has minimal signs of wear with good condition and has a beautiful exterior without any big scratches.
  • ABThe item has subtle signs of wear and shows that it has been treated carefully in the past.
  • BThe item has clear signs of normal wear. It might have have moderate stretch between the links.
  • BCThe item has significant signs of wear that nicks and dings might be present.
  • CThe item has heavy signs of wear that there is outstanding scratches or dirt.
  • SalvageThe item has heavy signs of wear.Functions may or may not work properly. Service and repair needed.
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Selling price
¥189,899 (tax incl.)
¥172,636 (Tax Free)