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One of the highly regarded watch manufacturer, Vacheron Constantin, was founded in the year 1755. Producing luxury watches for over 260 years, the Vacheron Constantin presents a collection of Swiss luxury watches for men and women by their in-house artisans. These Vacheron Constantin watches are compiled with innovative, rugged yet elegant looks and are best suited for all the occasions.

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History of Vacheron Constantin Watches

Vacheron Constantin - the great and the oldest watch brand in the world of watches began its journey in the year 1755. Jean-Marc Vacheron is the name of the legend who founded this company in Geneva Switzerland. Marc Vacheron started the company at a very young age and he was not only popularly known for being a watch manufacturer but was also notable for holding a place amongst the most talented craftsmen.

It did not take Vacheron too long to start with his innovation, thus in 1755 itself, he manufactured a silver pocket watch, which in the later years was popularly known as the very first watch that was made by Jean-Marc Vacheron.

In 1785, Jean-Marc Vacheron’s son Abrahan Vacheron became the successor and headed the family business. He held the calibers of a businessman and somehow handled the effects of the French Revolution and managed to keep the enterprise running. He also passed on his knowledge to his son and taught him the fine art of watchmaking.

1790 was the year when the world saw the first complication by Vacheron Constantin. This not only showed the time but also displayed day and date and was signed as Vacheron à Genève. In 1810, Abraham's son Jacques Barthelemi Vacheron took over the company and extended its export to overseas.

Jacques Barthelemi Vacheron in 1819 made a partnership with Francois Constantin who was a reputed Genevan businessman, hence the brand name was then changed to Vacheron et Constantin.

With a motto of ‘Do better if possible and that is always possible’, the Vacheron Constantin has successfully made it to the list of world’s oldest watch manufacturer.

Vacheron Constantin has manufactured many cool watches. All timepieces by the brand stand unique and are equipped with distinguished features. Let's take a quick glance through some of Vacheron Constantin popular models.

Vacheron Constantin Overseas

The legend of Vacheron Constantin Overseas watches traces back to the year 1975 when Vacheron produced the watches that came with a ref. 2215 or 42001. It was equipped with a stainless steel bracelet and had a squared-off cushion case. Nevertheless, the best ancestor to the family line of Overseas was launched in the year 1977 with the ref. 222 and was released in three different variations. The bracelet of this collection Vacheron Constantin Overseas 222 was directly unified into the case and was equipped with the movement caliber 1121 which is regarded as the ultra-thin Vacheron watch.

The present models of Overseas are equipped with Self-Winding movements and carry the caliber 5100. In 2016, Vacheron Constantin released a whole new set of Overseas watches that included various models such as the time-only watch model, an ultra-thin self-winding watch model, a world timer as well as an ultra-thin perpetual calendar model. The feature that distinguishes the new models from the old ones is its bracelet and strap system. It holds a characteristic through which one can easily swap between leather and rubber straps without the requirement of tools. Now designing a strap for a steel sports watch is always tricky, but Vacheron Constantin has successfully blended the feature of elegance along with simplicity which gives Vacheron Constantin Overseas wearer the feeling of comfort along with style.

Vacheron Constantin Patrimony

The Patrimony watch model from the Vacheron Constantin is an epitome of stylish pureness. The features of this Vacheron Constantin collection purely reflect and brings out a balance between taut lines and curves. The Vacheron Constantin Patrimony selection holds a wide range of watches and will perfectly fit in the category of being a dress watch. It not only houses watches for men and women but also comprises of pocket watches which comes with a manual winding mechanism. The watch range of Vacheron Constantin Patrimony includes the minute repeater ultra-thin, perpetual calendar ultra-thin, retrograde day-date, moon phase, and retrograde date, self-winding as well as the manual windings. The dial of the Vacheron Constantin Patrimony watch along with its strap is skillfully made and designed to suit the requirements of style and vogue.

Vacheron Constantin Quai de L'ile

The Vacheron Constantin Quai de L'ile family line was first released in the year 2008. With its launch itself, the Vacheron Constantin watch line caught everyone's attention with its feature of mixing and matching of the various component. Out of all Quai de L'ile popular models, one of its best one is the ref. 4500S. The case design of this Quai de L'ile watch model that is made in steel, stands out on its own. The Vacheron Constantin watch is notable for its fitting as well as for its finishing. The dial of this Vacheron Constantin watch is available in two color ranges, one in silver and the other in black opaline. The back of the watch gives out a terrific view and is made perfect to match a luxury level watch.

The Vacheron Constantin price ranges between ¥1,439,900 to ¥2,999,900 for its Constantin Overseas, Constantin Fiftysix, Constantin Patrimony, and Constantin Quai de L'ile models. Thus go on and add these sophisticated yet elegant watches to your watch collection and let them magnify your style.

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