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The line of watches provided by the TAG Heuer Heritage contains a number of timepieces that are classically styled and retain the former design of the TAG Heuer range. The Heuer Heritage not only represents the history of the company, but it also signifies the growth of the brand that has been maintained over the years.
It is a well-known fact that the history of TAG Heuer has always fascinated and captivated everyone's attention. Now contributing to its varied heritage is its Heritage timepieces that along with signifying its past, represents the forward movement which the brand has cultivated over the years. The Heritage collection has taken its inspiration from the cherished rebels, renegades and races, hence it highlights the vintage timepieces that are regarded as Swiss watchmaking at its best.

New TAG Heuer Heuer Heritage Watches

History of Tag Heuer Heritage Watches

The TAG Heuer Heritage consists of a wide range of options that are designed to acquire the classic look and are made to meet the standards which people expect from one of the world’s most famous watch brands. These TAG Heuer watches are built to suit everyone's versatile taste and are made available in various cases, dials, straps, and materials.

One of the popular models by Heuer Heritage is its Autavia, which was launched in 1962. It is a homage that was dedicated to Jack Heuer, who is the grandson of TAG Heuer’s founder, on his 85th anniversary. This masterpiece enjoys great popularity being a vintage collection and is notable amongst the devotees of Heuer.

The name ‘Autavia’ has been derived by combining two words - “AUT” is copied from the word ‘Automobile’, while “AVIA” is borrowed from ‘Aviation’. Hence, the name aptly fits the creation of the watch, as it has taken its inspiration from the elements of both the fields – racing as well as aviation.

The Autavia is an evolution from one of the stopwatches by Heuer, and in its first release, it featured a Valijoux manual winding movement along with a unique tri-compact design – a V-shaped arrangement of the three subdials.

A couple of years later, this classic Autavia was given the feature of an automatic movement – Chronomatic. This movement was developed with the help of three other watch manufacturers. The crown of this timepiece was equipped on the left side so as to establish its chronomatic movement. Presently, these are one of the notable vintage models, as they represent the golden age of Heuer – one of the reasons why they are highly sought-after.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the notable Heritage timepieces offered by TAG Heuer.

TAG Heuer Heritage Autavia Calibre Heuer 02
The TAG Heuer watch’s main strength lies in its dial and movement. Released in the year 2017, this timepiece displays a case size of 42 mm. It sits aptly on the wrist and with its modern enhancements, it is an ideal everyday-wear. It comes with a water resistance of 100 meters which is not too bad for a chronograph watch that was basically built to be used at the race tracks. The case of this Heuer Autavia is divided into three-part construction and features a screw-in sapphire crystal caseback which allows the wearer to take a look at the mechanism of Heuer 02 movement. The bracelet of this TAG Heuer watch is not only unique but is perfect to grab everyone's attention. The dial has a panda-style layout and because it is a part of the Heuer Heritage line, the word TAG has been removed from the dial. The 2017 TAG Heuer model is equipped with a date window and also displays the words "Heuer 02". With a perfect dial size, bracelet, movement, and automatic winding system, this is one of the must-have watches for the watch enthusiasts.

Heuer Heritage Calibre 18
With its heritage looks, this TAG Heuer watch has successfully acquired a vintage-style ‘compactness’. It is one of the watches that is presented by the TAG Heuer Carrera range. Initially, this watch was made available in a beautiful warm silver color with a starburst finish. Furthermore, the watch has been detailed in a way that it enhances its sense of smallness. It makes use of the traditional - and now universal - Carrera case and features a glassbox. Hence with vintage qualities like its compact size and brilliant colour scheme, the TAG Heuer watch doesn’t just look vintage but feels vintage – true sign of being a Heritage piece.

Thus with a vast collection, the Heritage timepieces are not only available in numerous designs and colors, but also holds the option of being a chronograph or automatic variant. The list of brand ambassadors for this Heritage Universe includes the renowned figures like Ayrton Senna, Steve McQueen, Juan-Manuel Fangio, and Muhammad Ali and as the allure of these legends remains timeless, the Heritage range that honors them aims to be the same. The timepieces by TAG Heuer is the marriage of past and future, thus their present watches are built with such an elegance that they will never go out of fashion - so the array as a whole is worth exploring.

Top TAG Heuer Watch Models

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TAG Heuer Aquaracer

The fact cannot be held for denial that the TAG Heuer Aquaracer can effortlessly go down to 300 metres, or approximately 1,000 feet below the surface. It seems more than enough for even the most enthusiastic underwater sportsman. Its scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with nonreflective treatment makes Aquaracer 300 one of the most sought-after timepieces.

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TAG Heuer Carrera

Released in 1963, the Carrera was designed with the guidance of Jack Heuer. This timepiece lets the company achieved a milestone, and is, in fact, one of the most popular chronographs ever from the Swiss luxury watch manufacturer. It is more of an icon whenever mechanical sports watches are talked about among the watch enthusiasts.

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TAG Heuer Formula 1

TAG Heuer left a lot of fans speechless with its all-new version of the Formula 1. In fact, TAG Heuer enthusiasts had expressed their concern for a larger case, and to their surprise, they got one. Measuring 44mm in diameter, the unique shape of TAG Heuer Formula 1 Calibre 16 Chronograph gives the watch not only the retro but contemporary look as well.

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TAG Heuer Monaco

When you say utter the words “TAG Heuer”, a lot of people with the fondness for racing think of: Steve McQueen, and the Monaco he splendidly wore in the film Le Mans. The Monaco is considered to be the best-known model by TAG, and the iconic square shape has not changed for many decades which gives the watch that uncommon recognition factor right away.

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