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Established in 1961 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Sinn has always focused on developing pilot chronographs and navigation cockpit clocks to help with navigation and ease of movement. Since their inception, the brand aimed to produce functional and high precision pilot watches at affordable prices. With quality, strength and innovation at its core, the company has emerged as a pioneer of professional wristwatches. They have developed accurately defined and designed Sinn instrument chronographs for divers, pilots as well as fire service professionals. The specially designed glasses as well as the refined mechanism make Sinn one of the best German watch brands. Some of their popular models include Bicompax Chronograph 936, which also won them the Red Dot Award, as well as the EZM 12 and the Hunting Watch 3006. They also have an incredible collection of ladies’ watches and limited edition watches. Sinn was the first to introduce the Ar-Dehumidifying Technology, which allows movement inside the watch in a dry and protective environment. The Sinn Hydro Technology, which is noticeable in their EZM watch series, makes the watches resistant to pressure as well as moisture. So, it’s no wonder that Sinn Watches have won the “Golden Balance Award” for their agility and precision.

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History of Sinn Instrument Chronographs Watches

The History of the Brand

Captivating, professional and contemporary watches are the foundation of Sinn, a company that was established in 1961 in Germany. Marked with technical excellence and designed for professional usage, these watches are precise and durable. Sinn produces wristwatches that are aesthetically designed and use the latest technology. Their watches are not just technologically glorified, but also sleek and consistent. Their main driving force is quality, which goes uncompromised in every single watch they have produced. The company offers timepieces that use high quality materials and textures that are unique.

A Peek into How it Started

Helmut Sinn, the founder, was a pilot by profession, and a watchmaker by passion. He started out with a company BASI (Bader-Sinn), and soon opted out of Bader, and developed his own company called Sinn Watches. They started out with instrumental watches, mainly rally watches, as aviation was not allowed in the country at that time. However, with time, they started designing navigation clocks as well. The marketing used for selling the clocks was direct sales, which reduced other marketing costs that the company could avail. This led to the affordability and increased the sale of the watch.

Each watch that was sold by the company was created and designed as per the instructions laid out by Helmut Sinn. The brand became quickly popular with pilots and other professionals. In fact, the marine department and fire department became a popular customer base for the brand.

How the brand grew over time

The year 1994 witnessed some major transformations in the company’s structure and functioning. Helmut Sinn sold his company to Lotha Schmidt, who charted out a new path for further developments. While the earlier pieces focused on precision and altering the experiences of the professionals, the new ones were technologically driven and strategically focused. From their creation to marketing, everything became a focused approach for the company.

Sinn gave birth to a new innovation and technology idea with every new creation. They not only set the experience bars high, but also managed to surpass their quality and technology standards every single time. The company used up a lot of manpower for research and development, thus creating advanced and need-based timepieces that sold like hot cakes.

Technologies that shaped the company

There is a very good reason why Sinn came to be associated with the best German watches ever made. With every new model, they aimed to solve a unique issue that professionals like pilots and divers were facing at that time. The Ar-Dehumidifying technology, specifically created for divers, enables slow aging of the lubricants within the watch. This ensures protection in a dry environment and allows the watches to last long.

Another technology that grabbed eyeballs is Diapal, which was released in 2001 to reduce friction between the elements inside a timepiece. This led to long-term precision watches, which were the need of the hour for professionals. The Hydro technology was introduced so that the watches don’t get spoiled due to fogging or when they are under pressure. The dial movement is also taken care of as a result of this technology.

Sinn surpassed all its quality and technology standards when it created watches equipped with a special protection against magnetic field. These watches could be used well within magnetic field coverage, without letting the fields interfere with their functionality.

The last experiential technology that the company came out with was the Tegiment technology, which increased resistance to scratches, thus making these timepieces stronger than the earlier ones.

Some brilliant watch models created by Sinn

While all Sinn Instrument Chronographs are brilliant in terms of looks and functionality, there are a few watches that demand special mention here. We are going to talk about the innovation that they brought about, along with how they created a new history for the company. Let’s dive straight into these professional yet innovative series that took Sinn to new heights.

The Chronograph 303 KRISTALL

Boasting the award winning Ar-Dehumidifying technology, these watches have been built to resist increased or reduced temperature variations. They can easily handle temperature ranges from -450C to 800C. The technology has been combined with the SINN special oil 66-228 that helps in building the resistance. This range was defined specifically for motorists. In the more modern versions of the Chronograph 303, you will observe an increased range of technology added to the wristwatches. They are shock proof as well as anti magnetic in nature. Their design is aesthetic and they come with a black Russian leather strap that contains a metal clasp. However, you will also find stainless steel bracelet variants for this wrist watch.

The EZM Series

The EZM series was introduced as the mission timer series. They were designed for the special police forces, where you need to have an extra sense of accuracy and precision with respect to time measurement. The factors that helped increase the popularity of this series was the readability as well as the perfect measurement of time. Sinn then went on to build on this range, and offer some specific features for the professional models. This series went beyond special police forces, and today it serves pilots, divers, emergency doctors as well as rescue workers, where mission time is critical and the need for articulate measurement is undeniable.

Win the race against time with Sinn watches

As one of the leading German watch brands of all time, Sinn has always been a pioneer in technological advancements. Whether it was to beat the friction that exists within a timepiece or to steer clear of the magnetic field that can cause inaccuracies in measurement, they have always researched and developed technologies that can help them win against competition. Even today, their award-winning watches are a result of technological innovation and sheer understanding of the smallest of issues. With every watch series, they not only offer dynamic timepieces, but also style and a professional look for every personality.

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