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From the stable of a giant among German watch brands - Sinn Spezialuhren - the SINN Frankfurt Financial District watches made their debut in 1999. Always held in high regard, these watches were the epitome of the brand’s promise – which is to create precision timepieces that were durable, technologically innovative and outstanding in design.

Sinn Spezialuhren was established in 1961 by a visionary named Helmut Sinn who brought to the field his experience in aviation, the insights he gained from being an instructor in blind flight, and his passion for racing. From 1994 onwards, the company was helmed by another visionary named Lothar Schmidt who ushered in an era of rapid technological innovation. And the introduction of the SINN Frankfurt Financial District series of watches was a special milestone. The words ‘Frankfurt am Main’ appeared for the first time on the dials of Sinn watches and it was a reiteration of the company’s bond with its city of origin. It was also a tribute to the city of Frankfurt, an internationally renowned hub of banking and stock exchange. SINN Frankfurt Financial District watches are among the most sought-after German watches and boast a cult following among watch aficionados.

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History of SINN Frankfurt Financial District Watches

The Glorious Origins of SINN Frankfurt Financial District Watches

When a World War II pilot named Helmut Sinn launched a company called Helmut Sinn Spezialuhren in Frankfurt in 1961, he aimed to create the best in precision instruments that would not only be accessible, but also durable in the most extreme conditions. Owing to his tireless energy, Sinn would see its watches go all the way to outer space when the astronaut Dr Reinhard Furrer wore it aboard the D-1 Spacelab mission. When Luther Schmidt took over the company in 1994, it was to be an era of technological progress that would put Sinn watches at the forefront of German watch brands. Under his leadership, Sinn developed and perfected the Ar-Dehumidifying technology, HYDRO technology, DIAPAL technology and TEGIMENT technology, all of which would contribute to Helmut Sinn’s vision of crafting the best-performing and durable German watches.

The introduction of the SINN Frankfurt Financial District watch in 1999 is considered as a milestone in the company’s history. It was for the first time that the brand expanded its array of hard-working, best-performing watches to also include dressy and aspirational designs. It’s no wonder that this watch series was named after Frankfurt, an affluent and vibrant city. It was to be the first of several series of watches in the Frankfurt line, all of which went on to receive acclaim and adulation. With these watches, Sinn Spezialuhren paid homage to the thriving city of its origin by inscribing on the dial the words ‘Frankfurt am Main’.

The SINN Frankfurt Financial District watch was meant to appeal to the German businessman. It came with a restrained black dial and a stainless-steel case and reflected three time zones. The idea was to make the watch reflect the time in New York and Tokyo along with the local time in Frankfurt – thus tying together three major stock exchanges in the world. At 38.5mm, its case was considerably large for the time. In 2014, the model was released in a 41.5 mm case as the 6099 Frankfurt Financial District Watch. The original model 6000 is still under production, making it one of Sinn’s longest-running models.

At the time of launch, the Frankfurt Financial District was part of the Sinn Classic line. In April 2007, it was given a distinct identity. In 2019, Sinn celebrated 20 years of the Frankfurt Financial District Watches with a Frankfurt line that included three new watches, two of which were limited edition.

Some outstanding SINN Frankfurt Financial District Watches

Series 6000

The original Sinn Frankfurt Financial District 6000 series watch was a classic mechanical chronograph, which ushered in the novelty of displaying three different time zones in analogue form. The watch represented the unity of time in a digitally unified world and included everything the world expected from Sinn watches, and a bit more. The case was made of stainless steel and sapphire crystal glass. The transparent case back, also made of sapphire crystal glass, allows one to observe the intricate mechanical movements. The model included a rotor engraving of the Frankfurt skyline. While the watch is every bit an elegant piece of jewellery, it is also, in essence, a Sinn watch – one that is tough and durable.

The Series 6000 also includes a model with a polished Rose Gold 18-K case. This model, that comes with a 5-year guarantee was the first to include Sinn’s proprietary DIAPAL technology and won the Goldene Unruh awards for its white-gold anniversary version in 2006 and also the platinum edition in 2012.

Series 6052

In the Sinn 6052 Frankfurt Financial District watches, the three-time zones of the original are replaced with a calendar with week display and a chronograph function with 60-minute stopwatch display. Together, the dial lives up to the brand’s insistence on high readability. The black sunburst dial gives the watch a classy appeal and contrast. With all its mechanical intricacies, the Sinn 6052 still manages to look like a dress watch – one that can comfortably accompany you from work to a formal dinner. It comes with a leather strap and a stainless-steel bracelet.

Series 6012

Launched to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the SINN Frankfurt Financial District watches, the Series 6012 is a clear indication of how the watches have evolved since their arrival in 1999. It does away with the triple time zone that was the hallmark of the original 6000 model and still manages to encapsulate a whole host of functional features. The model introduced a moon phase and full calendar display. This was the first model to incorporate the SZ06 movement and ranks high when it comes to readability. The moon discs on the moon phase are made of real mother-of-pearl, which creates a matte iridescent effect, further enhancing the elegance of this beautiful timepiece. All 6012 watches are available with leather straps as well as stainless steel link bracelets. An outstanding, limited-edition 50-piece version of this model was also launched in rose gold to commemorate the occasion.

Own a piece of history with a SINN Frankfurt Financial District watch

Up until the launch of the Frankfurt Financial District watches, Sinn watches were considered as mostly ‘tool-watches’ meant for professionals like pilots, divers, fire-fighters - and the occasional astronaut. However, with the Frankfurt line, Sinn roped in those working in the finance industry too – the movers and shakers of the business world. From then to now, SINN Frankfurt Financial District watches have cemented their place amongst the leaders in German watches as well as watch-lovers around the globe. When you buy an iconic Frankfurt Financial District watch, you are buying into an enviable heritage and placing yourself amongst the most discerning watch collectors in the world.

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