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It was 1860 when TAG Heuer first forayed into the watch segment. Renowned for its technical innovations and family leadership, TAG Heuer then went on to carve a special niche for itself. The first TAG Heuer timepiece was a pocket watch that marked its entry into the watch market. Nine years later, they patented a winding system, which redefined the whole watchmaking tradition. TAG Heuer created masterpieces and improvised their innovations to enhance their watchmaking abilities and better the wearer’s experience.

Their next watch was the Chronograph, which came with a start-stop push-button. It was an amazing innovation for that era. As the world kept evolving around TAG Heuer, their watchmaking style kept changing too. That is because there was an increased demand for precision around the 20th century in almost all industries. And TAG Heuer rose to meet this demand with critical technological innovations.

They introduced the Heuer Autavia stopwatch in 1933, just when the need for precision reached its peak. Later, they reintroduced this concept with a Chronograph to establish their understanding of accuracy. Right from the time it was introduced, the watch became a classic piece. Every new Autavia watch was technologically advanced and boasted the unique design capabilities of the company. TAG Heuer not only introduced a second-generation Autavia watch, but also launched a special edition.

New TAG Heuer Autavia Watches

All About TAG Heuer Autavia Watches

The TAG Heuer Journey

The Swiss watch company -- TAG Heuer -- embarked on its impressive journey in 1860. The journey has been quite an impressive and experiential one. TAG Heuer started with pocket watches and graduated to chronographs in a few years. They patented their first-ever chronograph in 1882. Five years later, in 1887, the patented their oscillating pinion movement, which was an important aspect of their mechanical chronographs.

They were not only perfecting their watchmaking abilities, but also enhancing their understanding of consumers. In the early 20th century, they received a patent for their dashboard chronograph “Time of Trip”, which was specifically designed for automobiles and aircraft. Apart from the regular features, this watch also showcased the duration of the trip.

A few years later, they introduced the wrist chronograph to their collection of Swiss watches, followed by the introduction of Mikorgraph, the first stopwatch with an accuracy of 1/100th of a second. They established the accuracy of 1/50 of a second with the semikrograph.

The aviation as well as the automobile segment needed maximum accuracy and precision, and Heuer was determined to offer them exactly that.

Their pilot chronographs came with an added function of reset, along with stop and start. In the earlier versions, they had a single push button and a hinged back case. However, they changed the design in the later versions. They created a snap-back case along with a second push button (for time-in/out).

An Extensive Tudor Watch Collection

The TAG Heuer watches started to become available in various exclusive collections, backed by advanced technology, in the latter part of the 20th century. They became the leaders of instrument watches with their extensive range of chronographs.

It was at this time that the company released its highly experiential collection TAG Heuer Autavia. It is the only series that lasted for decades and brought forth the company’s innovative ideas. They also introduced the colorful watch collection known as Solunar during this period. The watch could track the phase of the moon as well as the time of high and low tides, which made it extra useful.

The company celebrated its golden period during the years 1958 to 1969 when they entered the fourth generation of watchmaking and crafted impressive dashboard timers and stopwatches. They designed a chronograph for the racers as well. They were also pioneers of the automatic chronograph.

Apart from pioneering innovations, they also moved from black and white editions to some colorful variants.

The Current Situation

TAG Heuer currently designs collections for Formula One. Apart from this racing collection, they have some editions that have had a long run, especially Autavia, Heritage and Carrera. The Monaco V4 is the most recent model of the editions run by the company.

They have also released their own smartwatches, known as TAG Heuer Connected. It is an Android-run watch. The second edition of their smartwatches are known as the Connected Modular 45.

TAG Heuer has collaborated with many other top brands to increase its visibility. The famous movie Kingsman The Golden Circle showcased an impressive range of TAG Heuer watches. Apart from watches, the brand also deals with eyewear and mobile phones. They also produce several accessories such as watches, belts, bags, jackets, bracelets and cuff links.

TAG Heuer Autavia Watch Edition

The TAG Heuer Autavia is a special collection, which was first released in 1933. They have had a strong run as one of the famous TAG Heuer watch collections. These watches are an absolute delight for collectors and have undergone some of the most exquisite additions and modifications.

The first watch of this series was a stopwatch, designed to meet the precision requirements of that era. It came with a Valjoux movement. It had a black and white standard design and was made using a luminous material. The watch was packed inside a stainless steel case and the bracelet strap was the key highlight.

Around 2003, TAG Heuer redefined its Autavia collection with the Caliber 11. It was a huge hit with the collectors of that time. The Vintage Autavia, along with the new calibre version, attracted more buyers then ever. At this point, the company worked on releasing a new addition to their series.

They designed the Calibre Heuer 02/CH80 and introduced an in-house chronograph movement along with it. They also launched a Jack Heuer special edition Autavia in 2017 along with other special editions. They kept improvising the designs as well as the overall functions for the collection.

In 2019, they released the 3-hand Autavia watch, which was the first-ever non-chronograph watch. With this, they also promoted the Autavia as an aviation watch. Till date, it is a purely motorsport watch collection.

The design was the foundation for TAG Heuer’s booming audience base. They had designed the watch with a fixed bezel as against the rotating bezel, which was the norm for most watches at that time. The watch came in two colors, accents of orange and blue. They also released a limited-edition rose gold model sometime later. Carefully crafted movements were introduced to this model.

Apart from the Jack Heuer edition, the company had also introduced another limited edition watch, which was the tropical panda variant. It came with a cream colored dial and a brown bezel insert. They had also introduced the Jo Siffert collector’s edition, which had a smart black strap along with a bracelet strap. It was a classic piece.

Buy a TAG Heuer Autavia Watch Now

One of the prime reasons to add the Autavia watch to your collection is the classic dial and the sheer design. It is a passionate collector’s pride. The in-house movements and the motorsport-inspired look of the watch are other reasons why you should own it. Then again, you don’t need a reason to make TAG Heuer luxury watches like the Autavia your own. They are beautiful, wonderfully precise and teeming with the latest in technology, for the modern watch enthusiast.

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